Tall Bird Like Blue Alien

Tall Bird-like Blue Alien


The following is a Quantum Healing Session story and transcript By Tom Waagboe

This session was with a 31-year-old female client from northern Norway, whose main reasons for coming in for a session was to find out where she is from, why she feels a connection to Egypt, the reason for her MS and what her life purpose is. I thought to myself that this could be interesting. During the session she got to explore two very different lives, the first one being in Kazakhstan during a revolution. The second life is what this session story is about, in addition to some of the answers that came through her Higher Self.

The transcript below begins right as she has now moved to a new appropriate time and space and I ask what she can see:

I see something blue.

What do think it is?

Maybe a mountain… or a big rock? To my right side. It’s a flat and smooth surface, like ice or…I am not sure. It looks like there’s a road behind me to my right. It doesn’t feel like I am on Earth… moving doesn’t feel the same as on Earth.

Do you have a physical body?

I feel very light. I am not sure.

Okay. Take a look at your feet and tell me how they look.

(Starts laughing) I have very big and long feet…and they are blue! They are very different from human feet. They are very shiny, almost transparent. I have four toes on each foot. It`s very easy to walk and run.

So your body isn’t …

It feels like I am both a human and a bird. I am walking like a bird.

What else can you tell me about your feet?

The heels are very small and high up. They are not touching the ground. The weight is on my toes. I am very agile and walk very fast.

Please describe the rest of your body to me.

I don’t wear any clothes except for something that could resemble underpants. I have a slim but muscular blue body. My belly is a bit rounder at the bottom. I have a circular bone structure below my diaphragm. Small shoulders. Long hands with long fingers. Four fingers on each hand. Long neck. White hair… or more like feathers. A mix of gray and white. And my head and face… I look like a bird!

What else can you tell me about that place?

It’s like any other normal planet except that there is no vegetation here, and also the light is very special. It`s like beams of different light is coming from an artificial source somewhere.

Is anybody else there with you? Can you see any buildings?

I am alone but I can see buildings in the distance. I am on my way towards them.

Now let’s fast-forward that scene. Tell me what you see and what happens when you arrive there.

There are “people” here that looks the same as me. One of them has clothes on. Red clothes. He is in charge. I can see huge birds in the sky… but I think they are ships. The buildings are pointed and/or round.

Is something happening at this place now?

Yes… it feels like we are preparing to go on a mission. In a way, I feel it has something to do with Egypt.

Okay. Let’s leave that scene and go to the next important day in that life. What do you see? What is happening?

I see leaves… a tree. The light is different here. I see soil. It is very warm. I am not on the same planet anymore. I see writings.

Tell me more about the writings.

It’s on papyrus scrolls. Someone else is writing for us (humans). It is very practical. Everything feels very easy for me at this place.

Are you inside a building?

No, we are outdoors. There are more decorations here than on the other planet.

What else do you notice?

I see gold. I don’t understand… because everything is so easy for me but complicated for them. Their focus is wrong, because if I hold my hand above the soil, big plants begin to grow. This is in Egypt but there are leafs here.

Do you mean plants?

Yes, but not so many. We are here to teach them how to create things easier. It feels like they are trying to give us things that we don’t want, because it’s not necessary. But it is very nice to be here. The warmth, the joy and unity. To be able to be here and help these people. But they don’t understand how easy things really are.

How do you manifest a plant?

With energy and intention. The seeds just appear when I think about it and use my hand. It’s like fishing the plant the out of the ground. I can create anything like that but the process goes slowly on this planet.

It looks like you are having a good time right now? (Client seems to be very amused.)

Yes, but I think that I am a bit impatient. I want to show them more things.

(I tell her to leave that scene and go to another important day in that life. What do you see?)

It feels like I am being pulled upwards. I don’t see much…except some kind of pattern. I am being pulled upwards. Very fast! It feels very special. I would like to see what happens next because now I don’t see so much.

Let’s fast-forward that scene and see what happens next. Just go there now and tell me about it.

Yes. I can see a female figure in front of me. She reminds me of Isis. Very bright and extremely strong. She is holding something in her hands. It looks like a band or piece of cloth that she is holding high up in front of her. She is saying something. I feel like I am being pulled towards her… No, she is not Isis.

Does she have a human body?

No, not entirely. It is a mix. I can see right through her like she is empty. I think the body is supposed to be entered by someone. I feel that I am being pulled towards her.

Tell me what happens next.

I think that I have gone into that body because my body feels different. It is heavier and I am breathing differently. Yes, I am in that body now. It feels more physical.

Was that body made for you or did you enter another being?

No, the body didn’t belong to anyone. It’s like a suit. It was made so that I can be better understood.

So, you changed form so to speak?

Yes. I am feeling very, very authoritative and strong. Very physical and… ready. It feels very different.

Please describe the body to me.

Yes. It is an Egyptian suit. It’s brown and shiny. I can see hair on my arms. My clothes are very beautiful, like it’s in gold but also silk or linen, a very thin fabric. I have a plate coming down from the headgear that goes over my chest and then all the way down to my feet (in front, close to the body). It’s in black, blue and gold. I am wearing exclusive sandals made of straw. I have five toes but they are still a bit long. I am feeling very satisfied. I know what I am capable of.

Tell me about what you can do and your role at this place.

It’s the same as before I entered this body, but also different. I feel smarter, calmer and more confident. I am feeling very clever. The way I am walking is very feminine. My thighs feel thicker. I am nice but because I am well aware of my authoritative status I can be a bit strict.

Do you have a name or title?

There are different words but it’s a kind of Pharaoh. I am very tall. I feel like calling myself Cleopatra. Yes, that’s it. I am Cleopatra. Not the one who is widely known in your time, but someone earlier. I feel very full of myself. This body is just a vessel. A means to have them understand better.

What is your function?

It’s to observe and delegate.

So, you are over viewing things?

Yes, but it’s like there’s a greater consciousness in me. A group consciousness that many of us are a part of.

The others that came here with you from this other planet, have they taken on new bodies as well?

Yes. We have different tasks but with a common goal.

You said earlier that one goal is to make things easier for the people who live there. Do you have other goals?

Yes. To enlighten them.

Enlighten them about what?

(Client is whispering “solar… solar”.) It’s about teaching them how to use energy more easily. How they can set things in order and be able to follow the cycles. To see the positions of the planets and the lines between them. They can use it for things like agriculture. It is very easy.

Which role has the sun in all of this?

To conduct… it’s like it’s controlling the behavior of mass consciousness along with all the other suns and planets. There are many connections and lines. It’s sending different frequencies to different locations on the same planet.

So, there’s some sort of plan or system that has to do with the development of the human kind? (Client ignores my question).

Now I am seeing those same triangles again… I have seen them many times before. It’s like alchemy. A channel for energy. It’s like it’s a part of the circle that creates energy. Like a blueprint or configuration. The triangle is more symbolic than what is believed in regard to the pyramids. It’s like a recipe. An energy configuration.

How do you see these triangles? In your mind’s eye or physically?

I see them like lines of energy going upwards. They can be tapped into and made physical. It’s like an outline that can be followed. The structure creates its own energy.

Are the lines going between certain objects?

No, you can place them wherever you want.

So, what can this be used for?

To heighten energy. It’s a code. To create… bind together… bring down.

Can you describe the triangle?

It’s like a pyramid.

Does it have to be two or three-dimensional?

It can be both. It depends on what it’s being used for… Seeing (two-dimensional) or creating (three-dimensional.) The creative energy is in the center of the pyramid.

(Once again, I am asking her to leave that scene and go to another important day in that life. What do you see? What is happening?)

It’s like I have gone from a feeling of being choked to a feeling of expansion. I can only see light in different colors.

Are you no longer in a physical body on earth?

No, I am not.

Do you want to tell me more about what you are experiencing now?

Totality. Lightness. I am like a pearl. I just AM… floating close to Source.

What is the purpose of you being there at this time?

Charging and rebuilding.

What did you learn from that life?

First, I just want to say that it has been written about me in a sacrament. It is still there. I have only done what was my mission.

Has it even been found?

Yes, but it has never been published. It feels like someone’s hand is putting it aside and hiding it.

Has any of its content been referenced in other sources?

Solar, solar (client is whispering again).

Does it have anything to do with solar?

Yes. (Whispering the beginning of a word or name… “you/eue”.) I don’t know. I feel like cotton.

NOTE: There were 7 different Cleopatra’s ruling or co-ruling during the era of ancient Egypt. What is interesting to note is that Cleopatra III also was known as Cleopatra Euergetis… so maybe that was what she was trying to tell me?

How does it feel to be finished with that life?

I feel very empty.

Was it a good life?

Yes, but I was very dedicated to my mission. Times were good.

Is there anything you can tell me about the place you came from before traveling to Earth and Egypt? Is there a name for that place or your race?

It doesn’t matter. It is only used to categorize things.

This life was shown to you because it has significant meaning to you present life. What do think it is supposed to tell you?

Manifestation. To understand how easy it is. Alchemy. The symbols. It’s so much easier than what I have understood.

What did you bring with you from that into your present life?

It’s the inner feeling of authoritativeness. (The complete opposite of the feeling I had in Kazakhstan.) It was shown to make me aware and remind me that I have this strength in me, and that I should not accept the way I am being treated. The body is a temporary vessel but I must manage to take place in it, in a different way.

HIGHER SELF PART – I have now contacted her “Higher Self” and ask why she was shown the first life in Kazakhstan:

To experience the suppression. She needs to understand that there is no point in being a martyr. It doesn’t make anyone more healthy.

What about the life on that other planet as a birdlike creature?

It’s about playfulness and how easy things can be. To move around with ease and change the center of gravity. It doesn’t have to be so heavy.

She went to Egypt in that life. Why was that shown to her?

It was to help her take place in her body.

Okay. Anything else?

It’s her original starting point. Uvidea – Uvidea – Uvidea

Uvidea? Please explain what that means?

The Origin

The origin of what?

It’s a cross.

Is it the origin of life? To all that is? Creation?


(A body scan and healing has been granted and is in progress). Why is the life in Egypt significant to the questions she has brought with her today?

It reminds her of the original source of energy. It isn’t more complicated than that. It shouldn’t be dismissed. It is relevant for everyone, not only to her. Use it! She has it in her and she can use it to a much larger degree than she has.

Can you help her activate the original source energy more and also help her with integrating the awareness and knowledge of this?

Yes. It’s just the understanding of it. It will come gradually to her as it’s being integrated.

What can you tell us about the reasons for the discomfort she is having in her physical body, or MS as we call it?

It’s about taking place in the body. To integrate and understand behavioral patterns. Cause and effect. Physical limitations – that isn’t there when they are not needed anymore. To change the track she is on.

Why did it come to this and where does it originate from?

It’s like there’s a funnel that direct the energies, that is dirty. It’s something physical but also an energy channel.

Wherever this is located in or around her body, is that something you can clean for her now?

Yes, if that is what she wants.

I know that she wants that. It’s the reason why she came here today. To get answers and healing. To change track, take place in her body and all the things you have talked about. I know that she will appreciate it very much. So please help her heal everything that is appropriate to heal.

Yes, it’s being done now.

You told us that her purpose is to release disease in this lifetime. Does she have other purposes of being here?

To be a light. To be a soul without limitations. To find joy where others don’t see joy. To give hope and to remove critical thinking. To gather people and build bridges. To alter her body.

Is that her life’s mission?

Yes, to rebuild her body into a crystalline body. Her own body first and then help others do it. She is on her way but still got some work to do. It will take 3 years.

What are her gifts?

Magic and divinity.

How can she use that in her life?

For healing and music.

What are her most prominent virtues in regard to healing?

Compassion, building hope, using her hands and to weave light. It’s all there even if she doesn’t believe it. She will find out when and how to start using it. Reading can help her understand how easy it is.

In regard to planets or solar systems, where does she have her strongest sense of belonging?


Does she have a soul name?

It’s Aleia.

How many lives has she had on Earth and when was the last one?

Her last life on Earth was 150 years ago. She’s had three lives here from birth to death, and two lives where she didn’t have a mission.

What does “without a mission” mean?

It means that she wasn’t born here.

Okay, what about her present life. Was she born her or did she come in later?

She came in at birth but in another way.

How does that work?

They switched.

Why? Was that planned?

No. The one who was supposed to come in couldn’t come in, so she took the place instead. That is also why there’s an identity crisis.

If she’s affected by things that belong to the soul that was supposed to come in, can you help her let go of that?

Yes, we will help her with that.

Can you name examples of other planets, systems or universes that she’s had lives on?

First of all, it’s The Realm of Angels but also Orion, The Pleiades, Sirius and Andromeda.

Why did she choose to experience other lives after living in the angel realm?

To become whole. There was a part that wasn’t finished. It’s like having her right arm rebuild and completed.

Does she originally come from Alcyone or was she an angel before that?

Like dust in a desert. It’s just a small part of it.

So, you can choose which experience you would want to have next?

Some can. She could this time around.

It’s not always something you can choose by yourself?

No. It has to do with the group. Unity.

What can you tell us about the soul group she belongs to?

(I am not getting an answer from her and ask if her HS still is with me.)

It feels very dense.

Can you please give us an update in regard to the scanning and healing of her body?

There’s only one part left. It’s about retrieving soul fragments. We have one more left to retrieve. We won’t give an answer regarding the soul group but it is being cleared.

How will she feel different physically after this session today?

She will have less inner tensions. She will feel lighter and more secure.

Which physical symptoms will go away?

Dizziness. Jolts.

She mentioned her stomach…

She should eat live organic food.

Can you see if she has any trapped emotions in her body?

Yes in her shoulders and small intestine. She is afraid to speak out words. It’s about knowing her own value. It is going to be better now.

Does she have heavy metals in her body that can be dealt with today?

Aspartame. Lead. Mercury. We will work on it. It will help reduce the pressure in her head.

Is there a pattern in her family that has to do with love, relationships and disease?

Yes. It affects her whole soul group.

Is there anything she can do to release this?

To speak up and take responsibility. She has to break the pattern and when she does the lines will be released. It is something called the Christ line. We will help her.

Is it planned for her to meet a soulmate in this lifetime and if so, when will I happen?

Yes. there is. They will meet 10 months from now.

AFTER THE SESSION – The client was very surprised that she had been in trance for 2.5 hours. She though it was 20 minutes.

“Everything felt so amazingly real,” she said. She was also amazed about how different she felt each time there was shift in scene or life. She was very happy about the session and felt great! The pain she had in her body before she arrived for her appointment was gone. For the first time, she felt like she was fully in place in her own body.

She asked for a pen and paper to draw a picture of how she looked as the birdlike alien creature. I have included the drawing for you to see.

Tom Waagboe is a Quantum Healer who practices in Norway, his website is: https://www.matrixhealing.no

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