Alicia LeFevre

"True alchemy is the transformation of the self, the awakening of inner wisdom, and the discovery of one's true purpose." - Unknown

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Alicia LeFevre

Inner Wisdom Alchemy LLC

Owner and BQH/Reiki practitioner/ Tarot and Gene Key readings

~ Member Since 2023

Hello, I am Alicia LeFevre, and I am BQH practitioner.

I have always been called along this path but, like so many others, was taught to ignore and turn off my gifts. When I entered my 40s, I decided to finally embrace my spiritual awakening. This modality is one of many that I enjoy, and I find passion in helping clients find some inner peace and understanding. Providing clients with guidance into their past to discover their hidden knowledge can be a powerful and transformative experience that is rewarding for both personal growth and healing. If you are interested in a session, I would love to connect with you and help you explore your past lives to expand your awareness for this lifetime.

I do also offer tarot/oracle readings as well as Gene Key readings. If you have not heard of Gene Keys, they offer a glance into our human design and personality traits. There are 11 keys in our profile and they can offer a wide array of insight. Our genius sequence comprises of four keys that provide our overall makeup. Then we have the Venus sequence that looks at our inner child-like spirit, emotional, intellectual, and what makes us attractive to others. There is also the prosperity sequence that looks at what and how we can use our keys to make money.

As we go through life we continue to evolve and I am one of those people who is continuously learning and exploring new things. If you feel called, please reach out and ask any questions you may have, I would love to help.

Much love and light,



BQH, Quantum Connect, Gene Keys, Soul Contract Readings, tarot and oracle cards, and Reiki practitioner, Bachelors in Healthcare Management, Masters in Healthcare Administration.


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