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Fulfill Your Life's Purpose Through Love, Not Fear!

Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Available Hours: evenings and weekends; flexible
Payment Options: Paypal, Square, cash, all major credit cards
Languages: English

Address: 203, Summer Lane, Moncks Corner, South Carolina, 29461, United States.


Allison Brown

Palm & Lotus

~ Member Since 2018

Allison and her husband, Will, offer a variety of intuitive healing and counseling services through their holistic healing practice, Palm & Lotus. Allison is thrilled to offer Quantum Healing sessions, utilizing the Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) technique, a heart and energy-based practice that is being called one of the most advanced healing modalities on the planet today.  In addition to BQH, Allison and Will, both Usui Reiki Master/Teachers, offer dual-practitioner Intuitive Reiki sessions, as well as Reiki classes that are team-taught throughout the year. Will, a clear trance channel, offers private channeling sessions, psychic/mediumship readings, mediumship groups, and pet channelings.

If you would like to speak to Allison and Will about how to jumpstart your own healing journey, please send an email to They would be delighted to hear from you!


Doctoral degree, Educational Leadership, 2007 Master's degree, Counseling Psychology, 1995 Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, 2018 (practicing since 2014) BQH Certification, 2018 Co-Founder of Reiki For Vets, 2016 US Army Military Police Officer, 1985-87


Recipient of SCORE grant for continued work with veterans, 2018 100-hour Volunteer Award from Charleston Veteran's Administration Medical Center (VAMC), 2018 National Board Certified Counselor, 2013 Honor Graduate, Basic Training, 1985



Laura Wilhelm

I wasn't sure what to expect , but Allison made everything just flow along so smoothly.
I will definitely tell anyone who asks about doing a session to definitely go for it.



As a total newbie, I can only say that I’m excited about my new journey and I’m blessed to receiving guidance from Allison & Will at The Treehouse.



I met Allison at an Illuminate conference...a couple of years ago. I had been drawn to see her but second guessed myself beyond belief. I finally contacted Allison and told her I felt led to her and her knowledge and intuition helped me determine the next step. She recommended the Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) technique. I had no clue what it meant but trusted Allisons guidance. Beyond Quantum is putting it mildly!!! I LOVED every moment of the session. From the moment I saw/felt the space (which is stunning!), to the consult one on one with Allison into the soft welcoming recliner for the BQH. So hard to describe the experience. Two words: LIFE CHANGING! I will be going back for more sessions for sure. Thank you Allison for following your path and assisting me on my path.


Adriane Maxwell

Dr. Allison is such an amazing person overall and made my BQH session one of the most profound expereinces for this phase in my growth.

I entered the session feeling a little nervous, anxious, and excited not knowing exactly what to expect even thougg the pre-session information she sends does a great job at explaining the process, but the person I was before the session was overthinking what might actually happen.

Needless to say Dr. Allison put me to ease after our pre-session chat. I gained access to information that has gave me freedom in a way I never knew was possible. My perspective of this life experience has been enlighten and I feel this catapulted me into the knowing that there is more to this experience than fear and control, but freedom and love rules all!

So grateful ????????


Kris in North Charleston

I participated in a group regression. First, when Allison leads a meditation, I'm instantly there every time. Being exposed to a past life was very enlightening to me and explained a lot about why I am the way I am. It's hard to explain. You just need to experience it for yourself!


Kris in North Charleston

Aside from her gifts, Allison is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. With her background, she has a unique way of blending traditional belief with holistic and making sense of it. Allison has played a vital role in my own journey. She is always available for discussion and I've learned a lot from her.


Juli Caracci

Thank you Allison and Will for a great experience. This class brought me great joy. I look forward to using my talents to assist vets, family and friends as well as myself. I am grateful that our paths have crossed.


John Casey

So grateful for Allison's special touch with My Quantum Healing session. Allison combines the brand-new Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) technique, a heart and energy-based practice with her Masters background in Counciling Psychology. I am thankful for Allison's gentle and thorough way of being professional and bringing forth Source, Guides, and her experience to our session. Would highly recommend.


Tish Voit

Allison serves as loving guide slowly unfurling an interesting tapestry of of inner clarity, expansion of your soul journey and validation for next steps on the path.


Christine Kooper

I had an amazing surrogate Quantum Healing session yesterday with Allison and her husband, Will! What a great team they make - their combined energies of healing and compassion were powerful and palatable. I received many very important messages that have had an immediate impact in my life. I'm tremendously grateful!



Allison did a amazing job teaching me to let go and trust myself as well as my guides and my higher self. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to take the journey.


Richard Grant

I took Reike 1 & 2, the classes were very professional and well given. I have already been doing the self healing also on my wife and my 12 year old service dog with bad hips. I have seen good things. I am looking forward to Volunteering at the VA.. Allison and William have change my life and grounded me. IT REALLY WORK!

Very Respectfully,
Richard Grant


Kimberly Humphrey

Allison and William Brown are attentive and knowledgeable. They took the time to explain all of the training perfectly. Will definitely continue my training with them!!!!



Allison is a warm and giving person. I felt comfortable right from the start, as if I already knew her. Yesterday I had a Beyond Quantum Healing session with her. The information beforehand was clear and contained much information on what to expect. I did not have an experience in which my Higher Self. I guess I am just one of those people who does not go under easily. Thank you again, Dr. Allison.


Anne Marie Wiesman

During my session with Dr. Brown I was able to finally release years of pain and grief from family estrangement and betrayal. The session was relaxing and such a gentle process unlike in traditional therapy when breaching the subject was always extremely painful. I’m forever grateful for the experience and the healing that occurred.



Training to become a Reiki practitioner under Allison and Will was an amazing experience. Looking forward to the next class at the end of the month.


Nozomi Garcia

Thank you, Allison for the session. It was my first experience that guides and higher self communicate through my mouth. After the session, my body was vibrating so much and effect last for a while. Even after my energy was settled, I felt permanent change inside of me. I feel like my higher self is within me instead of in the different /higher dimension away from my physical self. Now I can feel the energy of higher self within me when I tune in. Sometimes it makes me feel overwhelming. I’m so grateful, peaceful, and makes me cry! I hope everyone will experience it!



Such a peaceful experience. I was able to get to answers I needed for so long to let go and release wounds and understand experiences. This helped me gain a new perspective and freedom.


Jessica Bohannon

Allison was wonderful! It was so easy to relax and she took her time to really figure out what we needed to focus on. I would recommend her services to anyone! Thank you so much for such an enlightening experience!



Having experienced several Reiki sessions and most recently a BQH session, I found both Allison and Bill intuitive, caring, and compassionate people with many spiritual gifts, always looking to the highest good for their clients.

Energy healing helps in situations that may seem out of our control (physical/mental/emotional). Energy healing is not a magic pill it is a modality each person "incorporates" into their being and this is an excellent place to start taking back the power you may have relinquished to others and/or situations. Take that first step toward healing!



For years i have been angry over an issue that i could not get past. It was such an egregious abuse that took place during my childhood that it has affected my entire life. Today i spent 3 hours with Allison conducting a BQH healing session. I have let it go. I am a new person with a new attitude. I cannot say enough about this amazing womans talent. Thank you Allison!


Erin Sirona

I am honored to have experienced a BQH session with Dr. Allison Brown. She set the tone as safe, comfortable and positively charged. She was also organized with an intuitive approach. I shifted easily into a place of love and receptivity and was able to connect and draw forth timely and impactful healing and information.



Energy work has been at the forefront of my quest to heal. This experience was something I had never done before. Allison and Bill were so knowledgeable and really made me feel comfortable. I recommend this for anyone who wants to know another side of themselves!



Having had a couple of Reiki sessions with Allison and her husband and soul mate William Brown; I have nothing less than total admiration for their devotion and expertise.

They both work together like a fine oiled machine and a couple that have been together for several years. If you've never experienced a session; you don't know what you're missing. It will take you to a place of extreme peace and calm nothing short of a good restful sleep. So if you ever have the opportunity to have a one or many Reiki sessions with this team of professionals; do yourself a favor, and go where you've never been before.


Angela Roy

I enjoyed my class session and attunement with Allison and her husband Will. A very professional and relaxed atmosphere.



I am so grateful to have experienced a Reiki session with Bill and Allison, which lead me to take my Second degree Reiki class with them. My Reiki session felt like wonderful tingles throughout my whole body and I felt like I was going to float right off the table, truly amazing, energetically renewing session. Bill is highly intuitive and a medical medium so also picked up on my grandmother being present for the session and could see my trouble areas. Through their energy had wonderful images of a couple past lives. I hope to experience another session. The second-degree Reiki class was set with intentions of the heart, very informative, and well put together. Allison is an amazing teacher everything was very easily understood and she has such a warm, healing presence. She is available for whenever I have questions or need help. Together they welcome everyone with an open heart. I recommend their services to anyone without hesitation and I can’t wait to see what this gifted couple does next!

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