Angelica Del Sette

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Available Hours: Weekdays Mon, Tue, Thurs, Fri BQH 16:00 QC 16:00 - 20:00 Wed - 17:00 - 21:00 Saturday 10:30- 19:00 Sunday 10:30- 16:00 If these hours are inaccessible due to time zone differences, please reach out to me and we can arrange alternative times that are more suitable.
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Languages: English, Italian

Time Zone: GMT +1 United Kingdom

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Address: Queen's Road, Guildford, England, GU1 4JJ, United Kingdom.

Angelica Del Sette

~ Member Since 2024

Hey, I’m Angelica.

I am a Beyond Quantum Healing and Quantum Connect Practitioner born in South Africa to Italian parents and currently living in Surrey, United Kingdom.

For as long as I can remember, I have always believed that our bodies, minds, and souls are interconnected and capable of self-healing in many ways. As sentient beings, we have so much innate power within us that we can unlock and use to rework the tapestry of our world and hold space for others who are growing and evolving.  

My journey to self-discovery has given me a clearer understanding of the human energy field and its tremendous impact on our overall well-being. I feel inspired to continue learning and growing.

Through the life-altering events that have shaped my path, I began to see how transformative experiences can bring us back to ourselves and the light, back to our source. I facilitate an energetic exchange by approaching each client with empathy and understanding, creating a safe and nurturing environment for healing.

Whether you’re looking to release old patterns, heal past traumas, or simply find more balance in your life, BQH and/or QC can help you achieve that. As a practitioner, I create a safe and supportive space for this inner journey to unfold.

I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you with an open heart.




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