Barbara Becker

It does not matter to me what you have done or not done, said or not said, thought or not thought, I love you! ~ Barbara Becker

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Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker Healing, LLC


~ Member Since 2014

I channel the healing energy of God’s Grace. I am here to have a human experience, just like you. I speak a mathematical star language that comes straight from God/Creator/Source/Great Spirit, and is transmitted into the subconscious, bypassing the ego. Miraculous healing has occurred spontaneously for people. All of my blog articles are inspirational, even when uncomfortable topics are discussed. In my channeled session work, I pass on messages and guidance from the client’s Higher Self and guides, through my Higher Self, known as the WhiteOne.

As a Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique SM practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist, I facilitate past-life regression hypnosis sessions for clients who are seeking healing and answers to their questions, from their Higher Self.  I was taught by Dolores Cannon, who developed this unique method of hypnosis.  Dolores makes her presence known in each session, from the other side. She is with all QHHT® practitioners around the world!

I offer Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) Hypnosis sessions online. I was taught by Candace Craw-Goldman. In this modality, I will add other hypnosis techniques and my healing energies to provide a unique experience for each client.

Quantum Connect is the latest modality I now offer for clients remotely over the Internet. Candace Craw-Goldman developed the technique and taught it to me. Quantum Connect is a quick connection with your ever-present Higher Self. The exercises or games that QC practitioners use with their clients demonstrate, with real-time experiences, how they are always connected to their Higher Self. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s effective!

My QHHT® session stories book, Time Travels: Exploration of Live Remembered, was published on November 8, 2018. I recommend new clients to read this book to become acquainted with my facilitation style and the amazing outcomes and information gathered in these sessions.

My autobiography is published in two volumes:

Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography

Expansion: The Journey Continues

Angelic Affirmations: Practical Guidance for Love Happiness & Prosperity, channeled ebook on my website

I also offer channeled psychic sessions with my Higher Self, a collective of beings from the Great Central Sun, known as the WhiteOne, using the platform.  More information is available at:

Each month the Star Energy Healing Gathering via, is facilitated by Barbara. More information is available at:



Associates Degree in Nursing specialized in Critical Care & Emergency Care: Glendale Community College, AZ (Active license: 40 years) (22 years bedside nursing), now retired from nursing.

Nursing Education Director:Phoenix Memorial Hospital

Bachelors Degree in Business Administration: University of Phoenix

Legal Nurse Consultant, owner Kesterson Medical Consulting (21 years)

Toastmasters International: Competent Toastmasters Award

Medical Aesthetic Nurse, owner Barbara Becker Medical Aesthetics, LLC

Hospice Volunteer Training

Reiki I, II, Master: Usui Traditional Reiki Method

Shamanic Opening Ceremony with Shaman Lance Heard

Shaolin Tai Chi and Qi Gong under Grandmaster Zaysan (14 years)

2012 Star Knowledge Conference, Carefree, Arizona

Munay Ki Initiation

Kriya Yoga: Kriya Yoga Institute, Homestead, Florida

ULC Licensed Ordained Minister

Flower of Life: The Original 17-Breath MerKaBa Meditation with Maureen St. Germaine

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner Level 1 training, Online course

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner Level 2 training, Springdale, Arkansas

Advanced Online Intensive: Contact, Remote Viewing, Ambassador to the Universe Training Webinar: Sirius Technology Advanced Research

Steven Greer: Higher Consciousness, CE-5 & Contact: Sirius Technology Advanced Research

Certified Hypnotherapist: Newton Institute, Member of the International Alliance of Counselors & Therapists

IACT Galaxy of the Stars Virtual Conference for continuing education requirements: February 2019 to September 2023

Beyond Quantum Healing (2019)

Author of: Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography (2012)

Author of: Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered (2018) (a QHHT session stories book)

Author of: Expansion: The Journey Continues (2021) (sequel to Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography)

Quantum Connect (QC) Practitioner (2023)


2014 TISBA Finalist for her book, Enclosure: A Spiritual Autobiography(available on,, and



Nancy Schwartz

November 2022

After finding myself consumed in all books by Delores Cannon, I did a Google Search to find someone near me who does what Delores did.

I came across a website filled with QHHT practioners, several in my area of Phoenix, AZ, and there was Barbara!! I read a bit about her and continued to scroll through more practioners but my intuition kept saying, "Nope! It's Barbara!" So I followed my intuition, contacted her, and booked my QHHT session!

From the very first moment Barbara called me back and took the time to explain the process, I knew I made the right decision.

My session was a week ago now and I've had time to listen to it nightly and process. What an incredible and insightful experience this was!

It was very confirming for me and everything that came through resonates strongly with thoughts I've had, and even inner knowings that weren't pieced together yet.

I highly recommend Barbara for a QHHT experience. She's definitely a soul sister of our beloved Delores Cannon, and in fact, just as I wished, Delores was very much present in my session and even left me with a beautiful parting message!


Modesta Starseed

December 2021

I had a 2nd QHHT session with Barbara as I had quite a success after my initial session. After my initial session I experienced great shifts in my relationships with my family. This time around I was more curious about various events that I had experienced and wanted to seek more information. After the session I was really thankful to learn more about my life's purpose and how these events are interconnected. Barbara doesn't just offer you an opportunity to connect with your higher self which is quite incredible in itself but also an environment that is loving and judgment free. The work she is doing in these sessions is truly remarkable and life changing. After my 2nd session I was thinking to myself wow I just connected to my higher self and right at that instance I pulled up to a car with a license plate that read “ETFONME”. You will find that your life changes in the most incredible ways after a session with Barbara Becker!



October 2021

I've had 2 QHHT Sessions with Barbara and cannot recommend her work enough. She gives clear and compassionate guidance every step of the process to ensure safety on every level of being. Her guidance is gentle and incredibly skillful, letting the higher self truly take stage in ways that connect with my own language and belief systems. The healing and clarity I received each time continues to deepen and is so profound!


Dante Hitt

October 2021

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for that life changing session - you were amazing and I feel like a completely new person.

I am a completely new person!

Things make sense now.

I know what to do.

I feel more present and grounded.

And I've been using that technique you gave me at the end during our debrief which is helping immensely.

I feel more playful than ever.

I feel like I'm embodying my purpose.

I know things will only get better from here.

I'm excited to listen to my recording every night as I lay in bed.

Thank you for your wisdom, guidance, kindness and love.

YOU'RE a gem ❤️




September 2021

I had my QHHT with Barbara and it was amazing! She explained everything what to expect and answered all my questions. She made me comfortable and at ease. I received wonderful messages and everything I was going through made sense. The medical problems I was having, resolved and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Barbara for your love and light.


Estelle Tanner

December 2020

WHAT A SESSION! Four months later it is still moving in me and showing me treasures. This was my fourth session and my second QHHT session. I am deeply and profoundly satisfied.
Barbara's youthful laugh and happy disposition was a joy to be around. She took me through the steps with professionalism and confidence. I just relaxed and allowed her to take over. She reminded me to open myself to new possibilities and to loosen my expectations as much as possible. Tightly held expectations will pinch the experience down.
As I sat on her couch and told her my story,
a smiling image of Dolores Cannon watched me from within its gold picture frame across the room.

There were many surprises in the hypnosis part. I quickly dropped into a lifetime on a desert moon of Jupiter. "What do you do with most of your time there?" Barbara asked.
"I rule."
I felt the depth and the breadth of that Queen's character. I could feel her connection to her people and the honor it was for her to serve them. She embodied a strength and deep caring for her people's welfare. A sense of nobility came forward into my conscious awareness that I will never forget.

Barbara asked all of my questions and the information that came forward was deeply satisfying. I was given directions on how to promote a more conscious connection with my Spirit Guides and my Higher Self., which I have acted upon and now commune with them every day.
I received helpful information regarding several trainings with which I'm presently involved.
Some things that I already knew were validated. Other things were surprising and unexpected.

The next day, as I drove through the desert on my way back home in Colorado, even more insights and sensations unfolded in my awareness. Since then, I have listened to my recording several times and the experience seems to be a living and growing thing.

If you are thinking of having a QHHT session, Barbara Becker would be an excellent choice for your facilitator. If you are ready to open yourself to deep healing and extraordinary, life changing insights, she can guide you to it.



August 2020

My session with Barbara was incredibly comfortable as Barbara's attention to detail was remarkable.
Well done!
Blessings and Love to you Barbara.


A lighthouse

April 2020

Barbara Becker's a gifted, caring, talented quantum healing hypnosis practitioner. Having had a session with her myself, I can honestly give her my highest recommendation. I'll still listen to my session with her, even years later. Barbara is a bright light in a dark world. Anyone fortunate enough to have a session with her, will call themselves very blessed. Given that my session with her was many years ago‚ and I have benefited multiple times from the wisdom found in my session with her. This is a very very long overdue raving review for someone who truly deserves it. Barbara is a beautiful being, Inside and out.


Quinn Chandler

April 2020

Thank you Barbara! Thank you for your kindness, compassion and care. I felt the shift, and feel amazing. The experience was incredible. I've listened to the recording several times, and like you said, new information comes up every time. I feel confident, and positive about my future. I feel a new sense of freedom. And, my hip pain is gone! I highly recommend QHHT, and you are an awesome facilitator. Peace, love and many blessings....


Joanie Denny

November 2019

When I saw Barbara Becker 9/19, I had been diagnosed with a terminal heart condition. I have 26 years as a RN/NP and I have done everything I can with Western medicine. I was very depressed/anxious and had a overwhelming fear of death. Two days after my QHHT session with Barbara, my fear and depression disappeared. Because of my medical training and background, I wanted to wait to see if the fear/depression/anxiety would come back. I can tell you with the utmost honesty, those feelings are gone!! I have literally been able to move on with my life. I am excited and planning for the future! Every day, I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I am setting up an online business and have a 4 week trip planned for Europe! Thank you, Barbara! You have a gift and I am fortunate to have found you!



October 2019

I highly recommend seeing Barbara for an QHHT session. She is skilled and has a caring nature mixed with humor which helped me to feel very comfortable throughout the entire session. She spent a great deal of time with me after the session and due to my ego running amok has continued to give me guidance via email. Barbara is an amazingly wonderful individual and a gifted healer. Many blessings of Joy to you Barbara.



September 2019

I've had a QHHT session with Barbara, she is an amazing being , it was such a blessing and i would say it was the most profound hours for me , got my questions answered, felt so safe and loved , i am so grateful for her wisdom and insight and i wish everyone could have the same experience by reaching out and ask for help , she is the most loving , caring angel ,
I appreciate you and i am so grateful for you
Thank you


Langley D.

April 2019

I am grateful for the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy that I received from Barbara Becker. My sciatica pain is gone, and I have more energy than I have had in years, despite my ego's resistance.



March 2019

A few days ago I had a session with Barbara Becker. I had booked the session for months in advance And was very excited about it. When I just told my daughter about what I was going to do she decided to book a session with BARBER as well. So she got to have one before me ha ha! It was transformative for her.
This made me extra excited!
Barbara was excellent! Barbara answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. She gave me a lot of information that was very helpful! She's a total pro and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a quantum healing hypnotherapy practitioner . You'll be very happy you did!



February 2019

I was stuck in my ascension path as I was experiencing unhealed trauma that I was unable to retrieve, integrate and heal. I was informed by my spiritual pastor that it could be something from a previous life. Based on a recommendation, I was lead to the QHHT process and Barbara. She is an incredibly kind, compassionate, understanding, caring and wonderful spiritual lady. While being hypnotized she was able to bring forth, heal and integrate that trauma which, in fact, came from a previous life. I had witnessed, as a child, my mother being burned at the stake as a witch. it was nighttime and I was alone watching this event, all alone & terrified. Another discovery is that I am one of the pioneer Indigo's to arrive here to help raise earthlings frequency. I was called and volunteered from another solar system. I now understood why I never fit in, why I was a loner, why I had anxiety. I'm not from here. Physical and spiritual healing was also incorporated into the session.Love&gratitude.


Leah C

November 2018

I need to start by saying that I rarely leave reviews. However, I felt compelled to leave a response to the session I received from Barbara.

My experience with Barbara far superseded any expectation I had going in. Given I am new to this form of treatment, I wasn't sure what to expect. However, I can say with absolute certainty, that this session changed my life. I was dealing with an abundance of internal trauma and uncertainty, but my visit with Barbara changed all of this.

I will definitely be recommending Barbara to anyone looking for a deeper, more meaningful approach to healing.



September 2018

Barbara is a wonderful, easy-going and kind individual. You can tell she is experienced and knows how to help guide you through the experience in a way that will get the best possible outcome. She is very open and there was never a point that I felt judged or uncomfortable. Highly recommended!



May 2018

Having no prior experience regarding QHHT, I can only say something insisted I look closer. I am in great gratitude for listening to what was guiding me because nothing will ever be the same again.
As we progressed with our initial conversation during the beginning of my session it became obvious, Barbara is a critical listener who also listens with her heart. In other words, you get all of Barbara's focused attention as she gathers critical information to help you with what you came to accomplish. The way Barbara worded the questions during my session guided infinitely more information to come forward. This proved to be extremely effective in connecting the dots of extremely intense life events, spiritual events, dreams, etc. that may not have otherwise been shared. Barbara's gentle, thorough, informative & sometimes humorous approach to this entire process was most impressive. Barbara's medical background as a nurse matched with her deep understanding & respect of spiritual knowledge made our conversation much easier, deeper & more efficient which provided itself as an extremely useful tool during my session.
How does one express the gratitude felt after having a lifetime of dreams, strange events, challenges & successes explained not only regarding why they occurred but, how they were all interconnected? This is real, it is deep and reaches beyond dimension and the rewards have been just as immense. I cannot recommend Barbara strongly enough, just make the appointment & know she can be trusted. Barbara delivered way beyond what I thought possible & that's from someone who's had a bit of a wild ride so far.

With gratitude,
A very happy client


R. Smith

March 2018

I had the most wonderful experience working with Barbara during my Quantum Healing Session. Barbara was very kind, polite and professional both before, during and after our session. She went over everything with my in a very thorough and professional manner. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking QHH services.



March 2018

Amazing experience you need to live it to believe it!
Thank you Barbara for your support on my awakening new journey!!



March 2018

I have now had a second QHHT session with Barbara. The first time I was new to the experience and really learned the ropes. The second session was unreal. Barbara is so professional and so skilled. She knows how to assist with drawing out the information needed and guides you through the process. I was blown away by my session to say the least!



March 2018

The main reason that I signed up for a QHHT session with Barbara Becker was I wanted to find a way to heal allergy issues that I've endured for years. I found that my session was very healing for my allergies and other physical ailments I've had for awhile, but it also changed me and the way I view my own life in very profound ways. I learned some new things about myself and my life purpose, and I also received answers to some very personal questions that I've been pondering for years without knowing exactly how or where to gain access to the answers. Overall, my QHHT session was very successful, and the healing (on many levels) that I am still receiving from it is nothing short of priceless! Barbara's gentle, caring nature helped me to feel very comfortable throughout the entire session. Her skillful guidance before, during, and after the session was very reassuring to me as I had never been through a QHHT session before. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone who is entertaining the idea of signing up for a QHHT session! She is an amazingly wonderful individual and a gifted healer. Thank you so much for my awesome QHHT session, Barbara! Peace & Blessings to you! :-)



March 2018

My QHHT session with Barbara was fantastic. A friend of mine recommended her to me because my fears were preventing me from living the life I want to live. From the time I initially contacted her, I could tell the healing already began. She was extremely thorough in preparing me for the session, during the interview process, during the actual session, and post-session. She is amazing at creating a safe and judgement free space. Since my session with her, I feel positive changes in my life. If I start to dip back into that fear mode, I listen to the recording she provided for me. I highly recommend Barbara Becker for a QHHT session - she is a very gifted lady.


Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered

Barbara Becker has just released her first QHHT themed book! :) Join us as we talk about Dolores Cannon QHHT and more.

What is Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH)?

In this video I give an overview of my Beyond Quantum Healing online regression hypnosis modality. email:

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)?

In this video I describe a healing regression hypnosis technique called QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique), a modality created by the late Dolores Cannon. I reference her famous book: Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth. I mention my QHHT session stories book: Time Travels: Exploration of Lives Remembered Barbara Becker, QHHT practitioner, author, channel, BQH practitioner, certified hypnotherapist email:

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