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Address: 12111, Regent Ridge Lane, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28278, United States.

Camille Cash

Touching Hearts Healing

~ Member Since 2022

Welcome to Touching Hearts Healing!  I am Camille Cash, BQH and QHHT Practitioner. 

BQH (Beyond Quantum Healing) and QHHT (Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) are hypnosis and healing techniques that utilize the power of your own subconscious/higher self to heal emotional, mental and physical problems stemming from current life experiences or past life experiences. ¬†These healing sessions allow you to connect to experiences or trauma from any part of your soul’s life while in a deeply relaxed THETA state. ¬†This THETA state is the doorway to communicating and working ¬†directly with your Higher Self, and ANYTHING can be healed. ¬†BQH and QHHT are proven hypnosis methods to bring you into this deeply relaxed THETA state for the healing you desire.

BQH goes beyond the QHHT techniques to utilize an unlimited framework which recognizes that anything is possible and allows for powerful remote sessions with online technologies, to connect and participate in your session from anywhere in the world.
Contact me:, +1 919.880.1987


BQH Certified
QHHT Level 1/2 Practitioner
IACT Certified Hynotherapist
Past Life Regressionist Certification
Shamanic Certification – Foundation for Shamanic Healing (divination, extraction, dying and beyond, soul retrieval)
Reiki 1/2 Certification
Angel Intuition Certification
Angel Card Reading Certification


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