Cate River

Office Phone: (951) 818-2334
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
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Available Hours: M-Sat. 10:30 - 5:30 pm pst.
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Languages: English

Time Zone: PST

Address: Pasadena, California, United States.


Cate River

Au Fauna

Creator, Hypnotist

~ Member Since 2023

In early 2022, I launched Au Fauna as a welcoming, non-judgmental space for seekers to rejuvenate and meaning-make through a modern (yet ancient) art of hypnotic healing. Here I take a person-focused approach versus practitioner-focused frameworks which all too often limit, categorize, pathologize and default to personal/institutional biases that are quite narrow in vision—especially in regards to the transpersonal experience. Along this creative path, I weave various threads relating to the esoteric, philosophy, Jungian psychology, story-telling, art, ritual and play and how it all informs the rich tapestry of our human story. Our truth—our human experience (beautiful in all its complex splendor and tragedy)—is the fulcrum that turns our greatest evolution. We have no greater power than that creative, eternal light that dwells within.


Level 2 QHHT®
Soul Tending
Reflective Tarot
Trauma Informed Counseling
ExE Experiencers

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*DREAM-WEAVE BETWEEN YOUR WORLDS* Thoughts travel faster than the speed of light. You can travel anywhere within the inner worlds of your mind and imagination. Allow your expansive right-brain to reveal something to you can't see or realize consciously - embrace your dream self, to whom you surrender to nightly- and trust that version of you to make the necessary equilibrium so you can fine real treasure- divinely acquired gifts- to integrate and take back with you Start feeling better by connecting to the true you...

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