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Trasa Goddess Inspire


Hi, I’m Trasa (Gaelic meaning: Strength). I’m a qualified Quantum Soul Galactic Astrologer. I’m also an intuitive with a background in Natural Health and Healing. I’m from the sacred island of Ireland and I would love to help you find out:

What is my Soul Purpose?
What are my True Soul Gifts?
What are my Biggest Blocks?
Where is my Soul Origin?
What Karma am I still holding?
Why am I here?
Where have I been?
How can I best utilise this cosmic energy?

You will find out who you really are and why you are here. You will receive a recorded reading (our zoom call) and written report which many of my clients go back to and listen/read often


“Hi Trasa,

I was drawn to your website and am eternally grateful that I was. The galactic soul reading I got from you was “spot on”. I was quite specific in the area I wanted the reading to focus on and was blown away by the amount of and level of information you gave me. Everything you told me resonated strongly and I can’t thank you enough for the clarity and the guidance.
I regularly refer the reading. Yesterday I read the entire reading again and when I finished the word that came to me was “inspirational” so your website name is perfect and absolutely reflects you, an inspirational goddess.
Love and Light



Qualified Quantum Soul Galactic Astrologer

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Galactic Centre Soul Reading

Galactic Centre Soul Reading

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The Galactic Centre Soul Reading Snippet

The Galactic Centre Soul Reading Snippet

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