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Jennifer Lee

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Hi there!!!

MY MISSION is to empower individuals like you to reconnect with and honor their inner guidance, upgrade their operating system and regain conscious control of their lives.

By navigating with your inner compass you CAN experience more fulfillment, more freedom, more prosperity, and more joy.

There’s no one else quite like you and it’s this uniqueness that makes you so very special. No one else can bring to the table what you can. And what you bring to the table just by being who you are, is essential.

If you are ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth and expansion, I am here to provide unwavering support. Together, we will forge ahead, connecting with your truth and unleashing your unique brilliance into the world. Hurrah!


Certified in Beyond Quantum Healing, Quantum Connect, Quantum Human Design and Reiki level III




October 2023

I enjoyed working with Jennifer. She listen ask a lot of great questions when I didn’t know what to ask. Never felt rushed and I was electronically challenged. Thanks



July 2023

My Quantum Connect with Jennifer was an eye-opening experience. Her light hearted attitude made the session fun and yet I had a profound experience. Though it was short and and enjoyable, amazing insights came as I digested the information that was revealed. Even weeks afterwards, I am still pondering all that happened during the QC. I highly recommend a Quantum Connect with Jennifer.



June 2023

Working with Jennifer for a Quantum Connect Session was so fun! The experience was light and playful! Jennifer had a very bright energy that helped me to relax and have even more through the experience. Within the session experience she guides you through ‘games’ to help you connect with the subconscious mind/higher self. During my session there were repeating symbols and she explained to me potential meanings and encouraged me to discover them more. It was a very empowering and fun experience.



March 2022

I recently experienced quantum healing with Jennifer. I honestly wasn’t quite familiar with what it was beforehand. To call it interesting would be an understatement, it was SO much more!
My session with Jennifer was about 3 hours long. She started by having me prepare 10 questions, which I appreciated because the assignment brought on self awareness & curiosity.
We then spoke for awhile, & I gave her a summed up “about me” before getting into the quantum healing. The session was entirely remote. Over the next couple of hours, Jennifer guided me into deep subconscious levels, while keeping me on the cusp of reality within them. I was able to, with her guidance & questions for me to ask within that meditative state, find the answers to my 10 questions within myself. I think I even was led to meet one of my own guides! It was quite incredible! I keep thinking back on the entire experience. She made me feel safe, & her voice was calming, which helped me stay calm. The images were so clear, I can still remember them to vividly, like I was watching a movie. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that has a hard time deep diving into their own thoughts, TRUE, genuine feelings, and/or intuition. ????

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