Julianne Becker

I work with the idea of a sleeping dragon within. Unlike the Inner Child our Inner Dragon represents our sovereign, true self. Once awakened our dragon will not rest until we match our highest potential of being truly ourselves. Your inner dragon empowers you on your path of awakening and stimulates self healing. Is now the time to wake your dragon?

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Julianne Becker


~ Member Since 2019

Would you like to accelerate the development of your consciousness and release your self-healing powers? Are you striving to uncover and confidently express your true self? Then work with me! I only use methods such as Beyond Quantum Healing, Quantum Connect, Rebirthing and more that draw your own truths from within yourself (your higher self) as clearly and purely as possible. How much healing, how much change and how much new knowledge are you ready to receive? Bold, honest and radical questions create a good session. Inside you we can find all the answers and all the keys. Let me be your guide through your unconscious, where you find timeless access to the past, future and other levels of creation…

Sessions in German and English, in person or Zoom, you are welcome!

Informationen in Deutsch auf meiner Webseite.



Born in 1953, I spiritually woke up with the first wave of volunteers in 1987. My long road resulted in many different approaches, trainings, experiences which I was able to complement with talents I brought in from other lives. They naturally enrich my Beyond Quantum Healing sessions. BQH is my favorite coaching modality, I consider it to be the most progressive, up-to-date and effective to assist you in your awakening process – and I love it! Energized dragons and the dragon path to mastery are my passion. I discovered that it is all about mastery as co-creators if dragons show up in my client’s lives. Its just so wonderful to assist you in claiming your full potential and live it to the fullest!


My path began with two years of personal trainings and remote study with a buddhist and a Yogi. In 1989 I met the spirituel master Danaan Parry, joined his Earthstewards Network and followed the path of the peaceful warrior. I was also trained in “Essential Peacemaking/Women and Men” and “The Art of Living in Peace”, then Reiki all degrees and teacher, Lightarian Rays, AngelLinks and Lightarian Reiki, Magnified Healing and Diamond Alignment. I studied the Course in Miracles, learned spiritual and practical tools for mediation and became a rebirther. When my spiritual search ended and my spiritual finding began (now I am in the post-spiritual appliance phase as a master who ongoingly trains to be a master), a close relationship with the Ascended Master Sanat Kumara began. He is my friend and personal trainer on the Dragon Path. I am not channeling for clients because I love them to become sovereign: It’s not about help of experts but about DIY, and BQH ist just this. And now I am also offering Quantum Connect.



Lotta L

January 2021

I had a highly meaningful online BQH session with Julianne some weeks ago. I connected with my heart space strongly, which was healing and brought clarity on topics discussed. After the session my life started accelerating quickly, and many changes happened in a short time. Listening to the recording now made me realise how much information the session actually contained, and how much has happened after the session, directly related to the entire experience. Julianne is very knowledgeable and talking with her after the session gave me even more insights and realisations. Thank you!


Michael Fendt

January 2021

Her assistance and guidance before, during and after the Beyond Quantum Healing Session was wonderful. I felt safe and could travel relaxed through the different lives and had a good talk with my higher self. This helped me to be more confident about my life and my future.


Mariah Snow

January 2021

Julianne facilitated a VERY successful Beyond Quantum Healing session for me that still has me in awe. Julianne is warm, engaging and asks very clever questions that brought out interesting information during my session that led me to a perspective I wouldn't have considered. As someone who also facilitates BQH sessions I really resonated with Julianne's hypnosis induction, the imagery is inspirational and heart centered. From my first interaction with Julianne regarding a session I felt her kindness and genuine passion for healing. Thank you Julianne for the gift of such an amazing session. Sat Nam


Regression Week 2020

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