Madelyn (Maddie) Miller

Office Phone: 248-761-0055
Mobile Phone: 248-761-0055
Consultation Type: In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: 9am - 8pm
Payment Options: Cash, Venmo
Languages: English

Time Zone: Central

Address: Ponchatoula, Louisiana, United States.


Madelyn (Maddie) Miller

~ Member Since 2013


RN, MSN, Family Nurse Practitioner, BC
Certified Intuitive Practitioner
QHHT, Level 2
Beyond Quantum Healing
Shamanic Training Apprenticeship
Diploma in Clinical Homeopathy
Reconnective Healing, Level 3
Matrix Energetics, Level 2
Medical Intuitive Trained


Tri-State Nursing Award for Excellence

Speaking Engagements

International Healing Touch Conference Presenter, Colorado




February 2019

So grateful to have found Maddie and to have been able to do not just one but two sessions together. Before we met, I had done quite a bit of my own research on QHHT but I still wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Would I be too nervous, would hypnosis work on me, is this even real?! So many questions buzzed about in my mind. However, I felt so guided to Maddie and QHHT that I just kept saying Yes. And boy am I glad that i did. It was such a peaceful, beautiful, heart and mind opening experience. So grateful I was guided to Maddie. She made me feel so comfortable and safe. It really made all the difference through the whole day. Maddie is such a gem!



February 2019

My session was not typical. While the main elements (past life/higher self connection/healing) were there, none of it was what either of us was expecting.
In my past life I was stuck like I was living inside a photo - except I could shift to other points in time so I wasn't just in a photo. Maddie helped me figure out how to interact with what turned out to be a non-3D realm even though it appeared like a 3D world to me.
My higer self was being coy so she framed my mental exploration in a different manner and I found a library of human consciousness. But in this exploration I caused the library to freak out and this fed back onto me. Maddie was able to keep me calm and in trance and to reshape the experience.
When I finally figured out how to get to my higher self it turned out to be beyond this multiverse. In all of these non-terrestrial spaces and with stressful conditions, Maddie remained calm, professional, and non-judgemental throughout.
Highly recommended!



September 2017

My experience with Maddie was awesome! I found her by following my curiosity and watching videos about Dolores Cannon and her work. Through the website I was able to find Maddie and she lives and works just a few miles from my home. She responded to my email quickly and we set up a session. She spent a long time prior to our session getting to know me. Through a guided visualization I was easily hypnotized. I saw 3 of my past lives. I also realized later that I got a message from my Great Grandma about how much she loves my dad (her grandson). Maddie spoke to my higher self and asked questions that I had about myself. She asked for healers to come and work on healing the neuropathy in my feet and on my low back pain. I still have work I need to do before my nephropathy is completely resolved but my back pain is gone with only stiffness remaining. I no longer take any pills, just a vitamin. I came out of hypnosis easily and we spoke at length about what just happened. Since the session I have progressed in my awakening and plan to have another session to reveal even more information such as what type of work I am meant to do in this incarnation. I have a feeling that I should counsel the newly awakened as a life coach. The students will come when the teacher is ready! I can't thank Maddie enough for her caring and kindness. We will meet again!



August 2017

Maddie is a top notch qhht practitioner she took me from aincent Egypt to feudal Japan and handled every were i went very well. in more than one situation what I was witnessing was so intense I could barely stay in trance and she brought calm to me even when veiwing a full blown battle field!!! After one session my friends could see a night and day difference in my aura and my overall reactions to life.



July 2017

You worked on me Friday evening for burning pain in my left lower quadrant of my abdomen and just not feeling well..for months and months.
Saturday I woke up, the pain was gone! It has been there for a year. Today it is three days later and it is still feels o good to have my abdomen back..I am afraid to say fear it may return. Also on Saturday and Sunday I cleaned our house for about eight hours each day.
I have not had the energy or desire to clean or do much of anything except go to work and go to sleep ...for about a year.. I can not believe that I had the energy to work for hours and not be exhausted. Unfortunately when you neglect your home, two days of cleaning makes a tiny dent in the clutter and dust...however it's huge progress for me. The underlying fatigue that has caused me to see A chiropractor, my primary care dr, a cardiologist and an endocrinologist and acupuncturist is lifted.. None of those professionals could come up with a cause for my fatigue. You and I didn't discuss my fatigue but it's lifted and I pray it stays lifted.
Thank you is not enough to say to you.
If this life is back!
Love and thanks

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