Ken Norton

"Empower yourself to break free from toxic cycles. Embrace healing, transformation, and self-acceptance with Radical Healer, where your journey towards a fulfilling life begins."

Office Phone: 509-906-4325
Mobile Phone: 425-387-0934
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Best Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: Please see my website for a free initial consultation.
Payment Options: Cash, Zelle, Credit Card
Languages: English

Time Zone: Pacific

Address: Lake Stevens, Washington, 98258, United States.


Ken Norton

Radical Healer


As a Radical Healer, Ken specializes in identifying and releasing trapped emotions, addressing both physical and emotional challenges. His alchemical approach blends various modalities, offering a comprehensive healing experience. Ken’s success stories include freeing individuals from anxiety, chronic pain, and emotional trauma.

What sets Ken apart is not just his extensive expertise but also his commitment to making healing accessible to all. Providing scholarships ensures that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, can benefit from his transformative sessions.

Testimonials speak volumes about the impact of Ken’s work. Clients share profound experiences, from overcoming anxieties to permanently lowering chronic pain levels. Ken’s ability to clear generational curses and alleviate physical issues showcases the depth of his healing prowess.

Ken invites you to experience the power of alchemy – a blend of modalities that liberate energies and renew mind-body wellness. His holistic approach, characterized by gentleness and profound effectiveness, promises a unique journey towards optimal health.


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