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Rachel Chase

Rachel Chase Healing Arts


~ Member Since 2019


Be held in a safe, sacred space, gently guided into deep connection with cosmic loving energy and your own deepest inner wisdom. Herein lies all the answers, guidance, insights, and connections you seek. Healing, spiritual counseling, and mentoring sessions with Rachel are profound. 

In fact, here’s what clients say right after their sessions:
“that was the most profound experience of my life”¬†
“i had no idea i could go that deep and experience such a powerful direct experience of source”¬†
“now i know what to do and how to do it.”

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Profound Healing and Powerful Mystical Experiences.

BQH, otherwise known as Beyond Quantum Healing, is a powerful journey for consciousness explorers into your deepest realms of inner / multidimensional connections. The journey reveals specific answers and guidance from your own inner guidance through past-life/between life regression, hypnosis and connect with Higher Self. Rachel guides you safely into a meditative, relaxed state, you will receive specific insights and wisdom directly from your own inner wise one, through the meditative and superconscious state of mind.

BQH sessions are always in service your soul’s highest purpose in this lifetime.
Integration and healing happens on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. All sessions are recorded for listening post-session, when the energies are even more deeply integrated. You will be fully briefed on the process via a short consultation call, and how to prepare for this very sacred work.
Sessions are usually approx. 4-5 hours and done remotely via Zoom online. Clients will want to have a whole day free for integration. Further instructions given upon booking.
Price per session: $450.



About Rachel:

Take the Leap.
Invoke Radical Love to Empower Your Creative Spirit Within. 

You are worth it. – Rachel Chase.

Warm Greetings, I am Rachel Chase, an Earth-loving consciousness explorer.

Create freely, be authentically you, and share your unique gifts and talents. I am here to support and co-create in that process with you. To make those leaps in human potential, it takes the support of someone who’s gone the distance to heal herself and transcend trauma to create a life of purpose, passion, and fulfillment; and who knows how to help you do the same.

I have been there, and I know how to help others who are ready to take the leap too.

Together, we create a journey for you to gain the insight, tools, and wisdom needed to access and express your true greatness.

Here’s how I lept.


Historical hurt travels through family lines.

I am a trauma-survivor. I also grew up in a cult environment until age 12. For the following 15 years after that, the results of those early childhood and pre-adolescent years played out in my relationships with myself and others in pretty dysfunctional ways. I had no tools to process the harm and heal in a healthy manner, and I didn't know how to ask for help.
From 16-27 I lived a self-destructive lifestyle, running from my demons, desperately searching for a way out of the confused anger and anxiety that I stored inside. These emotions were always mixed with an inner plea to find joy and happiness.

During my childhood, the cult experience created an energy in my family and the whole group we were in, of emotional insecurity, mental instability, and spiritual abuse. Many years later, I was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually by men that I trusted.


We have it within us, each and every one.

One strength I had from all the years of unrest in childhood – was resiliency. This is the paradox of experiencing childhood trauma. We learn young how to be tough. Luckily, I did have an ability to have compassion for the world through it all, was loved by family and friends, and had my art to use to express my emotions and somewhat process what had happened to me.

I seemed to always bounce back, but I kept the pain I felt very private so no one could know. Inside, deep down, I knew I was meant for a better life, and a better way of living. I knew I wasn't going to have to keep living in dangerous situations my whole life. But how?

Back then, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual distress was killing me.


It can either save you or keep you sunk,
depending on the choice you make in that moment. I chose life.

In 2002, at 27, I desperately needed to find and use therapeutic tools during a time when my body expressed a clear ultimatum; to change or die suffering. Change was the only option I was being given if I wanted to create that life of joy and happiness rather than try to get others to make me happy, or wait for someone to save me, or continue escaping with alcohol and drugs.


I realized I had to do the work myself.

So I went deep into energy healing, using reiki to gain a clearer understanding of myself, life, and what true power means. It reconnected me with Source energy. And I returned to yoga and meditation. All the assistance I was resisting for so long started coming to me. Saying yes to well being meant letting go of the struggle, the fight, the need to be tough. It meant allowing my vulnerability to speak so I could find my true voice of compassion.

Creating art has been a big part of my self-healing since I was very young. Dance, drawing, writing, painting, theater, music, and creating artistic videos all have helped me to make sense out of the past, the present, and the future. Getting my degree in fine arts was the biggest leap for me at a time when I needed to stand in my truth and go for my dreams so I could show myself that I was worth it.

I needed to figure out how love myself again. I believe we all start out that way.

In my early twenties, I began learning about philosophies like Tibetan Buddhism, yogic philosophy, Chinese medicine, reiki, and quantum physics. This curiosity and thirst for knowledge was the catalyst that gave me an understanding what self-healing could look like.

To help me regulate my emotions and reset my mind, I began using yoga for more than just exercise. In addition to changes in diet and curbing substance use, I started meditation.


I received the help I was asking the Universe for.

I gained wisdom and insight from many teachers, healers, and therapists of various kinds – as well as my closest friend and family members, especially my loving mother who never gave up on me even as she was going through her own intense healing process.

Especially pivotal in my support system early on were my acupuncturist, my art professor, and my first reiki teacher. They coached me back to stable ground. During those early years of committing fully to my self-healing journey, present in my life were my dance students, art-world comrades, and friends that I worked with at the bar. I was a bartender for 16 years. I started teaching dance at age 13.

In 2005, yoga and meditation became my touchstones, albeit sporadic at first. And in 2007, bhakti yoga reawakened my devotional heart. Through these practices, I experienced profound spiritual and transpersonal shifts. I began to find myself again.


Keep going, It’s worth it. Your life depends on it.

After being buried under immense trauma, I started to reorient to my true-north. I started teaching art in 2008, which gave me great courage to move into teaching more and transitioning out of working in toxic environments.

In 2009, I married the love of my life. Then after a few more years, my network of support grew to incorporate my yoga teacher trainers, mentors in the healing arts, and collaborators who validated the work I was meant to do by co-creating healing arts events, classes, and workshops together.

By 2010 I began to thrive after a long journey of suffering. I completed my kundalini yoga teacher training and reiki master training; and progressed into my next level of growth.

Through my spiritual and self-development practices, in addition to receiving coaching, mentoring, and counseling, I woke up to the true knowing that I could use my mind to heal my body and emotions, and that I had within me the ability to change in ways I never dreamed possible.

In the years of teaching many forms of art, and subsequently teaching yoga and mindfulness, I have cultivated a strong inner foundation to grow the garden of my life.
It is a work in progress. And I enjoy it.

I have now created a life of purpose, meaning, and strength out of extremely challenging experiences. The healing took a long time for me and was, for much of the time, very painful.


Healing through Love

Although it can be, healing does not have to be so painful and painstaking. With the support of other caring, kind, and healthy people, we can do it in a more harmonious way.
I am here to help you do just that, to resolve the wounds of time with love and honor.

My Work

During the past 10 years as a full-time teacher, facilitator, mentor and coach, I have strengthened and refined my skills and strength. Since 2012, here in Orlando, FL, I have generated a following of clients and students, and helped grow several yoga and healing arts centers. It just keeps expanding. I have found that I am here to support individuals on their healing journey, and help other healing arts entrepreneurs rise to the challenge as well.

I mentor other yoga teachers, have been teaching reiki courses since 2012, facilitating sound healing for large groups, co-creating support groups, and facilitating therapeutic workshops, seminars, and retreats; as well as getting on-the-job training as a trauma-informed holistic mental health therapist as part of my graduate studies and practice.

Lately, I have been going deeper into the study of human consciousness and the realms of the unconscious by training in Quantum Healing Hypnosis and becoming certified in the Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) method. I practice and now facilitate BQH sessions, and have found it to be a very powerful and deep process for soul-connection and self-discovery that brings all my skills together in one modality.

Arts education has been there all along as my core joy and natural ability. I continue to create work, and use art in my women's retreats and may use it in coaching if the client wants that experience. I am an artist and that translates into all that I do to cultivate creative empowerment in the lives of others which has a ripple effect that benefits everyone.

I LOVE what I do! And people who work with me get positive results.

If you do decide to work with me, we will work collaboratively to design a unique experience or self-healing journey for you! I deeply value and utilize the experience and wisdom I have gained in the fields of visual and performing arts, education, yoga, mindfulness, arts and wellness program creation, mental health counseling, hypnosis, somatic healing, and trauma resiliency.

When you are ready to shift into the next phase of growth for you, we will use some or all of these tools in your process of empowered self development. This is for anyone ready to take that leap and experience the flow, strength, wisdom and peace you have been looking for.







Reiki Master Teacher since 2010.
Certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher since 2010 (KRI).
Certified BQH Practitioner since 2019.
Bachelor of Fine Arts 2008.
Masters Degree Clinical Mental Health Counseling May 2020.
Graduate work specializing in Somatic Processing and Mindfulness Coaching/Group work.




July 2023

Working with Rachel was such a comfortable, informative, and healing experience.  The process was easier than I imagined, and the results were amazing!  It is not easy for me to trust a guided process, but Rachel made it easy to relax and enjoy the session.  

During our session, I was able to confirm some unresolved fears and body healing struggles were indeed tied to other lifetimes.  Confirming these details has helped to provide important context for healing.

I was also able to get answers to various questions from my higher self, from allergies to the purpose of certain life events, which have helped me to make some life adjustments for a more pleasurable  experience.

During the process, aspects from other lifetimes brought forward fascinating information.   Rachel had a relaxed conversational way of interacting that facilitated clarification.  

So many good things to say about this process.  I recommend it to anyone wanting to explore, resolve blockages/unexplained patterns, and maximize this life experience!


Kaley Drayovitch

March 2023

Rachel has a heart that most of us don't come across often. She's an amazing listener and holds a gentle, reliable container that we all wish to have in a counselor. Undoubtedly, she has helped me stand in my own power. She will cut to the chase, assist you in seeing the grander picture while fully accepting and understanding where your feelings may stem from. This practical and welcoming approach she has in all manners to consult what ails us, really helps one to move through the discomfort. I'm so grateful for all the meetings I've had with her. From abuse and trauma to past life regressions, Rachel has been a God sent.


stacia h

May 2022

Rachel has such a supportive and healing presence, and her expertise and guidance are next level. My BQH session with Rachel lasted about 4 hours. I had been quite sick the week and night leading up to the session, and Rachel was completely understanding and gave me the space I needed in case I needed to reschedule. I ended up keeping our time, and felt a significantly noticeable difference in my overall health and wellbeing less than an hour into our time together. Weeks later, I'm still experiencing the benefits of the work we did together, in my thinking, my habits, and overall mindset and attitude towards life. I credit these shifts to the work I did with her in that one four hour session and highly recommend her!


A Cornes

December 2021

I highly recommend Rachel to anyone interested in BQH, this was my very first BQH session. Prior to the session Rachel takes time to understand what your goals and hopes are for your experience, her kindness and empathy create a safe environment that helped me drop my guards and connect with my truth, that was very special.

What stood out most for me from the session was the healing work that took place. Rachel supported and helped guide me to start on this healing journey towards letting go of old fears, bringing in more light and love, releasing what no longer serves me, connecting with my higher self, discovering spiritual gifts and clearing trauma and other blockages.

Throughout the session Rachel brought her intuitive and healing abilities and always worked from a very client centred place. I enjoyed Rachel’s curiosity and excitement to hold space for me. It is clear that Rachel is genuinely honoured to do this work.

I am grateful for Rachel’s warmth and wisdom and am excited to connect with her in the future!



July 2021

This is by far one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. Rachel's care to hold space and help me navigate everything I was seeing and feeling. I had no expectations when I arrived but I was blown away. I have already started recommending BQH to my closest loved ones because I can see the powerful healing that comes from it. Just, wow. Thank you.



March 2020

Rachel Chase is an amazingly connected, deeply grounded, generously loving mentor and healing practitioner. Her supportive presence is a gift of embodied grace, dynamic skill and wisdom, and expansive positive guidance. Rachel reminds us our natural ability to release and receive; to let go of fear, ask for what we need, and feel love through connection.


Judi Scott

March 2020

Rachel has amazing healing energy. My experience with Rachel’s many healing modalities has had a positive impact on my life. She is very caring and sensitive to the need of balanced energy and self love. She has helped me to personalize my yoga practice, taught meditation techniques, the appreciation of sound healing and the use of reiki healing for balance. Very grateful to have her on my healing team while recovering from cancer treatments and a painful broken back! Loving light always to Rachel



March 2020

My BQH session with Rachel was truly wonderful! She creates such a comfortable environment, even remotely! I had no trouble letting go and putting myself in her hands. The journey was truly inspiring and eye-opening. I had no idea what was going to happen and was so pleasantly surprised by how rewarding the session was. Rachel is a gift!


12:12 Portal into 2020 !

Greetings and welcome to our final Full Moon of the decade, a powerful energy of love infused into the dynamics at play with deep inner transformation and restructuring of perspective which is ushering in the massive change we are feeling as we enter 2020. No, you are not imagining it. It is real. Let's bring in the heart space together tonight and heal our relationships with self, other, and the world - using our inner genius, our innate creativity - our intuitive knowing - and choose to trust rather than fear the coming change. As we send love into the great unknown, we can trust the mystery of life to support our growth. So it is. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Notice the length of this video! 11514 = 12! On time! SO much is happening like this... we are aligned. The more we tune into love, the more synchronistic events happen. Let go of control, and follow your deepest desires of the heart! For phone / web video healing sessions and coaching: www.RachelChase.com Happy Full Moon and Happy 2020 to you all. You are beautiful

Quantum Realms 2022, Rachel Chase

Welcome to Quantum Realms where our theme this year is Integrity, Power, Truth. A ‘Tip of the Hat' to Patricia Cori who helped to inspire this theme. In this critical time, we are collectively co-creating our own personal power and truth and doing so with the integrity that 2022 demands. Thank you for watching the dozens of videos we've created for you! Rachel Chase has been a member of our community since 2019 If you'd like to see more from Rachel please see the links below: Directory: https://www.quantumhealers.com/rachel...Website: https://rachelchase.com/index.html

Quantum Healing Hypnosis to Support Living Your Purpose

This video is a guided gentle hypnosis meditation to receive higher self wisdom through the realm of divine consciousness where all energy and information is accessible. Set an intention to receive exactly what you need at this now moment. Then listen and receive. For more about quantum healing: rachelchase.com/quantum-bqh.html Download my digital guidebook, Healing with Self-Compassion: https://rachelchase.com/healing-with-self-compassion-guidebook.html.html Somatic Healing Sessions: https://rachelchase.substack.com/podcast Sacred Flame publication on Substack: https://rachelchase.substack.com/

Quantum Awakening Guided Meditation

Put on headphone or earbuds. Find a place where you can relax, close your eyes and enjoy this guided visualization taking you into the quantum realm of light. It will help you attain a sense of peace and lightness. For more about quantum healing sessions with Rachel: https://rachelchase.com/quantum-bqh.html Download Rachel's digital guidebook, Healing with Self-Compassion: https://rachelchase.com/healing-with-... Somatic Healing Sessions Podcast: https://rachelchase.substack.com/podcast

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