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Office Phone: +46734011195
Consulation Type: Online, In Person
Contact Method: phone, email or via Facebook
Payment Options: cash or Swish
Languages: English, Swedish, Danish

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Address: Lund, Skåne County, Sweden.


Stig Bertelsen

Stig Bertelsen c/o Adler & Co AB

Lund in the south of Sweden

~ Member Since 2018

I have started my practice as Stig Bertelsen Inner Wellness and works mostly in a place called Haelsans Hus (House of Health) in Lund in the south of Sweden. Sometimes I work in nearby Eslov at a wellness center called Gladan (The Kite). My aim is to work in Copenhagen in the near future too.

I do Quantum Healing Holistic Technique (QHHT) – sessions and they are always done in person. Since 2019 I also do Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) sessions and do them in person and also online.

Today I also do Consciousness Transformation Technique (CTT) as invented and developed by George Duisman in the USA. The method is in constant developement and I am part of a web of practitioners worldwide working on that. The method is inspired by TFT/ EFT-tapping but also from regression techniques and the BQH modality. CTT is short, powerful and effective. These sessions are done in person or online.

BQH and CTT can be combined,,,

I also do career coaching in a more traditional sense based on academic studies and experience working with unemployment since 20 years,,

A biography:

Skilled in nordic shamanism since 20 years, 

Energy and imagery and remote healing  and viewing since 10 years, 

career and life coaching/ counselling since 20 years. 

Very interested in  Spiritism since 5 years.

Done mental workshops with Gordon Smith and attended several workshops by physical medium Kai Muegge. 

Active in a healing and spiritual developement circle in Copenhagen.

 Been assistant in developing  a trance medium. 

After attending two long QHHT-sessions myself I decided to become a Level 1 practitioner. 

Today – I am a QHHT Level 1 practitioner with hundreds of hours of successful sessions

 I have also taken the BQH, Beyond Quantum Healing certificate and started working with the methods

Lately I have taken a keen interest in differnt kinds of tapping and started to work with CTT tapping.


Professional coaching for 20 years,
Academic degrees is Social Psychology and Sociology
Certificate in QHHT Level 1
Certificate in BQH
20 years of practice in Nordic Shamanism, healing and education
Brief training in mental mediumship and physical mediumship
Long training in Scandinavian herbal medicine and shorter training also in Dr. Bach’s system
Outdoor field guide, also on horseback

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