The Merge Consciously Exploring The Unconscious Part 2

The Merge – Consciously Exploring the Unconscious (Part 2)


This is the continuation of The Merge – part 2 of 2

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By Aura Moldovan

P: “What dimension are you in?”

C: “9th” [Her everyday conscious mind isn’t aware of more than 3 dimensions.]

P: “Explore this place and let me know what you perceive.”

C: *She opens her eyes widely*: “NOOOOO!!”

P: “What is it? Please close your eyes.”
C: “I don’t want an angel to appear, but an angel appears! What the..?! NO!” 

     [She doesn’t know anything about angels]

P: “We are putting the everyday conscious mind aside… Who is this angel?”
C: “I don’t know.. he is a chief…”

P: “A chief?.. Ask who he is?”
C: “I can’t.. I can’t do this.” *She gets annoyed and shakes her head while opening her eyes,    laughing in shock.*

P: “Please close your eyes, I am here holding this space for you, you are safe. What is his name?”
C: “I can’t tell you because I made it up. His name is Egon”

P: “Ok, you’re doing great…Why is he there?”
C: “I flew fast to him to meet him. He is bigger than me and white. He is benevolent. He came to show me that he is also there, but he’s not with me. He’s something else…. Aeris…” [She received another name] *She opens her eyes again* “I can’t do this anymore! I need to get out of this.”

P: “You are ok, You are perfect… Let’s go back.”
C: *She closes her eyes* “Ok.. He has a robe and a crown made of a shape with corners and it is many of these shapes on top of each other, on different levels. He has an oval form made out of many rectangular shapes. He has a very complex built. Like a crystal, but he is not important to me. He just is there. I’m leaving.”

P: “Wonderful, thank you. Ok then.. What is your age?”
C: “Zero. I don’t have one. I have a moment. I am a moment. There is no age. I can be 10, a million, zero… I’m going… I’m leaving… I’m going.”

P: “What else can you tell me?”
C: “I don’t know, I’ve been everywhere.”

P: “Can you go to the edge of the universe? Or is the universe infinite?”
C: “Yes, it doesn’t have an ending.” *She opens her eyes in shock*“WAAAAAHHHT?!! I can’t do this anymore. This is sooooo WEIRD, I’m going to be sick!”

P: “Why are you going to be sick?”
C: “I’m not going to be sick but… I don’t know…” [She is staring around the room with BIG eyes.]

P: “Ok then, let’s just close your eyes and go to your questions. Is this your Higher Self, your True Essence and original form?”
C: “Yes.”

P: “I have one more question, but I don’t need an answer if she can’t handle it. Do you belong to any kind of collective?”
C: “I don’t know… I’m an outcast. I don’t want to belong to any group, hmpf!” [she said this like a spoiled child] 

P: “Leaving your everyday mind aside… Why are you black?”
C: “Black is neutral.”

P: “She is uncomfortable by the fact that she perceives her true essence as black. Can you please clarify this for her?”
C: “It doesn’t matter what we look like. It’s Simple. All the things, all feelings, emotions and all the Joy doesn’t depend on what something looks like. It’s just black. That’s it. Everything is as it is. It’s the simple essence of being. All that matters is that you exist and that you can move through the world as fast as possible, without complicating anything. It makes you live better. Nothing else matters. No matter what, all is – and will be well.”

P: “What can you tell her about the old horse and the visions of herself dressed in rags that you have showed her previously?”
C: “It was an old friend, and he is safe. He was old, he worked a lot and he was there with me even if he wasn’t mine.”

P: “And why was it necessary for her to perceive this simple life?“
C: “She was once there, and she was happy there too. It was to remind her that it’s enough to have a simple life.”  

We went on with her personal question, which she answered wonderfully. Throughout the session she sees herself flying through the universe and she keeps saying that she wants to go back.

P: “What else can you tell me about her soul’s origins?”
C: “Nothing, it’s the black being, she’s perfect.”

After she came back to her everyday conscious awareness, she immediately started researching angles, galactic beings and after the session she became interested in spiritual books and practices.

This session hints that it is not necessary to become unconscious, to protect the everyday conscious mind, when connecting with our subconscious mind, our soul and the universal consciousness.

We begin to remember that exploring the unconscious means to become more conscious. That the two are not separate; that accessing our infinite being is just a matter of tuning into our intuition. That if we trust and surrender, we can all access our essence without needing to prepare, to “go deep”, or even needing an induction, as the information of our soul resides within our body. This is a reminder that accessing the higher self and infinite aspect is a fully natural function of our being, just like breathing is.

Aura Moldovan is a Quantum Healer, Hypnotherapist and Energy Alchemist assisting people all around the world to reconnect with their True Essence, to live their highest joy and purpose right here, right now. 

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