The Merge – Consciously Exploring the Unconscious

The Merge – Consciously Exploring the Unconscious


By Aura Moldovan

This is not a story of conversion; it is a story of recollection for both the individual and the collective. This event is indicative of a new paradigm of (un)conscious awareness. As we enter the fields of Unity Consciousness, we inevitably experience the merging of anything that had been previously divided.

To have a successful Quantum Healing experience, we typically make sure that those who embark on this journey are well prepared and understand what these sessions are. But what happens when a logical, agnostic, skeptic, medical surgeon wants to have a session “right now,” without any preparation, carrying with her a robust rejection of anything spiritual and a strong belief in the fact that only surgery and medication can heal the human being?

Knowing that she had no time to prepare, she never meditated, she disregarded religious, spiritual, galactic concepts and had no previous knowledge of Beyond Quantum Healing or any similar practice, we dove into the session. She had one, mundane question for the session, yet she appeared to be in an altered state of mind, exploring her consciousness for 1.5 hours. 

The following words describe an unusual type of expansive journey. The initial “P” is for “practitioner” and “C” for “client” to differentiate us in the following dialogue.

As we finished the induction I asked:

P: “What do you perceive?”
C: “May I tell you what has happened during the induction, up until now? “

P: “Yes, please.”
C: “I flew extremely fast, it was stunningly beautiful! I flew through the ocean and through the sky and through MANY stars, with many colors and I didn’t feel my body at all. After that I arrived very, very fast and I turned around in a cubic space with many corners and after that I came here…”

P: “Where is here?” 
C: “I’m with an ugly horse…no, an old horse, in a place that looks so…simple, a village with people dressed in simple clothes, before the Middle Ages…and a horse and some huts.”

P: “What do you look like?”
C: “As I am now, but dressed in rags, with a rope around my waist and a rag-like skirt and canvas shoes. My hair is brown, wavy and rich. It reaches down to my shoulders and it’s loose.”

P: “How old are you?”
C: “Twenty.”

P: “And who is this horse?”
C: “An elderly. He is not my horse.”

P: “What else can you tell me?”

*She opens her eyes and looks puzzlingly at the ceiling and then at me.*

P: “Please close your eyes and go back to this scene.”
C: “I want to travel. This is boring. I want to fly through worlds.”

P: “Ok then, let’s leave this scene, if you feel like you told me everything…”
C: *Opens her eyes and laughs* yes, that life wasn’t interesting.”

P: “Ok then, we are leaving this scene behind…”

*She opens her eyes and looks at me*

C: “Wait, I’m super confused! Can I say something? Can I take a break? I can’t… Can I?” [only 5 minutes passed since we started the session]

P: “What is it?”
C: “I was in a place that was extremely beautiful!”

P: “Ok, close your eyes and let’s go there now.”

*With her eyes opened*

C: “No, it was…it was…it was something.”

P: “What was it? Please close your eyes.”

*She closes her eyes*

C: “There was nothing there..”

P: “Ok, let’s go to that place where there is nothing…and we float through time and space… and two doors appear in front of you, choose the one you are most drawn to.”
C: “The cave on the right side calls to me.”

P: “Wonderful, walk towards it.”

*She opens her eyes and starts laughing and making jokes*

P: “Please close your eyes. let’s go back to the cave and tell me what happens.”
C: “Nothing happens, it’s empty, there is a fire burning and simple straight lines on the walls, I don’t know what they mean, but there is nobody here.”

P: “Did you make the fire? “
C: “No, I just came. I didn’t make any of the things that are here. I’m just curious to know what this is… maybe if I go out.” 

P: “Please do…” 
C: “I go out…. and there is a steep cliff. And I’m scared that I will fall…but if I fall, I can fly! I fly fast, super-fast!”

P: “Do you have wings?”
C: “No, I fell, I remembered that I can fly and went up.”

P: “What do you look like?” 
C: “I don’t have a well-defined form. It’s a weird… I’m BLACK! And slender. I have a human-like shape and I’m SUPER, SUPER fast!

P: “What are you?”
C: “I don’t know! I am excited! I am Life! I’m fast, I’m super-fast! I can fly anywhere! I can go where there are many stars, many planets!” 

P: “This planet that you came from, is it your planet or just a planet you were visiting?” 
C: “I don’t know where that place was. I fell into the abyss and the abyss took me somewhere else and from there I flew very fast, and I don’t know where I am, but I am home. I am everywhere and nowhere, no matter where I go, even if it’s new to me, I’m home. I am complete, I am whole and pleased.”

P: “Is there anyone with you?”
C: “If I want to meet someone I can at any moment…. I am shaking… my eyes are flickering…”

*She was completely still, not shaking visibly, but her eyes were in REM.*

P: “What is your role, purpose, duty?”
C: “Role? … No role. I am free. I don’t have to do anything. I travel and observe things, I do whatever I please.”

P: “What dimension are you in?”

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