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When the Higher Self shows up…right away!


One of Dolores Cannon’s big discoveries was that after guiding clients through a past life, she was able to contact what she called the “subconscious”, an aspect of the soul with great wisdom and healing power, which many of us know as the “Higher Self”. Lately however, practitioners are noticing that sometimes clients do not start the session seeing a past life, but meet the Higher Self right away. 

Here’s a recent example from a Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) session. My client was a 79-year-old woman in good health, actively involved in the lives of her children and grandchildren and enjoying volunteer work in her community.

As the session started, the client felt herself floating, out of her body, just in her consciousness. She felt very light, comfortable and unafraid. She was smiling.

“I’m just enjoying the feeling of being elsewhere. I’m not on Earth right now, I’m elsewhere…. It’s an energy of peace, divine peace…. It’s like I could stay here forever. It’s very restful. It’s like a taste of love, too….”

Focusing on the love, she could feel it getting stronger in her, as if she could breathe it in. She realized that if she said “yes” to this experience, it would take over. She said “yes” and felt herself floating upwards again, becoming surrounded and overwhelmed by the feeling of love taking over her consciousness. Then she realized that it was the same feeling that she’d been getting recently, whether in meditation or in daily life, of suddenly being wrapped by a sensation of love that would last a while and then dissipate. It felt familiar and warm. 

“You’ve visited me before; I know now where you’re from, she said.  I never really knew where it was from but I feel now it’s something from a different realm that has come down to visit me. To take me over.” 

“Would you say that this is your Higher Self?” I asked. 

She smiled. “I would say so. I would say I’ve been visited before. Probably in doing the meditations that I do, I brought it around me.” 

I confirmed I was speaking to her Higher Self, and the affirmative answer came with a shift in tone: a bit deeper, calmer and more confident. 

“Why did you bring her to this session today?” I asked.

“So she would know who I am…. She didn’t know that she knew.”

The Higher Self assured my client that she was on the right path, and all was well. Also, that by helping other people, they are helping her back. She has the love of her children and she’s helping them, too. Her gift is being able to draw on love from the universe, and she can share it with others. It gives her protection as well. 

We discussed the questions she had brought to the session about her life, and the Higher Self removed some heavy energies of guilt and fear that the client had created, lifting them up and dissipating them in the light, replacing them with a green healing light. They also did an energy healing for her lungs, as she used to smoke.

“She is able to contact me. She can go up to the high levels when she meditates. She should be trying to do it a lot more often and she’ll understand more things…. If she accepts me, I can help her. If she blocks me, I can’t help her. She’s still learning to accept. She’s never been taught this before, that there’s always help. She has to learn. She’s working hard to stay in the present moment. That’s where God is. That’s where we are. If she trusts us, we’ll help her…. I think she will know now that I’m sending love down to her. She’ll know now that it’s coming from another realm. It’s not earthly. And I think this will help her along. Give her a nudge. She just doesn’t have the background to understand it…. 

“She still needs to have faith that the spirit is stronger than the body. Once she understands that the spirit can heal the body, she will be in a better state.… Illness starts in the spirit before it reaches the body. It can be healed in the spirit and then it reaches the body. It’s got to be healed in the spirit. That is the basic learning. To believe the spirit, and to have faith and accept the spirit.” 

As we chatted after the hypnosis part of the session, she said, “Now I know that when I go in meditation, I really do reach other levels. And that’s why I feel a sensation of love, they’re getting back to me. I’ve communicated with them. 

“I don’t know how many years I have left, but when it’s time, I’ll be looking forward to going to the other side.… To die is nothing to fear…. I believe I’m preparing myself for that. But I want to be here as long as I can, and enjoy what I have left in my life. I have a protection around me, and I’ll probably know when it’s time to leave.”

This client didn’t need to see a past life. She needed to know, recognize and accept her Higher Self, and make sense of what she was experiencing already. And of course, her higher self knew exactly what she needed. 

Heather Holm is a BQH and QHHT practitioner. From her home in Nova Scotia, Canada she practices both online and in-person. See her website at www.HeatherHolm.ca

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