7 Signs Of Spontaneous Past Life

7 Signs of Spontaneous Past Life Memory

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There are a number of ways to experience past life memories. Having a past life regression is only one way. Some past life memories are experienced spontaneously and then, often are dismissed as fantasy or imagination. In this video, Candace discusses 7 different ways one might experience a valid past life memory!

Video Transcript

Hi everyone, it’s Candace Craw-Goldman from https://quantumhealers.com. And today I want to talk to you about seven signs of spontaneous past life memories. Now, this all was sparked by an interchange I had with a friend of mine while working out. She was telling me about going to a concert where the music that was played was far before her time You would even say before she was even born. She went to listen to this certain kind of music. And when some particular song came on, she said, something came over her. And she was telling me about this. And she was saying that the emotions she felt were so deep, and they were so profound, and she just burst out in tears. She didn’t even really know what the emotions were, or why she was so profoundly affected. The song wasn’t anything particularly different from any other song that was being played in this venue. And it wasn’t.

It wasn’t the melody really. And it wasn’t the words at all, that seemed it, it just seemed the song itself, it seemed to represent something. And she couldn’t put it together. And I said to her, well, maybe you know, you were having a spontaneous past life memory. And she said, What?

And I talked to her a little bit about what that might be how the body sometimes can react to something like that, that has come from a memory from a completely different life. And she said, huh, and I said, Well, that’s, you know, kind of what I do, when I take people into the exploration of their consciousness, we can explore those kinds of things and figure out where they came from. Now, I was quick to say, and I really mean this, you do not need a past life regression, just to help you with that you don’t need to be hypnotized to help you that that it’s not required isn’t helpful.

Oh, of course, and absolutely. But you can just take yourself and I told you this, you can take yourself somewhere quiet, maybe before sleeping before meditation while you’re sitting in a bathtub, while you’re driving any of those kinds of things, and kind of replay the song or replay the song in your mind and see if you can attach your imagination to allow your imagination to take that song, see what comes up, see if a storm comes up. And, you know, her response was very common and very typical. But we talked about it and her response was, well, but then I would just be afraid that I made it up. And I laugh because of course in this work, that’s just a given. And it is so common for the conscious mind to think that and really, you know, I could personally because this kind of stuff comes easy to me, I could make up possibly a variety of storylines that would match an event that I was looking into like that.

So is it valid, which one might have been real, if any, or all of them could help me understand myself or live my life better? I’m not sure that it really matters, I think the the point is, is to explore it, right? And sometimes these things are profound, and they can be traced to past lives that are lived, you know, other times, maybe not, but why not give it a try. And so it occurred to me that there are a lot of different ways that this could work. And I made a little list. So I’m going to refer to this list and talk to you about seven ways that a spontaneous past life memory could surface in your life. So that was number one, it could come with a song and so this show is dedicated to you, my friend, maybe I’ll share the link with you. And here’s some other ways so number two, I put smells and tastes.

Now, the one thing I want you to think about right now, if you are of a certain age or certainly an adult, the way that you can assure yourself that a smell or a taste can take you back somewhere it’s just think about it in your own life and some of the more profound and the strong, strong memories that people can associate with the time period are things like school going to school for the first time going to kindergarten for the first time. So certain, you know smells like playdough right? Graham crackers and milk in my own history. You know that can take me straight back to to being a kid opening a box of crayons that smell that waxy smell although I have to say they’ve changed the formulation of crayons since I was a kid. They used to be a much higher quality product but say the stuff that comes out today is far more plastic to the stuff that we had as kids, that it had a lot more scent had a lot more substance had a lot more pigment and color and they just work better.

But anyway, that’s a tangent. So it shows you right there within your own current life, a smell or a taste can take you back. Some tastes like you know, grandma’s cinnamon rolls my own grandma who made amazing cinnamon rolls, the smell of fried eggs and bacon in the morning, you know, all kinds of things can take you back to certain times in your life. So you realize that there’s a mechanism for that, right? Let’s smell our tastes can take you back to some other lives.

And I have a story that goes with that. And so I did an Akashic Records reading a number of years ago, with a client who is experiencing some real trouble with weight gain. He was overweight, his family was overweight, he had kind of almost an unnatural desire for bread, bake bread, fresh baked bread, the smell of yeast, a crusty bake bread, and I don’t know that you know, sounds pretty good to me. Even though I’m gluten free.

Crusty yeast bread is still something I like myself, but this guy was obsessed about it absolutely obsessed about, about this smell. Now, it wasn’t the reason and everything that he talked about in this session, he had a lot of other things going on in his session, all kinds of things in his life, relationships and emotional attraction with people and problems and in relationships and things like that. But he was overweight, he did have a problem. And and he did mention just off handedly, by the way, this, this idea of bread, but we did an Akashic Records reading. And I was this is one of the most powerful ones I’ve ever done. I was transformed. As I was psychically entering his Akashic records and allowing the information to come forth about what was the most, you know, what was the most important thing for him to learn that day, an overarching over arching story of what affected all of these areas in his life that were of concern to him. Right, then the the bread part is what I’m going to talk about, but it was just one of the small details that he mentioned in the course of talking about his weight issues.

Okay, so I want to make that point clear. But then when I went into explore his Akashic records, there was astonishing where I went. And where I went is I saw this man, and he was a man in early, I don’t know, probably 16, maybe 16th century, maybe 17th century, it seemed like it was France. And this man was a baker, he had a bake shop in France, somewhere cobblestone street, a little tiny shop. And the scene I saw was, was brief, but it was profound with meaning. And here’s what happened in this scene.

He was there before dawn, he went into his bakery, he turned on the lights, the lights were warm, and incandescent, or lamp light anyway, that a very warm light. And he was starting his breadmaking. And God is ovens going in the place was warm, and then the bread was rising, and then the bread was cooking. And this man did not have a family in this life. And he was a very large man. He was very tall. He was very rotund, and he was blissfully blissfully happy. He was so happy. There are a lot of people around him who are hungry actually. And for whatever reason this man was his life allowed him to run a successful business earn a living from baking bread, but also he took it upon himself to take bread and give bread to the less fortunate to the hungry, on the streets, in conjunction with the more well off patrons coming in to purchase his bread, and everybody loved him.

They loved him. They had profound love for even though he didn’t have a romantic love. He didn’t have a wife. He didn’t have children. He was profoundly loved. And he was profoundly happy. So can you see how visiting that life, going into his Kashuk records, and seeing and pulling up this life that was so profound to him in this life when he was huge, this really huge man and a time where not many people were like that when he was really big was the most happy that his Akashic Records put forth as information.

So this desire for fulfillment and being happy as body, you know, it’s recreating that and in this life and in this life, but it’s expressing in kind of an overweight issue that can bring health concerns. Just very interesting that that Akashic Records reading has stayed with me for a very long time. So, smell and taste, right. That was number two, okay, number three people, so meeting somebody or knowing somebody, an interchange with somebody, especially when you first meet them, but in other ways as well can give you an insight into past life.

And I’ll give you two different ways. First of all, we kind of know this is love at first sight or hate at first sight, right? And in my own life, I’m going to try and be very brief, but in my own life, laying eyes on my husband, when I was bad, I don’t even know if I 14, I wasn’t even 14 I think I was 13 going on 14, I laid eyes on him, and a lost it absolutely lost it. I, my whole life changed. My mother thought I was nuts. And this all happened in 1975. Yes, mighty 75. And it was early in 75. So I was not even 14, I was coming up on 14. And I spent some time with this guy who I’m married to now for 40 years. At the time, he had a little interest in me not so much long story short, we got back together again after almost a decade. But I professed my incredible and profound love for this young man who was just 14 year older than me. And I remember my mother thinking I was nuts and told me there was no way I could be in love. And I remember being upset at one point said I’m gonna marry him. And she thought I was absolutely crazy.

And of course, that’s the way it turned out. That didn’t happen until I was 23. And life happened in between it was really great. But I remember even telling myself as I became an older teenager, and a woman and her young 20s Definitely dating other people. And quite seriously, I remember thinking back to that time, when I first met my husband, Tom and thinking, well, it was only that intense because because it was kind of the first you know, during puberty, and it was really intense because it was the first until I saw him again, barely age 23. And it was the same thing all over again, hit me like a truck. And you know, subsequent exploration has proven that we have spent past lives together.

Okay, so here’s another one hate at first sight. And that’s a little extreme. But this, this information came from a BQH client a number of years ago, and she came to have a session, profoundly interesting session was in person session, she came in and she said, You know, I have this problem with my husband’s assistant. Her husband had an assistant, who was a woman who was great at her job who never did or said anything inappropriate. And this woman didn’t understand her feelings. She said, I have absolutely inexcusable and ridiculous negative feelings towards this person for absolutely no reason. I don’t know why I just don’t know why I don’t like her. And so it was the number one reason she came for a session. So she came for a session. And in this session, we go to a past life where she is interacting with this woman. And in this past life, actually, the client had the role of a bad guy and she was the you know, the bad player in this relationship with this other person and ends up killing her actually murdering her in this other life. And the higher self explained it all and she could see it from another perspective.

In the past life, it wasn’t that this person in this other life had done anything to her. It was that she the character she was I think it was a man at the time, killed this other person out of spite or anger, envy or jealousy for absolutely no reason. It was a petty reason but held a grudge for a really really long time. I mean a profound grudge and so at the higher self said was this was just remnants of this relationship that they had had in a previous past life, that there was absolutely no reason for it. And if there was a bad guy or a you know, a villain in a story, it actually was her past life. And after the whole session was over, every bit of animosity she had towards that woman, her husband’s just, it’s just vaporize it just it just went away. She never even had to think about it again. There’s this huge problem in our life. And she came in had, you know, an afternoon session of BQH and poof, it’s gone. Really an amazing session.

Okay, so we’re on to number three. Another way that a spontaneous past life memory can kind of show up, where past life images flood in replacing what is actually there. And I’ve got a personal story with that I’ll try to be brief again. But I used to go to this place. I mentioned it before in some videos that I used to go to this place with my horse when I was a teenager a place I could go. Right now that is covered with McMansions, a place called nearby called equestrian estates. Well, why is it called that? Well, there are a lot of people with horses around and I was one of those back in the 70s. But in this place on the prairie way back when it was the edges of a Gun Club land, and sometimes I used to be able to go back in there and I would find a place on this land where then even back then it was hard to do. But I found a place that I could go where I could turn a perfect circle in my view and not see anything manmade. So not see a fence, a building a road, a power line, even I didn’t see any any of those things, I could go to a place there. And I could look around and think, you know, this is what it looked like.

Hundreds, 1000s, maybe even a few years ago, it’s just grassland there was nothing there, you know, nothing to show human touching at all. And I would sit there sometimes with my horse in this one particular place. And I’d look around. And I had done that this one day, and the wind was blowing across my face. And I absolutely was transported. Everything in front of me sort of disappeared. And what appeared in front of me was a complete different landscape. And it had I mean, a different landscape. In this way, it was the same land. But it was a Native American settlement. I found myself even though I was sitting on my horse, when the whole thing happened, I found myself standing on the ground next to a horse and had a complete download of a memory of a past life. And that has stayed with me my entire life, it informs my life.

Today, I used to think, you know, this happened probably when I was 15. I used to think that I just had a great imagination. I really thought well, you know, look at that I had this wonderful, powerful imagination moment. And I don’t believe that at all. Now, it’s been proven to me time and again, that was a past life. It fits in with a lot of themes of, you know, things I work on in my own personal life. And it is a profound determinant of my personality and my lifestyle right now. I got horses right now, I cannot imagine living without horses. And that was number four. Okay, number five travel is. So this is another reason people travel, I think maybe and even if they aren’t quite aware of it, some people who are travel bugs, I think they go to get in touch with some of their past lives. So you can go to some places and have really intense experiences in, in some places, emotional experiences, both positive and negative that you might not otherwise have, or have expected. And some people do things like they may plan for an incredible vacation in an exotic place where it’s supposed to be very restful and wonderful. And they show up there and their skin crawls. And they can’t wait to leave. And they don’t understand why sometimes that’s a clue. And it can be the opposite to you can be traveling and just hit a scene or be somewhere and have profound fabulous memories of, you know, importance or realization or other things just sort of wash over you when you come across a scene or even just place on the planet. It could be a place in the woods, it could be a place on a street, you just never know so so travel can do it for you.

Okay, we are to number six museum visits. Now, there’s a lot of people who love to go to museums, I’m actually one of them. And for me, I know that this is why not only do I get to imagine other people’s lives, but I kind of look for my own lives as well. And a story I have of my own daughter Lauren, she went to when she graduated high school she went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington and DC and the story she tells about stepping into a couple of the exhibits there including the rail car. Well, let’s just say it was almost And deniable, her ancestral and probably past life connection with with that scene, and with that experience she had now while her friends were all just sort of talking, she was transported, and, and changed after that. Another way you can have a spontaneous past life memory in a in a museum. So now we’re now down to number seven antique stores and art exhibits is what I put down for number seven. So, antique stores, we have an antique store a couple of them pretty close by here, actually. And sometimes I will go, if I have a few minutes, I just like my own entertainment. I go into some of these antique stores really not. Because I need anything.

If I ever buy anything, it’s always usually the same thing. It’s like small tables, we have a small house and having small tables tucked around. It’s very important, very useful around here. My computer’s sitting on one right now. But I don’t buy things a lot of the times, but I go there for the sheer entertainment value in my head. Because sometimes I see things from my own childhood. And I can step back into those memories. Sometimes I can pick up an object, you can practice your psychometry skills there. But sometimes I can pick up other things and have past life memories flooding in. And one time that I know this happened to me was I was in an antique store in New Jersey a number of years ago, my children were well, Dylan wasn’t even born, I think when when this happened. So you know, back in 1991 When my daughter was was just a baby and I was in an antique store. And I got a tiny cast iron pan. And when I picked up that cast iron pan, this whole past life flooded into my hand this whole story. And I don’t know whether it’s mine or not, I haven’t directly explored that. But I took that pan home, I still cook with that pan. It’s still my favorite pm I had breakfast at this morning eggs and some leftover roasted potatoes was my breakfast in that pan this morning. And it gives me joy to use to this day. And every time I pick it up, I am brought to a very simple but a very warm and loving life in a very small and cozy place. It was actually dark, it was winter. But I was warm and I was loved and I was fed. You know that’s really really important in that little pan keeps that story and that sense alive in my own kitchen. Today. So there you have it. Seven Ways a past life memory a spontaneous past life memory can come into your life. These are not the only ways but there’s some fun ones.

You have a spontaneous past life memory pop up in your life. I’d sure like to hear about it. Write about it below if you would in the comments. Thanks for listening and look if you’re looking for a BQH, QHHT, or any other kind of alternative or quantum healing practitioner, please come to https://quantumhealers.com and look through our listings and if you are an energy healer or an alternative healer, we’d love to have you join our open minded and dogma free community again https://quantumhealers.com Thanks for spending time with me today. I’ll see you next time.

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