A Journey of Possibilities

A Journey of Possibilities


A Journey of Possibilities Workshop

Participant was feeling low and blue because she and her partner where going thru a hard time. They had been together for a number of years, she loved him but their relating was unsatisfactory to both.

During a trial separation, she began the workshop. She found and released a number of blocks to her Self Love and Acceptance which caused her Self Love quotient to expand . She learned how to express her emotions consciously instead of pushing them away, raising her Self Love even higher. During the Desire and Manifestation portion of the workshop she felt into her desire for a loving partnership and a child. She had for a number of years wanted a child and had been unable to conceive. Shortly after our time together she called to let me know that she and her partner reunited and she was expecting a child! They were very much in Love! She has since had a beautiful baby and they are very happy! (Not to say that they won’t experience challenges in the future, but now she has tools and knows what and how to work on what’s up in her life.)

This is what can happen when you find and transform the conditioned beliefs of lack, of not good enough or not possible that operate under our conscious awareness. You are able to tap into the Self Love that is your birthright. Self Love is an inside job and when we love ourselves unconditionally, it gets reflected back to us from the outer world. Consciously feeling into and loving our desires magnifies people and situations to us because Self Love and Acceptance is attractive, it’s an energy, a vibration of the highest caliber. Love is the true medicine, it heals everything it touches. And when we learn to consciously give it to ourselves, the sky is the limit on what we can achieve and it is our main purpose in life, to Love ourselves unconditionally and in that way create the life we desire!

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