Taking a Leap

Taking a Leap


It gives me great pleasure to share this recent testimonial from a beloved client. We have been meeting over the phone regularly (about once a month) for 4 years. She lives out of the country and we have never met in person. She was referred to me by a mutual friend.

For a considerable part of my adult life, and through some of my greatest struggles and successes, I have had the invaluable pleasure of working with Margaret. After many unsuccessful journeys in traditional therapies, we were connected, and mid-way through our first session I knew that I had found the person I had been searching for.From the very beginning, Margaret has been a guiding voice; gentle, wise, and loving. In moments where I am balancing on an edge of an emotional breakthrough, she always seems find the words that encourage me to take a leap.One of the most incredible and important discoveries I have made with her has been the potential to heal my inner child. Through thoughtful meditations, mindfulness, and evocative visualizations, Margaret has taught me how to travel, both visually and emotionally, to moments in my life that implored attention and healing. Once there, Margaret has helped me create a safe time and place where I may lovingly meet different parts of myself and gain insights into the human experiences that have shaped me. As a visual artist, this work has been quintessential in my journey towards healing and self-growth; she has encouraged me to write, paint, laugh, scream, and cry my story.Margaret consistently recognizes and individualizes the techniques I connect and find success with, and she strives to share her method with the world that so deeply needs it.The explorations I have done with Margaret have deepened my relationships with friends and family, and it has fostered by ability for empathy and my desire to live a life founded by love. I have found a deeper connection to my art and in turn my career has lifted me to places beyond my dreams.In a few weeks, I will welcome a daughter into this world. I believe wholeheartedly that the self-love I have nurtured and grown thanks to Margaret will be an immeasurable source in my learning to mother, and I am more aware now than ever that the healing she has encouraged is bigger than me." E.P. Ontario, Canada

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