Client Experiences BEING

Client Experiences BEING


Client experiences BEING. This was the shortest session I have facilitated, only 48 minutes in trance.

Client is 36 yo female who wanted to let go of old patterns of being that have caused her to fear her emotions and suppress them and she wanted to heal self destructive sabotaging tendencies. She was wanting to quiet her mind so she could hear her heart, about a committed relationship and her purpose.

The first image she had was of a flashlight, then she was off in a boat, then a ship going thru a dark cavern traveling to the light ahead. This part of the session was convoluted as next she was walking thru the water then next thing she was walking out of the cavern. She ended up on a beach and was again in the water tumbling and feeling nauseous. She felt she was drowning and then she was up out of the water. I had her rest on the beach to catch her breath and gain strength after the drowning experience. After a bit I checked in to see how she was doing.

Client – I’m surrounded by fire…….but in a cleansing way.

Me – Wonderful , allow the fire to cleanse you. You can talk about the experience.

C – It’s like the fire is burning away……the water and I feel like I am glowing, pulsating

M – Wonderful your glowing and pulsating and being cleansed by the fire……

C- It’s like it creates this haze, like radiation….

M – Can you say more about that?

C- It’s turning my colors

M- What colors are you talking about?

C- It’s changing my color

M- The color of your aura?

C- Yes

M- Can you see what color it is changing into?

C- It’s like aqua

M- Sounds wonderful…..can you describe how it feels to have your colors changed by the fire?

C- It’s like an immersion, and there’s this floating amethyst….that’s what the flashlight was.

M- Where is the floating amethyst in relation to you?

C- It’s like my tinkerbell

M- Your protection, your guide?

C- I think so

M- sound s great…….pause

At this point I watched her facial features change as around her eyes puffed up and turned red as tears started to roll down her cheek. Silence for quite a while.

M- How’s it going?

C- Like radiant

M- Wonderful, you’ve been separated a long time…..

Client softly crying, that’s great let those tears flow…..silence

C- It’s like someone died, but they didn’t

M- And now you get to see them again…..wonderful

C- Something you thought you lost

M- But you still have it. It must be so wonderful to make that connection again to know that you haven’t lost it.

Silence as client is emotional

C-It’s like breathing air after you’ve been under water…..

M- It’s life giving, huh?

C- It smells like roses!

M- Sounds wonderful, you’ve been waiting a long time for this…

C- It’s like when the sun hits the water and it sparkles

M- Sounds and feels like a wonderful experience

Client experiencing a deep connection

M- Are you communicating with this Tinker Bell or Amethyst?

C- Yeah, but not in words

M- Right. Can you put into words what your getting?

C- It’s more a feeling……

M- Can you put in words to the feeling?

C- It’s vibrational……..long pause

M- Are you feeling that vibration thru out your whole body?

C- Yes, it’s pulsating, vibrating and resonating at the same time.

M- Sounds amazing

C- It’s like everything else is shaking away….

M- And by everything else, you mean all the old ways of being?

C- Like literally I’m becoming a bigger source of everything around me. It’s like a earthquake and it’s affecting everything around me….

M- So your expanding…..

C- I’m expanding and everything else is falling away.

M- Your expanding and everything else is falling away, everything that you don’t need anymore. All those ways of being, all those old patterns.

C- Yeah, pieces

M- Good, sound wonderful…………….long pause

M- So I’m curious, what is going on now?

C- I’m in the amethyst.

M- Your in the amethyst now and what’s happening to you in the amethyst?

C- Everything has a purple hue…..

M- Sounds amazing, any other colors?

C- It’s like looking thru purple glasses

M- What do you see when you look thru purple glasses?

C- Sunlight

M- Are you still on the beach?

C- I’m above the beach

M- Above the beach, in the air?

C- Ah huh……long pause as I didn’t want to disturb the experience.

M- What’s happening now?

C- I’m just BEING

M- As you are just BEING there, can I speak to the HS of H?

C- Yes

M- Thank you so much for coming forward. H is experiencing just BEING right now and her questions were all asking about letting go of things that have caused her hurt and old patterns of being and it sounds like you’ve been doing that with her. Am I right?

C- Yes

M- Wonderful. And this experience of just BEING is that something that will stay with her from now on?

C- Yes

M- Wonderful. Thank you so much. And from this place of BEING can you talk to H about where her heart lies? What guidance do you recommend for her in listening and following her heart?

C- She knows

M- We are here today because we want you to give H the information she needs to hear about following her heart and listening to your messages, because in life we can doubt what we hear/feel and we don’t want her to have any doubt whatsoever. We want her to know. Can you validate for her what her heart wants? Silence……..That’s why she’s having this session today so she can know without a doubt what her heart wants….silence…..

C- It’s a process

M- And you’ll be with her guiding her?

C- Yes

M- And she will be able to hear your voice and feel your nudges?

C- Yes

M- And she will be able to trust them from now on, instead of doubting them?

C- Yes

M- Wonderful. Is there anything special she should know about your communication with her?


C- She can listen now

M- She can listen now, wonderful, thank you.

M- H was wondering about her purpose?

C- Silence………She’s already doing it.

M- Can you talk a little about what her purpose is?

C- Everything that she is doing, she has to realize that

M- And after today she will realize it?

C- She’ll see. She has new lenses.

M- Wonderful, H  is wanting a true, loving partnership, is there one for her in her future?

C- Yes

M- Anyone she knows now?

C- Yes

M-  An now after this experience today H will trust and believe in herself and know that she is worthy of love?

C- Yes

M- Wonderful. It seems to me that the healing has happened. Everything she had questions about. Am I right?


M- Anything HS suggests that needs attention?

C- Just BE.

M- And she knows just what that means and will be able to experience it each and everyday from now on?

C- She is.

M- Wonderful. Is there anyway H can develop her creativity either for more pleasure or as a way of making a living?

C- It’s in process, she has new lenses

M- Ok. Is there anything H needs to know about her relationship with her Mom and Day that need healing?

C- There’s nothing to fix.

M- Is it necessary to restructure her DNA?

C- No

M- Parting message for H?

C- You got this

She was in such a beautiful, peaceful, blissful state I hated to bring her out, so I just let her stay there for a while.

M- We want this to be her state of BEING from now on.

C- Deep breaths………and then OK.

Thank you for reading this. It was an amazing session for me and I was so happy for her!

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