A Message from the Council of Masters

A Message from the Council of Masters


Greetings dear ones we are the council of masters.

We are here as a gathering collectively bringing to you the message of peace and continuity, of Ascension. You are completing a cycle that need to shift dramatically. The lessons of the previous events did not bring the results and shift that was desired in your world. We have brought isolationism, tribalism, and separation from each other to the forefront to be used as a reflection to the beliefs still held by too many in your human population. However, this reflection did not yield the results needed of awakening the deeper knowing that we are all one, and that separation is an illusion. You are all one race.

Therefore, a greater unifying force needed to be created to move the global consciousness to deeper understanding on how connected you are, that you are all one, that you have a commonality that is greater that your beautiful variety. Having humanity gather behind a common goal is our biggest task and that is being created as we speak. Although not much of that is being reported in your media, but people have the choice of seeing that our need for human connection is stronger than you thought. That we are interconnected between continents, nations, classes, and backgrounds. Bringing a unifying experience such as this novel virus brings this result. Although at the moment it seems like fear is greater than love at the moment, it is just the initial reaction and the lasting wave of love and solidarity among humans will be far greater than this initial shock and fear.

Please know that this virus will not sweep thorough vast numbers in humanity, and those that will choose to transition will have the opportunity to do so at this time. It is all by choice. The soul of an individual chooses its exit point, so if it not in your soul desire to depart at this time, you will not.

Action is needed from all, and this is one of the unifying aspects of this phenomenon. We all must do something to support humanity at this time. Sometimes the action is deliberate non-action, and that is hard for most. Limiting your daily life, living more consciously as you work on not spreading this virus further. Showing more care to your family and loved one. Becoming more aware of your general state of being, your vibration level, and your ability to shift.

In short, we are living more consciously, we are more attuned to our state of being. We are more conscious of others around us and show care for them. We are noticing that if we do not attend to our emotions and thoughts, we will not be well. This is all a movement in the right direction towards a more conscious, caring, and thoughtful humanity. Gone would be the days of accepting what is without thought or desire to transcend it in some way.

We are witnessing the earth cleansing itself quickly from human activity and already the voices for living more consciously with the earth are rising. “We cannot go back to life as it was before, we must not,” are some of the voices heard now.

This is the process of ascension on a mass scale. Slow awakening has been happening for a while, and this is a profound shift in what is and how you perceive yourself and the world. Do not neglect this opportunity to become a better version of yourselves.

Channeled by Harry Kroner

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