Meet Practitioner Harry Kroner

Meet Practitioner Harry Kroner

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Harry Kroner has been part of the Original Quantum Healing Support Forum Community since 2013. He has a very busy practice and gives presentations and holds a variety of events and classes in on various techniques in Prescott, Arizona. The replay of Harry’s ‘meet the practitioner’ video can be found at the end of this article. He also has a great post about a channeling of Dolores you can find here.

Harry, can you tell us how you got started in your work?

23 years ago, I started reading books about past lives from Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, and it completely felt true and changed my entire perception of our soul and purpose on earth. I immediately wanted to learn hypnosis so I could do the same work out of curiosity. I explored my own past lives and those of family members. I was and still am fascinated by our ability to access other levels of consciousness through ourselves. However back then I felt that other than friends and family people find it a bit out there, and I decided to study psychology to have a bigger base to my knowledge of human behavior and psyche. Then kids and regular 3D jobs pulled me away from this work until about 12 years ago I decided to go back to this work. I studied more hypnosis, NLP, Life coaching, and started dabbling in all kinds of areas in the new age field.

Was there any one event or moment that preceded your journey that you feel is relevant in choosing this type of path?

I didn’t have to be hit in the head in order to follow this direction. The pull of the work was strong, and eventually it became clear that I would be miserable for the rest of my life if I do not do this work. My wife supported me greatly in exploring myself and this path. As I started bringing my clients into deeper and deeper states, I would meet special councils, ascended masters, etc. and ask them questions for my clients and them for me. At first I did not believe that I have the capacity to channel and communicate with beings of light on my own. But I was repeatedly told that by those beings, so eventually I started to believe it. By now I channel my own higher self, automatic writing, guidance from my client’s guides, and obviously many galactic beings of high vibrational frequency.

Let us know your biggest influences…

As I mention the past life and soul work was always my biggest pull, so in the beginning it was Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Raymond Moody, Robert Monroe, and the biggest one as of the past 5 years has been Dolores Cannon.

What kind of work, if any, did you do before becoming a healer? If so, has it had an influence on your practice now?

The work I did before was really just a paycheck maker, then had nothing to do with my work as a healer. All I knew that they were absolutely meaningless to me and brought me no satisfaction in any way. It was a clear knowing of what I do not want in my life. And it was hard to live with that feeling that what I am doing meant nothing to me, it felt as if it was “empty living.” And back then it was very hard to even think of how might  even have possible to do this type of work for a living. It propelled me to know that I need to do what I am passionate about otherwise I will be in utter misery for the rest of my life.

How has your practice changed since you first began?

I have been doing this full time for about 10 years now. I evolved immensely. In my capacity to tune in to intuition, I have learned how to tap into my psychic abilities. My own frequency changed tremendously because of doing this work, and the energy work that I have been doing in the past 3 years has catapulted me to new heights. The greater our energy the more we can help our clients. I learned how to create portals. My work has now shifted to focusing on the ascension and higher self connection  (through QHHT) and embodiment of the higher-self through the multidimensional energy work. I have reached a point in the past 2 years in which I have truly released all fear, moving into fifth dimensional conscious living.

On your website you mention you offer events, like the starseed meditation coming up this week…can you tell us more about that?

My work is about awakening people to their greater reality and becoming who they truly are. Especially after reading and working with the Dolores Cannon level of work, our cosmic connection cannot be ignored, and I chose to create a safe space for like-minded people to come and encourage their own growth in that area. So we do a discussion on a topic we choose in that area every month and then I lead a deep meditation that helps people connect with the universe, earth and galactic beings. We have now started doing full day retreats in this area, and have guest channelers, and energy work with my colleague Jennifer Wrobel. It is my mission to replicate this model and do it online as well. It will be done very soon.

You also mention ‘soul sessions’ could you describe what one of those sessions is like?

Soul session are simply non-QHHT model that I have used for many years to connect with spirit guidance, soul purpose, angels, etc. I really like to also teach people how they can connect with their higher-self on their own, so I teach people how to do that. Sometimes through going into a trance estate, sometimes through automatic writing that I have been doing for the past five years.

You’ve authored two books and created many guided meditations, we’d love to know more about what you’ve created.

With all honesty I have not created even a tenth of what I intended to or started. So it feels like an unfished business. I am in the process now of creating an online school called “Institute of Ascension Arts” in which I will teach people my online courses on connecting with your higher-self, starseed group, mulit-dimensional healing workshops, retreats, And later my own method of soul-hypnosis BQH. So it will be an umbrella for all of my work in this area.

The self-hypnosis recordings were born out of the acknowledgment that people need more support and constant reminders beyond the sessions themselves. So I made several of them more professionally such as my past life regression CD and more.

The book I wrote about “Freedom from Anxiety” was my attempt to help individuals to let go of their deep baggage, fears, and old programming and in way that will clear their path for spiritual awakening. The approach is healing the body, heart, mind and soul. Many people are too bogged down by the challenges of this life so they cannot go forward and connect with their divine essence. I only hint at that, but the goal is to really help them clear it on those levels and open up to deeper connection and trust in the universe.

In the book The Change 3 which I have one chapter, and I write a wonderful story about a woman who have done qhht with me and more to heal her body and have the child she wanted to have.

Lastly, is there anything else you’d like us or future clients to know about you and your practice?

Get ready to move into your greater self. I am moving myself into greater and greater expression of my work and reaching further. My greatest love it to work with individuals however I am recognizing that workshops, retreats and so forth give me the ability to reach a greater crowd and influence more people to activate and awaken to their greater truth and power. I am not only a healer, but an educator, lecturer, and more. There is so much more to explore. Come and see me now before I get too busy, because it is coming soon.

We were pleased to get the chance to chat with Harry live, here’s the replay of that interview!

Thanks for taking time out of your day to talk to us Harry. We very much appreciate that and also that you are such a valuable member of our Community!

To learn more about Harry and his Practice please visit his Directory Listing or his website:


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