The Consequence of Conspiracy Theories on our Vibration and Light.

The Consequence of Conspiracy Theories on our Vibration and Light.


The Consequence of Conspiracy Theories on our Vibration and Light.

In this article I do not seek to agree or disagree with any specific theory. I simply seek to shed some light on how conspiracy theories can reduce us to negative emotions and lower our frequency. 

Many of my friends and clients who are light workers, know that their primary purpose and mission is to be the light in this world and maintain the highest frequency that they can to be of service to humanity. unintentionally, many get hooked and invite the frequency of fear, mistrust, feeling cheated, hatred towards others, anger, being manipulated by elites, or threat to freedom and rights.

This is not about whether the conspiracy theories are right or wrong, it is about how you react to them. There are several basic elements in each conspiracy as I mentioned above that will hook you:

  • “I have a secret to tell you that they don’t want you to know.”
  • “It is their fault, the blame lies with them (government, elites, strangers, immigrants, anyone else but us).”
  • “What you thought was real is a lie.”
  • “Don’t believe anything they tell you but believe what I tell you.”
  • It’s a convincing and logical string of thought.
  • I have evidence, and they will lie about it.

The true challenge is to approach the information with discernment and ask important questions such as,

 “So what?”

“Now what?”

“Do I really want this in my field?”

“How can I transcend it?”

Let me explain these questions a little further with some examples:

So what if “Hollywood elites” might have some sex trafficking rings? Yes, sex trafficking is a horrible problem in our world that is well documented, and just thinking of all these poor souls that suffer through it brings you rage, frustration, sorrow, and grief. But how are you going to change your life NOW? Sex trafficking unfortunately existed throughout human history, why is it now more pressing if you think that the “Hollywood elites” are doing it? I’m not saying we should ignore problems and blissfully go about our business without care, but how worrying about it now will help solve the situation? Surely, we feel helpless in solving suffering in this world. But notice those emotions that just have been raised: rage, sorrow, helplessness, and worry. Does holding to those emotions help solve the problem? Does spreading this hate, sorrow, and rage to others will solve the problem?

“Now what?”

How can we transcend these feeling and the information we received?

What can you do NOW to help? Can you go and help an abused woman shelter? Can you be an advocate in your community to the welfare of children or other weak population? Can you set up a fundraiser to help sexual abuse victims recover from their trauma? 

These are but some examples of how you can transcend those feeling of fear, hatred, rage, helplessness, and move them into love and positive action. Dwelling in the negative and worse forwarding those conspiracies for others does not raise the frequency of our world. So please be very careful in what you promote (remember the rumor mills in school). 

The next question is truly a choice of what you want in your field? 

Would you invite that fear, hate, blame, and distrust into your field of thoughts, emotions and energies, or would you prefer love and positive action?

There are endless examples I can give on how to approach conspiracy theories, but I do not want to entice people into defending their theories because we all tend to defend what we believe. But I will give another relatively harmless one that hopefully will not evoke to much hate mail. 

What if the government really has secret bases inside mountains with secret programs in them? 

Let’s face it, what we are really upset about it here is that we weren’t invited. We all would sign up for that tour in a heartbeat, or be allowed on that secret, or take a spin on that spaceship, sign me up. But let’s ask those questions:

“So what?” 

How does it really change my life to know that they have those bases?

How does it change my mission?

What government doesn’t keep secrets from its citizens? 

Am I just trying to have exclusive knowledge to have my 15 minutes of ego fame?”

“Now what?”

Nothing, it does not change my life one bit, it would be cool to visit them, and I might try remote viewing it. 

“What I want inside my field?” 

“Am I clear of any emotional hooks on this matter?”

I hope that one day I would be able to visit them and learn more of what really is going on, not just the rumors about it. 

“How can I Transcend it?”

I connect with higher dimensional beings that have humanity’s highest good (and mine), and ask them if this is relevant for my life’s work” 

Make sure I have no emotional hooks and attachment to that area of knowledge.

How can I spread love and support to those that might be affected by it? Maybe offer some sessions to those that might have been affected by the experience.

In sum,

It is important to question both our internal and external realities. We know that our reality is layered and what we see or hear is not necessarily the truth or the whole truth. We know our reality is made of many different dimensions and we can see and hear only a small portion of it, therefore, not to make decisions based only on what we perceive from this dimensional experience.

Transcendence is an inside job first, by bringing more parts into the light, there will be less shadow left. Shifting out of the lower frequency pool into a place of love and light in its most personal way, you will truly become the light you were meant to shine. 

Discernment in what we decide to bring into our field and mental space is a powerful tool we can utilize to our highest good.

Be well, chose wisely, and shine your light BRIGHT.

Harry Kroner


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