BQH Surrogate Session: A Modern-Day Removal of Dark Entities

BQH Surrogate Session: A Modern-Day Removal of Dark Entities


I’ve only just begun the work of Quantum Healing, and this story highlights why I love it so much. I’ll begin to say that the potential for instantaneous healing is very real and possible.  

My partner Karen and I recently facilitated a beautiful surrogate BQH session for a 4-year-old little boy, Nolan, who was extremely anxious, fearful, and always predicting the worst. He had violent tantrums and outbursts, had much difficulty adjusting to life, and was feeling very unsafe in the world. He was hypersensitive to everything and developed OCD-like behaviours in an attempt to control his environment. 

Since birth, he always cried and could not sleep. This made life extremely difficult, not only for him but the whole family. He also appeared to be having past life memories, predictions of the future, and possible communication with spirits.  

In the session, we found that he chose this current life because he wanted to experience stability and security, however, we also found that he was carrying forth many past/parallel life memories of trauma. The veil of forgetfulness was altered by a timeline shift and the trauma of his birth magnified it. He wasn’t supposed to remember so much. 

We set the intention to connect fully and completely with his Higher Self and to experience what we needed in order to help him heal.  

The scene opened with a 6-year-old little boy, Jacques who had just been in a car accident. He was in the backseat feeling scared and confused with his clothes burned onto him. His Mom died, his dad was in a coma in the front. Fast forwarding, he then went to live with foster parents and at this home, there was a spirit in his bedroom. The spirit, Alexis, was the deceased little boy of the foster parents. He died 7 years earlier but didn’t go to the Light and stuck around to be with his parents. He was very angry and resentful of Jacques and felt like he was taking his place as their new son.  

Jacques’ mom was there in spirit too but Alexis was so angry that he threatened both Jacques and his mom. He made Jacques act impulsively and influenced him to do bad things, like throw glasses and plates to break them and have violent outbursts. And if he didn’t do it, he couldn’t see his Mom. Alexis used that as leverage and was also jumping in and out of Jacques’ body. Jacques was very fearful of him so he always did what Alexis said. 

The spirit of Alexis was extremely resistant to going to the Light, however, I spoke with him respectfully and with love; gently coaxing him and explaining that what he was doing was inappropriate and no one could ever take his place. I took him back to right before he died where he experienced the love of his mother, realized that he would always have that in his heart and no one could ever take his place. And so, he apologized to Jacques, forgave himself for not knowing better, and agreed to go to the Light where he said God was waiting for him. 

This is a parallel life to Nolan where Alexis was affecting him as well, causing his impulsivity, and making him “do bad things,” so by sending Alexis to the Light, it released Jacques as well as Nolan from that spirit attachment . Alexis also said there were others…  

In the body scan by the Higher Self, we found an attachment in the stomach named Paul. He was a huge dark ball of thick energy and was collecting all of Nolan’s trauma from past lives which consisted of many traumatic deaths and accidents. (Nolan points to his belly and says that’s where his anger is and it won’t go away.)  

Paul added fuel to the fire and would ramp up Nolan’s tantrums and angry outbursts. He fed off of his emotions of fear, anger, worry and doubt and fed it back to him tenfold. They were partners per se and they had been together a long time. He was also angry and super resistant to leaving, but after speaking with Paul, at the core of it, he just wanted love and attention; like we all do. I promised him he would find all the love he ever wanted in the Light. 

So, he found his tiny spark of Source light within his heart, filled himself up with it and off he went after apologizing to Nolan for hurting him. I could feel the energy lift, it was beautiful! 

We also found the root of his present physical issues connected to past life traumatic accidents and/or deaths. For example, he needs orthotics for his feet because his legs and feet were crushed in a previous life. His palate issues are due to falling several stories down and crushing his head. Several other issues were explained by specific past life injuries brought forth into this lifetime. His Higher Self and Healing team worked on him to clear the past life trauma from his cellular memory so that he will fully recover and find peace.  

We also found out that he is seeing and communicating with his grandfather and aunt. They are his guides. And Karine Gagnon, who Nolan speaks of frequently, is actually Jacques’ mother from the parallel life. We found that the future he speaks of with kids and family is a past life and a potential future repeat.  

His Mom reported that the night we did the session was the first night Nolan only woke up once and slept in til 7 a.m. which he’s never done before! The whole day he was calm and played quietly by himself which he also never does as you can hear in the video below. His hypersensitivity and anxiety over potential outcomes seem to have completely disappeared or at least IS disappearing! I also just found out today, 5 days after the session that he can’t fit in his orthotic shoes. His feet must be healing! 

A considerable amount of healing occurred in this session, and so much practical advice was offered for the parents as well on how to help little Nolan continue to heal on his journey. 

It was truly beautiful, magical and rewarding to be able to use a surrogate BQH session to help a child at the beginning of his life and hopefully save him from another lifetime of suffering, trauma, and despair.  

Attached is a video testimonial by his Mom about the day after the session.

Update: I recently spoke with Nolan’s mother who said that Nolan’s palate expander isn’t fitting anymore. His palate must be healing as well! 

Tena Dodds-Waters is a BQH practitioner, Spirit Releasement Therapist, Intuitive Empath, and Spiritual Mentor with a passion for and dedication to all things healing and spiritual development. 

Her openness, loving affect, non-judgmental nature and ability to connect with All That Is provides a safe space for a limitless exploration of consciousness in the Quantum Field. You can find her at:

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