Timeless Fairy Tales: BQH Bubble Session

Timeless Fairy Tales: BQH Bubble Session


Enjoy this beautiful BQH Surrogate Session where we explored the life of a fairy, addressed chronic pain, why a life of suffering was chosen and what is learned from it, how to channel suffering into creative energy, how to heal and release trauma and a bunch of super interesting guides we called the He-Man crew! This was one of my favorite sessions yet! 

In our surrogate sessions, my partner Karen connects with the Higher Self of the client to bring forward information and healing. She provides a clear channel for the HS to come through and provide what is needed at the time. This session was a short Bubble session where the client submitted 5 questions to be answered by her Higher Self. 

We created these short sessions for people who are curious about Quantum Healing but not quite ready to make the commitment in time, energy and preparation. This session allows you to get your feet wet, prepares you for a full session and allows you to experience the power of Quantum Healing. 

All you have to do is make the payment and submit up to 5 questions. Karen and I will do the rest and send you the recording within a few days to a week! It's that simple. Please send me a message or email if you're interested. 

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