Quantum Healing with Candace and Tena. Current Energies and Tena's Healing Journey

Quantum Healing with Candace and Tena. Current Energies and Tena’s Healing Journey


Candace Craw-Goldman sits down to chat with Tena M. Dodds who is a BQH practitioner, Spirit Releasement Therapist, intuitive empath and founder of Quantum Healing with Tena. In this video they touch on the current global pandemic, how it's affecting each of them plus the Awakening of the collective and the future of humanity. With individual insights from Dolores Cannon, they intuitively see and feel the collapsing of the old system and the eventuality of the New Earth arising out of the rubble. 

They also discuss Tena's personal healing journey from chronic illness back to health and the many similarities shared between them in their life paths. Tena speaks about how her suffering and pain led to rock bottom and her inevitable spiritual awakening into self-love and personal responsibility. Finding trust in self and the Universe, she was able to overcome many obstacles and begin her purpose work of Quantum Healing. Through her heart-felt understanding of human pain and suffering she is able to provide a safe space and insight into her client's healing needs. 

We hope you enjoy getting to know each of them a little better. Thanks for watching! 🙂 

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