Dolores sends more cardinals!


Dolores sends more cardinals

July 15, 2018

I finished the last emailed spirit reading on my list and made a note to self that channeling Dolores would be my next work.After a proper rest, of course, and some usual procrastinating.Instead of channeling, I decided to call my friend, Annie, who was on vacation.I had been dropping by her apartment to feed and play with her black cat, Grace while she was away.I'd spoken to Annie about quantum healing before but not in too much depth.As she was speaking to me on the phone; Annie shouted and said,“Whoa, a red bird just flew right towards me almost right into my face!”I just thought, “Really, Dolores?”Then after Annie returned from vacation, she was on the phone with me again on her front porch and said,“I just saw a cardinal fly past me 4 times”So I asked to visit and when I did I told her about Dolores.I wondered if it may be a sign not only for me to get busy channeling but also for Annie to listen to Dolores Cannon's talks on YouTube and consider quantum healing.Then Annie said, “Oh yeah, I brought you a gift from my vacation in North Carolina, she handed me a box”inside it was a keychain, with the symbol of the state of North Carolina on it:A RED Cardinal.

I showed her.we discussed the synchronicity.Annie is one of my friends who is looking for a new path and I felt deeply that Dolores was tapping us both on the shoulders.I look forward to what’s next.And yes, as I write this I have scheduled a time to sit with Dolores today and will be sharing the answers to the questions that have been bouncing around my brain since taking and re-examining Candace's BQH course for the third time.I am so grateful to have this forum to share these experiences with all of you, experienced as well as newbies, and when I see the cardinals I feel they represent the community, the tribe of healers and seers and lightworkers that are doing this work now and that will be doing it in the near future.In so much gratitude to Candace Craw-Goldman; her daughter, Lauren, for all of her hard work behind the scenes, and their families; for all the time and effort that has been put into the continuation and evolution of this work. It is by seeing the passion within the practioners that I myself become more passionate about learning my place in this amazing time we are existing.BlessingsIn Love and in LightKim Scheurer

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