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A Message from Dolores Cannon

Excerpt from a reading for Candace-Craw-Goldman

I recently discovered Candace Craw-Goldman and her work on YouTube. She was interviewing Allison Coe regarding Dolores Cannon. I was so impressed with her that I decided right after hearing her invite to the Beta class that she was teaching to sign up and become a member of her Quantum healer community!

To Introduce myself to the community I decided to select the “free readings” option.

I was successfully connecting several members with Spirit and receiving wonderful reviews, I was very pleased.

One day I went to me inbox to see this message from Candace Craw-Goldman

Hi Kim- I just smile seeing your name on our Quantum Healing site, always.I would very much like to have a Spirit Reading from you. Why? Well, these things are ALWAYS fun. Also, having a reading from you is a great way for me to fully understand your offerings and then its much easier for me to recommend you and your reading to others looking for services. – Candace

I was so thrilled and made a plan to ‘sit’ and send out the reading to Candace’s email right after a cat nap.

As I was falling to sleep …. I saw Dolores.

She was sitting in her chair. looking majestic, very much like the teacher.  She came through very clearly.  (almost Buddha-like the way she sat)

She said, “Are you up to the challenge?”

I knew that she meant reading for Candace and the possibility of connecting both of these amazing ladies and having the faith in myself that what comes through is indeed from her, The late, and great, Dolores Cannon!

She gave me a clear message.

“I am coming through this way not only through one or two mediums or channelers, but everyone and everything around you will carry my signature so that it will be known that the consciousness can be fluid and exist in many places at once and speak through many people. This is happening now and not only with me but with ALL in Spirit.”

You will see me and you will hear me through many people who you are encountering now and in the ‘near future’ This course you are teaching is partly my idea. I am quite pleased that Julia is doing it her way and that you are doing it your way, there is a reason for this.

I want the net as large as it can be to cast out around ALL of the healers and those awakening now, because what I am understanding is that there will not be a small percentage of individuals who will be able to hear and communicate the messages but the masses are getting turned-on to it now. Because of this, interest is higher than when I was on Earth in this last incarnation.

People are finding me now, after all of my physical work and because of this the demand is high for my teachings. The young people are ready! They are open and they are actually already being exposed to the ideas of multidimensional being. I am learning now that this work will be here for good and will create a new paradigm. It will morph and change and become even easier and finally people will access the Akashic records without the need of a QHHT session it is not far off. However, you are still needed as those who guide. You will have other jobs and roles as people ascend

Everyone is shifting. Everyone is getting upgrades. All on Earth at this time will experience a ‘crisis’ which will cause a breakthrough. HOW each person handles this will be individual.”

This is indeed an exciting time. I am with all of my practitioners, I am with all who listen to my audio, I am with all who read my books. My work has not stopped, my work is just getting started!

From this place I can influence countless people! Not to mention future generations, such as the new ones coming into YOUR families!

You will see, much is in the field now, ‘The Event’ is becoming a BIG deal because it is being spoken and emphasized so often and by so many that, as you know, the more you focus the denser and ‘realer’ it becomes.

Stay in a receptive state but do not descend into fear. There is nothing to fear, as you know.  My last words would be, continue on the path, you are doing excellent work!

I am delighted! Many Lightworkers are here, this is the time to gather, now.

Kindness is actually the biggest catalyst. Kindness above frankness.

There was much more information shared but this portion, Dolores pointed out, could and should be shared with her students and learners, past and present and that we should compare notes as to the information that we are receiving from her.

After I send my reading via email at the scheduled ‘sitting time’ I wonder if I will hear back from the client as to verifiable information from the reading.

I was anticipating a response because the emotions and energy I felt during this session were unlike anything I have ever experienced in my 20 years of giving professional readings.

I received Candace’s feedback and then she posted a recommendation on the Quantum Healing website, I was walking on air for days!

I recently experienced a wonderful and significant reading by Kim Scheurer. Kim’s energy was kind and compassionate, I enjoyed working with her very much. She was able to hone in on every major current focus in my life and not only confirm my own understandings and path but provided some significant validation of some very specific professional points and goals that were simply a joy for me to read. When she related the information that Dolores Cannon shared with her about our shared future it confirmed my own knowledge and understanding to a “T”! She even used several phrases that Dolores uses in her own private communications with me, so I know she was not only able to read me, but also Dolores very well. 

I am honored to have been apart of this communication and with these amazing iconic ladies! I am looking to connect with other mediums, channels, QHHT and BQH practitioners who have also been receiving messages form Dolores.

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