Energy and How it Works (episode 3 of The Spiral Path Podcast)

Energy and How it Works (episode 3 of The Spiral Path Podcast)


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We need to talk about the basics of energy because Diana and I will use concepts like frequency and vibration in many of our other topics. Once you understand energetic frequency or vibration, you have the foundation to better understand our world and how it works, and then explore what’s beyond, or behind, or within it.

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 in Croatia and died in 1943 in New York. Tesla is the father of the more advanced technology we use today. Tesla stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Those words, energy, frequency and vibration are what we will talk about today.

Energy is the very general word we use to describe the basic building block for all that exists. Every energy particle and subatomic particle moves and we call that movement vibration. The rate or speed of that vibration is what we call frequency. 

Hertz is the standard unit of measurement used for measuring the frequency or rate of vibration. Since frequency is measured in cycles per second, one hertz equals one cycle per second. Hertz is used commonly used to measure sound waves, light waves, and radio waves. For example, the average human ear can detect sound waves between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Sound waves close to 20 Hz have a low pitch and are called "bass" frequencies. Sound waves above 5,000 Hz have a high pitch and are called "treble" frequencies. While hertz can be used to measure wave frequencies, it is also used to measure the speed of computer processors.

A watt is the unit we use to measure the power of energy, or to quantify the rate of energy transfer.

All this talk of watts and hertz has “Back to the Future” going though my head. “1.21 jigawatts? 1.21 jigawatts! Great Scott!” PS, they were pronouncing gigawatts with a soft g.

 We’ve attached lots of words to what is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies. An apple has a frequency and its color, whether red, green or yellow is part of the frequency of the apple’s skin, versus a different frequency of its flesh which looks white and tastes different. Then there is it’s seeds and stem, etc. A rock has frequency, as do various plastics we create from chemicals. Our emotions have frequency, as do our thoughts. These words themselves, written, spoken or thought, are energetic vibration. 

Quantum mechanics is the part of physics that explains the various types of subatomic particles that make up atoms and how they work. QM also explains how electromagnetic waves (like light) work. It is also called "quantum physics" or "quantum theory". 

From “Early in the 20th century the unquestioned assumption that the physical universe is actually physical lead to a scientific search for the elementary “point particle” upon which all life is built, which would prove that reality was not an illusion. But as soon as scientists began smashing electrons and other particles in enormous accelerators, they quickly realized the foundations of the physical world weren’t physical at all—that everything is energy.” 

Any Quantum Physicist will think I’m using “baby words” here (to be fair, they always sound like they’re speaking greek) so I’ll just say up front, this is my “description of significant things that science experiments have shown about energy, in plain english” because I needed this very very simplified to even begin to understand it: 

-Everything that exists, with or without form, when reduced to its most basic element, is just energy; which is light that moves in waves—or light that acts like particles. 

-The behavior of muons, gluons, quarks, higgs bosan (aka god particle), and other subatomic components differ to make the particles interact or bind to form protons, electrons, tauons, atoms, cells, and then eventually with enough clustering we get larger material objects like apples or water or hummingbirds. 

-Particles can be in multiple states at the same time, and in multiple places at the same time. -Particles behave differently when observed by a human consciousness, and depending on who is observing them. 

-Particles can behave in an infinite number of ways. 

-When elementary particles interact, and become intertwined, it’s called “quantum entanglement”. Once particles entangle, they are forever connected by some invisible force. 

Ex; “Replicated studies show that living cells can instantly communicate over distances. One of the simplest experiments involves a batch of algae cells grown in a petri dish. After a few days the cells are divided into two batches. One batch remains in the original dish and the rest of the cells are whisked away to a different laboratory. When the original group of cells is stimulated by a low-voltage current, the separated group of cells in the lab miles away reacts in precisely the same way, to the same degree, at the exact same instant that the stimulated cells react to the charge. And when the separated batch is stimulated the home team cells react instantaneously as well.”

-Quantum entanglement is starting to explain bits of why things change through correlation and equalization, which has led to studies on time. 

-Current studies and theories seem to point to particles (and waves) being at their core, pure, abstract information—and this “platonic information” is embedded in everything. This is “active information” because it is always in a state of flux—always changing. Everything that exists contains the information for everything else that exists. This concept is called a microcosm of the macrocosm. Science is starting to reveal that energy itself is more of an idea (or illusion), a matrix more than solid or “physical”.

To reiterate, Energy, in all its varying forms, vibrates. It’s in a constant state of motion. The rate or speed of vibration is called frequency. Looking at our environment, ourselves, our thought processes, everything in our reality, has a frequency and whatever we connect or interact with, affects our frequency on every level of our existence (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual)—probably having to do with quantum entanglement. 

I first learned about applying energetic frequency from essential oils. Attending my first class style introduction to essential oils several years ago, I learned that they are effective because people have figured out what the frequency of each type of plant essence is, and what the frequency of healthy human body organs or systems are, and even what average frequency the different emotions are. A specific frequency essential oil will balance or raise the frequency of unhealthy body systems to what they are supposed to be. Certain essential oils can balance or raise lower frequency emotions, by introducing higher frequencies. 

Understanding frequency allows us to choose much of how our own frequency is impacted, externally by other people, environments, what we eat, drink and breathe, and internally with our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. When we begin to understand that, our state of being becomes something we can choose, something we can work with when we are out of balance or experiencing lower frequencies than we want to.  In part two, we will discuss this in greater depth.

At its very core, all energy that is really just information and light, is what we might call Divine Source, or even God, that which is infinite, or has no beginning and no end. 

Energy can be changed in all kinds of ways, but it’s said that it cannot be destroyed. We can dissolve things, burn things, split things and completely transform or create different things but ultimately, the basic energy building blocks don’t go away, they only change form. When I talk about how we humans create, the more accurate word would be recreate, because we are using materials or energy that already exists. We just give it specific form and substance. 

In studying this first thermodynamic law of physics, I still question it because it presupposes a closed system and I have my doubts that we are actually in a closed system. But I digress.

Of all of this, I find it most fascinating that quantum mechanics is now demonstrating that all energy, every single building block that exists, is actually information. I talk a lot about microcosms and macrocosms, the concept that says every single thing that exists contains the information for the entire cosmos. According to quantum mechanics, this is a scientific truth.  

“The origin of all energy is the action of free will upon love. The nature of all energy is light.”– Ra Law of One Book 3.

 How understanding energy can help you everyday.

-Sickness is very low/slow frequency. When you keep your body and mind at a high frequency with gratitude practice, stress reduction, enough sleep, good water, healthy foods, prayer or meditation, etc, it keeps you literally too high in frequency to get sick. You might start noticing you get sick when you’re stressed or have low frequency emotions, or when you’re not hydrated and eating well, or have otherwise crippled your immune system in some way. 

Ex; Every day you come in contact with bacterias and viruses that could make you sick. Most of the time, your body gets rid of them without you even knowing. It’s when your body is unable to deal with the germs that you get sick. And although there are many causes of your body frequency being lowered, this is the underlying problem when you get sick. Not just the germs.

-Refined or highly processed foods like sugar and boxed or canned foods are considered “dead” on the energy scale. You want “live foods”—another term often used is “whole” foods. Fruits and vegetables are of course optimal because their energetic frequencies are high. Grains, meats, animal fats and other products play a part but because diet is so individualized, as far as what each one of us needs, I cannot tell you what’s best for you. It’s different for each and every one of us. Here’s what you need to know in terms of food frequency; What we put into our body will directly raise or lower our physical frequency via each organ and body system, which then determines how much energy we have, what stress we experience, and whether or not our immune system can function well. 

-The frequency of every material object in our environment, I think, prompts the more sensitive to become minimalists. See if you can sense the frequencies of cheap furniture made from plastics or composites versus those made from real wood, metal or stone. Feel what “clutter” frequency is like versus organization or clear spaces.

-Complaining, gossiping and slander are examples of words you say or hear that are low frequency and have physical effects on both speaker and listeners. Contrasted with praise, gratitude or discussing new learning/ideas. Affirmations are popular because they’re a quick way to raise your own frequency. 

-Playing is high frequency because it involves relaxing, imagination, creativity, and laughter. Spend time listening to or interacting with children. They’re a purer form of humanity, ie more in love, and therefore higher frequency than adults. Why do you think we love babies so much?

-Chemicals tend to be low or negative frequency. Any way that you can, swap out chemicals for natural things, whether it’s cleaning, bodycare products, medications, or pesticides.  

-Fluorescent lighting is low frequency (I have a friend who calls them “angry” lights because he feels angry after sitting under them). I get super tired and often pissed off when I shop for too long because most stores use fluorescent lights. In my offices, I turned them off and used daylight, or lamps instead. More often than not, my bosses followed my lead because they could feel the difference too. This can really make a difference if you get headaches frequently. Our bodies, like everything on earth, are designed to take in healing sunlight. We absorb any type of light quickly so our lower frequency spectrums of artificial lights can really affect us negatively. The lights of computer and tv screens affect our frequency too. I get super jittery after time in front of my laptop. Turning down the screen light to about two bars helps tremendously so that I can get the work done that I need to. I keep my phone screen turned way down too, though I’m not on my phone much anymore. There’s an entire education to be had on our electronics giving off positive ions which throw us out of balance. Nature gives off negative ions, which is why the ocean or a forest feels so balancing and calming and revitalizing to us. 

-TV shows, Music, the news, movies, video games and books all have frequencies and they affect yours when you “take them in.” Violence, as you may have guessed, has quite a negative frequency. (listen to Rob Bell’s podcast episode on the “Lie of redemptive violence”) -Art in all its forms has frequencies. Beauty and creativity is very high vibration which is why they cause/give joy. 

-Living things like plants, flowers, flowing water, trees, animals, and all of nature, (even rocks) are energetically high frequency. Remember, nature gives off negative ions, which we need. Think about how time with your pet can raise your mood. We give flowers for sympathy or to those we love. Roses are one of the highest frequency things we know of which is probably why they symbolize love. Do you think its coincidence that as cities oust forests, our populations feel less happy or calm?

-The highest frequency that exists is unconditional love. Grace, wisdom, joy, generosity, beauty and imagination are some other super high frequencies, so bring them in, create them in any way you can.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. This is not philosophy, this is science.” -Albert Einstein

Additional Resources;

-Deepak Chopra’s The Book of Secrets; Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life.

-On youTube, “Spooky Physics” TEDx talk by Leo Kouwenhoven. (or any other TEDx talks on energy and quantum physics.)

-Ra Law of One book series. Quite advanced concepts on most of the subjects I talk about.

-Any of Gregg Braden's work; books, articles, podcasts, videos.


Thank you for listening (reading). Remember to visit our author website and take a look at our Atlantis book series titled "The Golden Age Series and available on Amazon and other online booksellers.

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