How to Formulate Your Intention for a Surrogate Session

How to Formulate Your Intention for a Surrogate Session


We request that you send us an intention for your Surrogate QH Session. Here is what we mean by that, and how to do it.

Your intention is basically the reason why you want a session. It is the summary of what you hope the end result to be. The intention also acts as permission to us, and your Higher Self, and all the other Beings participating in your session, of what is permissible to give information about or heal. We have not yet seen the HS step outside the bounds of a client's intention. 

How to formulate your session intention;

We recommend starting with your questions. Once you've got them written out, being specific and focused, then you can summarize them in your overall intention. It is good to be more general and broad in your intention as again, it acts as the umbrella of permission for what all can be covered in the session.

Examples of session intentions;

-To heal. (you've specified what in your questions. It is fine to be broad in the intention as there may be other related things that the HS wants to heal) To get my Higher Self's perspective and advice on my childhood. 

-Learn what my "lost" childhood events were about. Know what my mission is in this lifetime.

-To gain knowledge about important past lives and any carryover or karma.

We hope this helps with formulating your intention for a Surrogate QH Session.

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