How to Formulate Your Questions for a Surrogate QH Session

How to Formulate Your Questions for a Surrogate QH Session


We ask you to send us 1-3 questions/health concerns for a “focused” Surrogate Session and 5-7 questions/health concerns for a “regular” Surrogate Session. Here is some insight on how to formulate your questions. 

Be specific.

The more general or broad the question asked, the more general or broad the answer given. Think about it in terms of asking a question on the internet. If you take the time to ask very specifically what you want to know, you will get a more useful answer. Same with health questions. We have clients who request a body scan, thinking that will cover all specific ailments or healing. But what usually happens with a body scan, is the HS addresses things from a broader level, such as overall systems, instead of “dialing down” to a specific problem. So be as specific with your questions and health concerns as you can.

Be focused.

This is similar to being specific, but also addresses asking multiple subject questions in one. Please avoid completely different subjects and separate questions within the same question. Sometimes, the HS will show another lifetime that has carried over to this one, as the reason for a health issue. Other times, the HS might give needed changes in diet, or relationships as the way to heal something. Various health concerns can stem from, or be about, very different things. It is important to address each health concern and each subject of question separately. 

Here’s some examples of multiple subjects in one question;

-Can my headaches and vision problems be healed and if these issues came from my abusive childhood can that be healed too? 

-What was happening when I was five years old and was missing about three hours of time and also the time I was in a car accident when I was twelve?

Here’s some examples of how the above questions can remain focused;

-Why do I experience headaches? Can this be healed now?

-Why do I have vision problems? Can this be healed now?

-What’s the best way for me to heal and move forward from my abusive childhood? 

(Or, what remains unhealed/undealt with from the abuse in my childhood?)

-What was happening during the hours of missing time when I was five years old?

-What was the purpose of the car accident I was in at twelve years old?

We hope this helps in formulating your questions for a Surrogate QH Session.

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