Food and Spirituality


With the great awakening upon us, one of the recurring topics of debate is what to eat. What is the perfect diet for us? What does our body really need to thrive instead of survive. All of our bodies are different and we have accumulated different frequencies from current and past situations so what we each need is unique to our body.

Whenever I think about these hard topics of debate, I always go to my comfort zone which is back to the core belief that everything is a frequency. How does this connect to what we eat? If muscle has memory then when the animal is being “processed” it is accumulating the frequencies of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, despair, depression, pain and separation. In turn we are putting these frequencies into our body. Then we get the feelings of satisfaction, fullness, happiness and being sociable. But what if we didn’t know that we are spiritually self medicating with these frequencies. I believe the accumulation of the law of attraction and destruction interference is what is neutralizing our soul’s emotional symptoms. Destruction interference occurs when a frequency is matched with the same frequency coming from the opposite direction, and as a result the frequency waves cancel each other out. The law of attraction helps these frequencies to come precisely together.  Is this where being “hangry” comes from?  Why does eating healthy make you “hangry”? Is it possible that you aren’t neutralizing your lower frequency vibration any longer and these frequencies are releasing. These lower frequencies that we are holding on to from current and past life events such as anger, anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, despair, depression, and pain is extra baggage that we can easily work through. Eating healthy starts that process for us, which is why sometimes it can be difficult without the emotional and spiritual help and we fall off the healthy eating bandwagon. As a Quantum Healer, practitioner of QHHT, BQH, and Introspective Hypnosis, my clients all have different answers for what the client should be eating, but meat and dairy are rarely recommended, and if so it is very little. A commonality that most clients say is we need more fruit and water in the human diet. What to remember is this is a process, and within a process it takes some time to make change. A client whom channels Enoch was asked what we should be eating and he responded, “Eat what doesn’t disturb you.” I truly feel this is a great way to approach your diet and spirituality. As you increase your vibrations, use your intuition and listen to your body. If dairy used to never make you sick and all of sudden your body can’t handle eating it, then trust your body’s message. The Center for Nutritional Studies explains, “Of all the animals that include meat in their diet, man is the only one that is unable to break down uric acid to allantoin. This is due to the fact that man does not possess the necessary enzyme, uricase. This inability to break down uric acid leads to an increased possibility of it accumulating in the body when animal products are eaten.”If we don’t produce this enzyme, then we have a big problem with misconstrued information of possible risks of having a diet heavy in animal protein. Have we been lied to about what and how much we should be consuming for the benefit of others? I recommend watching “What the health”, “Forks over knives” and “Cowspiracy” and make the decision yourself. Although, I do think we should show gratitude for our animals and how their level of existence loves us so much that they are helping us self medicate throughout time and during this ascension process.  Eating animals will be a thing of the past as our vibrations continuingly increase. The vegan population is on a steady uprise as more and more people are becoming conscious and aware of what is going into our energetic systems as well as our physical systems.

“When we stop eating the animals, we start healing our heart.”

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