The power of emotional-based thoughts.


First, we look at how this power has been working against us so we know how to use it to our benefit. When we look at the effects of emotional-based thoughts you have for yourself and other people, you can clearly see the results of this power. If our thoughts create reality then shouldn't we stop thinking badly about ourselves and other people? This issue like most branches off from fear and the need to control. The placement of your emotional-based thoughts into someone else’s mind like gossiping or speaking badly about people is just another defense mechanism to help you control your surroundings. Then why do we watch television and stare at our Facebook feed which is just filled with other people’s thoughts? Which we know we have no control over, it seems like an endless action of giving our emotional power to someone else. How do we change this? We look at the interactions we have with ourselves and other people. Also, we need to look at the cause and effect of this process on a small scale and a large scale to get answers.

On a small scale interaction with yourself, if you convince yourself you are beautiful then everyone around you believes you are beautiful. On a large scale interacting with other people; you have thousands of people watching a television program that causes a negative emotional response than the power from the emotion that all of us thinking and feeling will have the same power but on a larger scale. We are starting to exercise our free will and choosing not feel those negative frequencies anymore.  What we watch, what we feel, say and think has an effect on everyone because we are all connected. One of the hardest things is recognizing when to use it this emotional power. You use it when you get triggered and you're thinking “They are wrong!” If you catch yourself thinking bad thoughts about someone because of their actions then perfect you are starting to recognize your thoughts. This is how we reinvent and stop the circle on a small scale so we are able to stop it on a large scale. For example, someone cuts you off in traffic then your next step can be to change your perception through, empathy.  Put yourself in a time when you cut someone off in traffic. Was it by accident? Was it a blind spot? Was it that you were in a rush and if you’re late one more time to work you get fired? Did it just make sense to jump into that spot in line? So the last thing this person needs is you calling them obscenities and putting bad thoughts about them into the universe. Move that emotional energy to your mind for understanding and release compassion.

I have noticed within the spiritual community the first flood of people come in when they realize they are an “empath” and this is the first key given to you to learn to control your own thoughts. At first, the empath power gives you discomfort and this is why some empaths often get sick to their stomach. This is caused by the energy going in the wrong direction towards your solar plexus instead of going up to the crown for understanding. The next time someone cuts you off in traffic, control your thoughts by remembering our own experiences and keep it positive. Giving them a smile can go a long way. We have all been there and all need a little understanding right now. Emotional frequencies matter on a small scale and on a large scale.  Once we master how to control and redirect the frequency flow within ourselves then we will be unstoppable on a large scale.

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