We are only as strong as our lowest vibration.


Giving compassion and love to both sides of the story of trauma/tragedy doesn’t make one side less deserving of love. We are one, we all deserve compassion and love, so only giving compassion and love to the victim side of us leaves the other side without any. The balance of love is the key to raising consciousness within humanity and if our balance is off, we cannot grow as one.

We all have experienced different programs that produce the same emotional responses to experience the low vibrations within us and have done this throughout many lifetimes.  By programs, I mean events in your life that are significant to who you are today. These programs vary and can be as something as quick and easy as watching a YouTube video or the long and hard abusive relationship with your parent or significant other.  All of us have chosen to learn lessons through programs at different times within the time loop. As you can see throughout history, we have gotten very creative with our programs.  An example would be: the emotional response, regret, needs to be learned, so you then choose a scenario that will produce that frequency within you. It could be as simple as not going out on a date with a person that you had such a connection with, or as harsh as hurting someone, depending on where the soul is in the process of evolving. The program then causes a trigger within you, expressing your emotion. A trigger is an act of energy or words that you specifically picked to put in your program to produce/release a frequency. It is important to remember that everyone’s soul path has different programs but we are all working towards the same goal. It is now time to remove these programs that are not serving our higher purpose to make room for the new ones. Right now in my words, I feel as though we are glitching and in the “in between stage” where the healing needs to take place. One of the reasons for this “glitching” is due to the new energies currently on earth.  We are starting to remember all our past lifetimes and programs within those paths. It is producing frequencies within us through old triggers or developing new triggers from past life memories. There is more to this, but as we start healing our glitches, it will become a ripple effect of healing, where we will all heal.

 We have been every race, gender, religion, the bad guy, the good guy; learning the frequencies at different times and creating a unique flow of yin and yang. However, now the flow is changing. We have learned what we are supposed to have learned.  We are coming out of the beautiful time loop that we have created together. The way to do this is to balance the love; then we will experience the higher frequencies together as one. We are only as strong as our lowest vibration, so get out there and let’s raise them up.

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