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My Left Disease

Alternative Healing

I remember the moment the idea of a “Left-sided Disease” occurred to me.

I had just put up my horse into the barn where I had been boarding her and headed to my truck to go home. It was autumn and I was walking alongside the old stone barn through an impressive collection of very dry leaves gathered by a recent strong wind that had since left the area. My riding boots crunched as I walked. As the sound worked its way to my ears, I suddenly noticed that the hearing in my left ear was rapidly leaving. My walk slowed as I took notice of what was happening. Before getting to my truck, I ended up standing very still as every bit of sound in the world was no longer registering in my left ear.

There I stood. Shaking my head incredulously and finally realizing a pattern of all the mysterious pain, tightness, irregular functioning or injuries I had been dealing with for so very long — everything presented on the left side of my body. This loss of hearing in my left ear was just the latest mysterious challenge.

I didn’t know it at the time, but that hearing loss would last nearly 6 weeks before finally slowly resolving. Yes, I went to see a doctor, and I even had a hearing test as I recall. The “experts” looked at me quizzically after these exams and delivered the information precisely as so many had before them with the exact same words: “We can’t find anything wrong with you.”

Okay then.

It was about this time I decided that the “experts”, as expert as they were in their respective fields, were little to no use in my quest for actual healing. Data collection maybe, but healing? Nope. I felt very alone and decided that the only one I could count on was myself, so I got busy figuring out how to do that.

Reiki soon entered my awareness and I quickly jumped in and eventually adopted the whole world of energy and alternative healing. Each path of discovery was helpful and enlightening, especially to my mental and emotional state of health. My chronic physical pain and imbalances were improved somewhat with reiki but they persisted and I continued my quest. The good news was that I no longer questioned my actual sanity or whether or not I was a hypochondriac. Something tied all my “Left disease” challenges together and I was determined to figure out what that something was.

The big breakthrough for me happened in Arkansas in 2008. Sitting at the back of Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression class, during the second day, as I recall, Dolores mentioned that when problems arose with one or the other side of the body, it could be a clue: “The right side of the body is generally thought to be associated with ‘current’ life issues or ‘male focused’ challenges. The left side of the body, then, is associated with past or ‘past life’ issues and female challenges.”

I vividly recall leaning over to my friend — a woman, ironically sitting on my left — and saying, “Well that right there was worth the fee for the class.”

There was a reason everything seemed to “go wrong” with the left side of my body. It was the breakthrough for which I had been waiting for years! I went on to learn, beginning with my regression with Dolores Cannon herself, that many of my past lives revolved around a couple of themes. One was to step into the role of healer and the other was to bring a voice to the forces that attempt to control or limit human potential. In my current life I had not fully stepped into either of those roles. As soon as I began to practice quantum healing in earnest, my chronic pain issues simply faded away.

This concept of which side of the body a pain, illness or challenge occurs, continues to be a guiding concept I consider when assisting my own clients to uncover the root cause of their challenges.

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Great reminder – this resonates 🙂

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