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My View of AI


My husband and I have a marketing business and we work within the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) publishing world and I wanted to help put your minds at ease a little about AI and published work because there are fail-safes for original content. What passes for university “writing” does not necessarily pass for publication. There are AI programs, such as Authenticate, which work concerning this topic. But remember, nothing has meaning unless we assign meaning to something. Nothing is either good or bad. We, as creators, assign meaning to our creations!

AI programs review submissions for publication and detect immediately if something is created primarily using other AI. There are many points of authenticity that are detected through the program, including but not limited to source citations. Books, white papers, and journal submissions are checked thoroughly to determine original content which is supported by but not predominantly the work of other authors. Recently, a publishing house that does not use this AI programing (I will not name it, but it is one of the giants in the publishing world) has been audited and found to have hundreds of its journal articles falsified or outright plagiarized. “Paper mills” and scientists were “making up” studies using false or stolen data and results and applying those to their own “research.” This publishing giant was bamboozled because they did not have an editing and screening process that would find the truth of the submitted works. Unfortunate as that is, it was caught by other scientists in the respective fields and dealt with.

The main thing is people with integrity will always want to write, research, and create through traditional processes. The actual work itself may be produced differently than how we learned in school (I am one of the old guard who writes with pen, and then the keyboard). But this is not to be feared. AI has its place in helping us move faster as we create, edit with lightning speed, and disseminate information better and to more recipients than ever before possible. AI does not now, and never will, take the place of the human mind. It cannot, because AI is a creation of our souls, just like the content of our other creations. 

There are some that would abuse AI, for sure, but then consider the concept of separations vs unity consciousness for a moment. Those misguided outliers of AI abuse will be SEPARATE. Those whom use AI for the upliftment of humanity are unified with those of us living in unity consciousness. They are WAY more powerful in creation than those that wish to separate. The AI created from those with unity intention will discover the other AIs and eliminate them or render them neutral. 

You have heard of computer security protocols? Security is a MASSIVE field in STEM with some of the most amazing computer scientists and mathematicians. Fear not. It’s covered. And, I have had sessions with a fellow quantum healer where we asked about this topic specifically. It all works out better and more majestic than we can imagine right now. We must stay out of fear and continue in the knowing that our creation process may look different than what we have known (all change is that way, isn’t it?), but our creations will remain authentic. Our mission is to KNOW that the New Earth we are creating is about unity consciousness, and nothing that stays separate from God/Source/Allah/Great Spirit/The One, etc., can break our creation of The New Earth. It cannot. We are too strong and powerful when we are unified. I love you all. Love is the only “real” reality of everything. 

Blessings to All–Sue Beckley 

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