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My First QHHT Session

Alternative Healing ,Beyond Quantum Healing

By Sue Beckley

I received my first QHHT session in 2018. I went to this session to determine if I would take the QHHT class to learn to provide hypnosis myself. I was more than convinced, I was blown away by the information, my healing experience, and having met my higher self (the SC for QHHT practitioners). I later took Candace’s BQH course, which added tremendously to my skill-set and desire to do this work with people.

I had been looking for my chapters for a fictional book that I’m writing today in my files, and came across the recording for this first-ever session, and listened to it again. I must say, without a shadow of a doubt, that after over 5 years has passed and I now understand these messages more than I did in the month following the session in 2018. It is timeless, the information that we derive from each session, because even if we do not understand 100% what is being advised by spirit, we can listen again to the recording at any time and derive new meaning or deeper meaning from the session. Even when a client does not take the advice from their higher self (subconscious/oversoul… whatever you call this part of the soul), or other spirits that come in to the session to advise; listening to the session even years later provides context for the person receiving the messages. We are ever evolving (remembering our God-selves), and information that does not make sense at one stage of the journey may make complete sense at another stage.

There is also some evidence here that our pets come into our lives to show or teach us things. They feel how we feel about them, and they decide when they are ready to leave their bodies. I thought our dog Schatzi was going to pass in 2018. She stayed with us until 2023, and when she was ready to leave, she told me she was ready. I took her to the vet to go to sleep the very next day. It was a very peaceful process because I knew she was ready. The “conversation” with Schatzi happened when she followed me after I clipped her nails. She waited until I stopped moving around, and then she held my gaze in the bathroom while I was washing my hands. I asked her, “what’s up, girl”? I heard, in my mind, “it’s time.” Schatzi told me she was ready to go home. She knew that I use those exact words whenever I feel like someone is getting ready to cross over. Our pets do communicate with us, and they can do so telepathically if we allow ourselves to trust that it is possible. I have had many conversations with my pets (family). Usually, I hear their words in my mind. I know it is them speaking into my head, or passing their consciousness into mine. Trust it when it happens for you, it is real.

Finally, some words for humanity and the New Earth. How we create reality, and each of us will have our own reality, even though “worlds collide.” There is no one picture for all what the Earth experience will be in 5D. Everyone will have their own reality, even though we share some parts of it. This information I have received more recently in sessions and during my meditations which was also confirmed to me in a session I had 5+ years ago and forgot about.

I hope you enjoy this part of the transcribed session below. We can always hold compassion and send others love without allowing their distress to harm our own energy fields.

Q= the practitioner and A= my answers while my oversoul spoke through me.

Q: Suzanne would like to know about the New Earth, what it will look like, and if her family members that are not awake will still be with her?

A: Each reality is unto the entity. We create our reality through vision, and moment to moment creationship. The energy is received, and the energy transforms to the ability of each person it touches. Everyone has their own play of their reality. And worlds intersect, although no one world is the same as the other.

Q: I think Suzanne’s concern is not being with certain family members as she goes to the New Earth. Is that possibly going to happen? Are they going to stay together?

A: There is no loss. There never will be. All is One. The perception of loss is false.

Q: Is there an image you can give us of what New Earth is going to look like?

A: The veil will become very thin. Information will be understood, that has always been available. People will understand…have insight, that they have been missing because they refuse to see. People will have insight into things that they refused to see in the past.

Q: So people will have new insights?

A: The understanding that humanity is strong when it is One. That collective good is also individual good. And that giving is receiving.

Q: Will there be two physical Earths?

A: There are MANY Earths. The reality is known unto the individual.

Q: So each individual will experience it differently?

A: According to belief.

Q: According to their belief, okay. Is Abraham Hicks correct about raising your vibration to achieve anything you wish? Is that correct?

A: Yes. When we understand that all there is is love, love is the highest vibration; then all we wish to experience is ours.

Q: Can you look into the energy of the dog, Schatzi, and see if there is anything wrong with her and heal her if there is anything wrong with her? (Schatzi was our family member, a German Shepherd that passed in August of 2023).

A: She is sent to teach her people her lessons, which they have learned. Her choice (in 2018) to stay, or not. One wants her to stay, the other not, and she feels this. She feels everything. The red, pink and yellow light is being given to heal her emotional body. She is being blanketed with love and comfort.

Q: Wonderful.

A: She is always protected.

Q: Can you tune into the cat, Nacho? Maybe do the same?

A: Nacho is well. He is a teacher. Nacho is well.

Q: Will you do a body scan of Suzanne? If anything needs to be healed, will you heal it?

A: Yes, we are looking.

Q: Can you tell us what you find, as you are looking?

A: (long silence) The heart. The heart is sustaining waves of pain and sadness. She needs to protect herself from absorbing other’s energy. Although there is no separation, there is definition of experience. And there needs to be protection from the experience of other. This, she needs to learn, or…to do on a more regular basis. Not all can be helped by being let in. Compassion. Send out compassion and love, and protect.

Q: Can you help her to do that or teach her a way to protect herself from the energetic assaults?

A: Using the light has been helpful in her past. (I would encircle myself with a white orb of light, and thank the Christ Consciousness for protecting my energy). Continue (meaning, keep doing that). Use Rose, purple, gold. White encompasses all light.

Q: Should she imagine these, in her mind, to protect her heart?

A: Yes. (I started a coughing fit after this answer). Purging, clearing…

Q: Can you finish scanning the rest of the body to see if there is anything else that needs attention?

A: All else is as it should be.

Q: Thank you. It’s been awesome chatting with you. Any messages that you would like to bring through for Suzanne? Or any worldly messages?

A: The world is coming back to a place of love.

Q: I can feel that.

A: One must slow down. Where are we going in such a hurry? Smell the flowers, so to speak. Love what is in front of you. Feel the Divine in All. Don’t just see it, feel it. Let it permeate your esoteric body, and it will fill every aspect of your life and your existence. All is energy. Appreciate what is given, even when it is not, in appearance, for the best. All is for the best.

Q: Do you have any other messages before I bring Suzanne out?
A: No, I think we’re clear.

Q: I want to thank you for speaking with us today, it was a pleasure meeting you today.
A: It is our pleasure.

Love to All, Suzanne (Sue) Beckley,

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