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Address: 28495, Old Town Front Street, Temecula, California, 92590, United States.


Jaime Rodriguez

Kindred Being


~ Member Since 2018

Kindred Being offers Ascending Hypnosis sessions to our Clients. The possibilities are endless within a session. Come and explore the cosmos with us! These sessions are available in the Southern California area of the United States. Our office is located in Old Town Temecula, CA where the past and future converge into the present. We provide in-person sessions at our cozy location. Contact me for further details or visit the Kindred Being website at KindredBeing.com Call with questions at 951-534-5998


Certified Beyond Quantum Healing Facilitator. Universal Life Church Minister. Certified Hypnotherapist.



V. F.

December 2022

Jaime Rodriguez from Kindred Being is an amazing facilitator. She is good natured, open, understanding, and makes you feel welcome and at ease. Prior to the Beyond Quantum Healing session, Jaime reviews your questions in detail with you and also goes over the significant details of the session afterwards. The next day, a recording was provided via email to view for additional healing.

The BQH session I received from Jaime has helped me along my spiritual journey by aiding with releasing, shadow work, and bringing in a new perspective. I integrated more with my higher self, and after integrating and being more aligned, much of the negative, toxic emotions from my past and past lives were released. I’m also having more epiphanies now and am better able to deal with lower vibrational energies.

Jaime comes with my highest recommendation as a BQH facilitator. I thank her for sharing her gifts and being of high service to others. Much love to her and Kindred Being!



November 2018

I am also a BQH Practitioner and had the pleasure of doing an on-line practice session with Jaime. She had me completely comfortable and relaxed which allowed me to have an amazing session. I received the answers to all of my questions and I now feel utterly empowered to make the recommended changes I need to fully embody the essence of my Higher Self!


KB BQH Session 1 - Triangle Beings, Jesus' Love, And Cosmic Journeys

This is a Beautiful Kindred Being Beyond Quantum Healing Session with Facilitator Jaime Rodriguez and Client Erin. In this journey, Erin discovers StarGates for interstellar travel, and experiences the planet Cyrus. Erin finds that she was once a "Triangle Being" and is still connected with them. She discover's the Triangle Being's role in the Earth's ascension. Erin meets Jesus on her journey and experiences his love in comforting her distraught soul in a past life. She receives Healing and relays messages for us all in this exciting time of transition to The New Earth!

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