The light of the heart and the Golden Being


K came of the cloud into the beginning. The beginning of everything. Everything was speeding up, her energy was like kaleidoscope of colors forming into cells. She first was observing it from the outside. She saw the hole in her body and the cells were moving and filling it in. The vibrational voice said to her that she can move forward and look at her heart. I asked what was wrong with the heart and she said it was twisted, because she did not like being here on this planet. I asked her who can help to untwist the heart and she said it would be her guardian angel. I called her guardian angel and he was blowing at the heart and cooling it. 

Then she said that there was a problem, because the witch was holding the heart and would not allow it to open, she was afraid that the light from the heart will kill her. I asked K and her guardian angel to send love to the witch and tell her that if she will let go of the heart she will turn into beautiful woman, so the witch let go and turned into a beautiful red head and walked away happily. Then Krishna showed up and was pouring his ointment into the heart to heal it.

The heart had a big mission it was to aluminate everything and destroy evil on this planet, but she said the people were not ready for it and she felt sorry for them. I asked her to send the light to all that need it and not to worry if they are ready for it.

She saw herself as a very toll golden being with 3 fingers and toes with a head looking like a bird but it was a mask, they did not want to scare her , so put the musk on the being. All 3 beings Krishna, guardian angel and the golden being were looking at the clients heart as it was getting stronger. K. saw that  there were 2 hearts attached with the pillar, the lower one belong to the her and the upper one to The Mother. All 3 beings were filling the heart with the golden light that was coming from the golden planet the same planet the golden being was from. 

We moved to see the golden planet. It was an energy planet and the golden being was energetic being the appearance it came with was just a suit. K was that golden being from that planet. Since we were connected to all those beings I asked for a healing of clients thyroid gland and she saw them patching it up with the golden threads, then they put some kind of mesh over it to protect it. 

I continued with the questions. K came to this planet from another universe following her husband to help the transition. The transition will happen in 1 year and 8 month the reality will collapse and only nature will remain. 

Her HS explained: “Your reality is created by lower vibration entities, they offer it to you as a blessing, but in reality they are keeping you from the light. They want to close all the light thats in human beings.Thats how they live. Before everyone had the light and then they pushed convenient things like electricity to people and that’s how they started to lose it.

-The Earth is a space ship and when it passes thru space it takes different shapes and sometimes its flat. 

-The moon is an evil space ship that tried to take over the earth, there were many like the moon, but all were destroyed and only one remained as a reminder for others that want to come with bad intentions to this planet.

-The sun is our fuel tank, that gets energy from the golden planet.

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