What is Higher Brain Living?

What is Higher Brain Living?

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Thank you to our Higher Brain Living expert Lana Petrov for providing the resource information for this article.

You can find Lana at www.healinghypnotherapyny.com

Have you ever desired to do something different with your life but haven’t made the steps to do so? Have you ever wanted to start your own business or become an artist or writer but were afraid of failure? Then Higher Brain Living® (HBL) system might be what you are looking for to make some changes in your life.

Higher Brain Living® is a revolutionary personal growth and transformational system that unleashes your hidden potentials and promotes evolution and creativity. It has been practiced for over 10 years and is taught exclusively by the founder of the method, Michael Cotton, based in Chicago, Illinois. It is an energy modality, done in person only by a qualified facilitator, who makes contacts with your brain in a very specific way and at very precise points on the spine, knees ankles and heart area. They are made with very light touches and are very effective. The first thing that HBL does is eliminate fears, because fears come from the “lower lizard-brain” and by energizing the “higher brain” we override the lower, and therefore the fears.

Gentle contacts are made on these specific pathways which causes a surge of energy in the body allowing the brain to get more oxygen, increases metabolism and blood flow allowing an individual to experience greater joy, feeling of peace, abundance and the ability to see our goals and passions and move towards them with confidence. The waves created in the body relieve stress and purge the old “forgotten” traumas stored in the cells of the body.

A HBL session anchors the energy to those points and the client can learn to access the energy at any time after just a few sessions. Each time the brain is energized and resolutions are repeated thinking patterns are changed, having a positive effect on all areas of life, moving from surviving to thriving

As a Quantum Healers, Higher Brain Living Practitioners know that we create our own health issues, and by changing our thought patterns we change our health.

You will be amazed and intrigued wile watching Higher Brain Living® Technique demonstration here where Dr. Cotton, founder of the HBL system, demonstrates how the session is done. The video speaks for itself.

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