Is BQH the same as Quantum Connect?

Is BQH the same as Quantum Connect?

Beyond Quantum Healing ,Quantum Connect

Quantum Connect and BQH are not the same thing. They are two separate courses. Quantum Connect is a standalone course, and it’s completely different than BQH in a number of ways. 

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Hey everyone, its Candace Craw-Goldman from Quantum Healers. Back again with another question of the week. This week’s question comes from a member on our support forum community. And here it is, I’m going to read it. 

Hello, Candace, I did the BQH course, and I’m looking to get the scripts from the Quantum Connect course the game like scripts, I want to use a couple of them with my daughter over Christmas, please. 

So what this person probably did was see within our support forum that people were talking about Quantum Connect some of the sessions, they’ve had some of the outcomes, some of the amazing thing that’s happening with Quantum Connect, and she got a little confused. So I had to bring her up to speed. And so I answered her in this way: Quantum Connect and BQH are not the same thing. They are two separate courses. Quantum Connect is a standalone course. And it’s completely different than BQH in a number of ways. 

And what do I mean by that? Well, Quantum Connect was developed and presented and created for really anybody but particularly, counselors, therapists, anybody who does regular hypnosis or just people who want to help other people using interaction and no basically counseling kind of skills. So there’s no prerequisites. There’s no trance, okay, none of this has to do with hypnosis. None of it has to do with trance. They are related and they are connected in this way. 

Quantum Connect was inspired by Quantum Healing Hypnosis, both the QHHT® and BQH approach with clients typically has the practitioner interacting with the client in a way before the session happens using some practice games. That is the inspiration for Quantum Connect. 

You see, over the years, many people made astonishing first parts of breakthroughs and even complete breakthroughs. Within this portion of interaction with a practitioner in a session long before trance laying down and closing their eyes ever even happened. Some people made some incredible breakthroughs or got some real inspiration that took them into the session proper, where breakthroughs happen later, that sort of practice. It’s just back and forth. It’s wide eyed, no trance necessary. It’s very, very quick. So I decided to create a whole course called Quantum Connect, that just that doesn’t have anything to do with hypnosis. Okay, so then she actually asks about scripts, she wants to have those scripts so that she can play these games or do these exercises with her daughter. 

And here’s the thing. There are no scripts, I made sure there are no scripts. And I did that for a couple of reasons. So first of all, over my more than 15 years of doing this work, I have found much too, in my own opinion, practitioners detriment, they, they use scripts, sometimes as a crutch. And whereas it’s very understandable for somebody new to actually read and follow word for word script, the really the more important thing is to understand the approach, understand the process, understand actually what you’re doing there. Why, because scripts limit you, I mean, they really, really limit you. And once you can kind of set them aside and have more freeform exchange, and interaction with your client, whether or not in a regression session, or in Quantum Connect, you’re gonna have, you’re gonna have a more natural exchange.

So relying on scripts just isn’t the best idea. And what Quantum Connect does is it teaches an approach. And they’re fun to play games and exercises that you can play with anybody sitting on a park bench with a friend with your kid, in a casual situation, or in a therapist’s office, Quantum Connect is going to be great for that. 

So I hope that answers your question. And thank you for being a member of our support forum community. And you can find a Quantum Connect or BQH or any quantum healing practitioner at Quantum Healers. And if you’re interested in helping people and you are of service to others, we would love to have you join us please Quantum Healers. Till next time, bye for now.

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