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Address: 1255, West Landis Avenue, Vineland, New Jersey, 8361, United States.


Kayla Bloom

The Lavender Lighthouse

Quantum Healer/Owner

~ Member Since 2018

Kayla Bloom awakened in the wave of 2012 beginning of 2013. She began as a QHHT practitioner and after hundreds of sessions and many more modality certifications like Introspective Hypnosis, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Beyond Quantum Healing, Quantum Alchemy, Spiritual Freedom Technique and more she uses all techniques on a custom level for her clients and signature services. You can book an initutive session or a specific modality on her website. She also does tarot readings, soul essence channeling, and western astrology with starseed analysis, and medical astrology. Come work with her one on one or join her patreon!! www.patreon.com/thelavenderlighthouse336!




March 2022

Shes helped me more than any Dr or pill or rehab in 20 years. Ive tried everything to find relief. Strongly recommended


Jinnett S. Kroeger

February 2020

I had an Initial Quantum Soul Alchemy Session with Kayla and it was the most amazing experience I have had so far in my spiritual journey. Truly life changing.
Kayla is very profession and personable. Very intuitive and a gifted lightworker with a wealth of knowledge. The space in which she does her work is peaceful and so calming. I could spend all day in that space! The level of comfort I feel around Kayla is profound. It is like I have known her forever. Which makes it very easy to share my innermost troubles/thoughts. Kayla has a natural ability to listen and share her experience so that we can merge and share understanding in the same experience.
I am looking forward to my Reiki Certification with Kayla. I could not have chosen a better Reiki Master to teach me. I, absolutely, recommend Kayla Vige. You will not be disappointed.


Denise E

November 2019

Kayla is a loving, gentle soul that is incredibly talented. This was a mind blowing experience...she handled my needs with the highest care & integrity. Working with Kayla for my spiritual growth is so exciting & fulfilling. ‚ô°



September 2019

I just had the most amazing session with Kayla! Its hard to describe the mixture of feeling I experienced throughout the session. I gained some very interesting perspectives from channeling my past life experiences. It answered some long time questions I have had about my current life behaviors and experiences. Im just amazed at what came out during our session. I feel so hopeful about my future and now open to making positive changes. She is so skilled and intuitive. I felt very comfortable and safe the entire time despite the fact that I was dealing with past life traumas. Im so grateful and I will definetely come back! I highly recommend her!!



August 2019

I am still processing my session with Kayla, but wanted to write a review while i was still in euphoria. KAYLA IS THE REAL DEAL. She is sincere and gifted. Not onlyI was she able to work through my pinned up emotions I've been avoiding for far too long, i also connected with my spirit guide and my dear grandma. I have never felt so much release in such a short time. Thank you Kayla, for giving me my power back and reintroducing to my higher self. I look forward to working with you again.


Jinnett Kroeger

August 2019

Wow! This was my first Reiki healing and it was so wonderful. Kayla was very personable and just a beautiful soul. The whole experience was informative and so enlightening. Kayla’s knowledge was beyond my expectations. She took her time to listen and get to know me. I felt very relaxed and comfortable in her presence. I, definitely, recommend anyone who is on a spiritual journey and needs some extra guidance, etc., go see Kayla. I am going to seeing Kayla again! Maybe do a past life regression...


Jessica E Bowers

June 2019

I would like to say thank you so much to Kayla. She has helped me tremendously as I am on my spritual awakening journey. I have come along way and still have a long way to go. I am so thankful for Kayla and being able to share this experience with her has been amazing. Not only did I connect with this Amazing soul sister but I have made a great friend. I cant wait to have another session! Love and light to all. As above so below.



June 2019

Thank you so much Kayla for such a great 1st time experience with Quantum Alchemy! I was pleasantly surprised with how easy yet profound the session was! It was the 1st time I had been able to actually feel a shift in energy and have a new perspective with the issue and memory that we worked on! I really appreciated the way you were able to be so gentle and supportive walking me through a new visual perspective. I normally want to take a nap after any sort of healing work but not with this! I actually had energy to finish my cleaning and take my dogs out for a long walk!

Thank you again xoxo



March 2019

If you're looking for a healer/hypnotist this is the person you need to see. Professional, welcoming, and super knowledgeable. Loved it!


Katreena Klingbeil

January 2019

The most amazing experience I’ve ever had! Highly recommended for anyone interested in advancing in a spiritual journey.


Ali Ausley

November 2018

Kayla is very knowledgeable, welcoming, and provides an inviting, relaxing space in which you can experience this journey !
I would highly recommend her to all who feel the call to begin exploring their own spiritual/soul journey, but feel hesitant or unsure of where to start.
A wealth of information awaits all those who are open to it!



October 2018

My husband and I have both experienced a QHHT session with Kayla - she is a truly gifted practitioner! Right away, we felt extremely comfortable in her presence. She put us at ease and helped us understand the process. Her energy and abilities are amazing! During each of our individual sessions, Kayla was able to communicate with an extraordinary array of loving Beings in order to provide us with impactful messages and insight. If you are interested in a QHHT or BQH session, I would recommend her without hesitation.



September 2018

I was very nervous this time being my first. Kayla discussed all my concerns , what my goals and expectations were. She put me in trance with ease, met all my expectations and show amazing professionalism!



September 2018

My session with Kayla exceeded all of my expectations. She really took the time to explain what quantum healing hypnosis was before the session so I had an idea of what to expect. However, I was completely blown away by how I felt after. A lot of important questions that I had were answered and I was given a sense of peace and overwhelming happiness that actually brought tears to my eyes. Kayla is very professional and personable. She has a welcoming and open hearted/open minded way about her that makes you feel at ease in her presence. I am so grateful for this life changing session and I can’t wait for the next one! If you’re looking for an intellegent, genuinely kind quantum healer to give you a life changing experience, I highly recommend Kayla Vige!!

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