Lana Petrov

Continues learning on the path of spiritual evolution is my motto.

Office Phone: 917-821-9390
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Contact Method: Email
Available Hours: from 11 am Monday to Friday
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Address: 33-15, 80th Street, Jackson Heights, New York, 11372, United States.


Lana Petrov

Quantum Healing Hypnosis in New York


~ Member Since 2013

I learned and practiced many healing modalities in my lifetime, but when I found Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique I knew I found the ultimate solution to all health, emotional and physiological issues. QHHT  answers all your questions from the higher authority your Higher Self. Your Higher Self has no boundaries in time and space, its connected to everything there is and QHHT is the only true way to access it, that I know of.

In 2016 I discovered Higher Brain Living® and became Advanced Facilitator. After my clients gets ¬†thru ¬†all their past issues with QHHT ¬†I ¬†introduce Higher Brain Living technique to help them move forward and evolve, by energizing the brain.

In 2018 I created metaphysical group where I teaches techniques of evolution and spiritual growth.
In 2019 I was initiated as a Knight of the Order of the Warrior Knights from Agartha, Guardian of the Devine Consciousness.


Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique(QHHT®) Practitioner
Certified Advanced Higher Brain Living® Facilitator


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy Level 2 Certification
Working with clients since June 2012

QHHT After Session Coaching
Utilizing knowledge of Higher Brain Living® personal development program to assist with integration and moving forward to achieve ones maximum potential after a QHHT session

In 2019 Lana Petrov was initiated as a Knight of the Order of the Warrior Knights from Agartha, Guardian of the Devine Consciousness



Alena Selivanava

December 2023

All my connection with Lana feels like a miracle. I was looking for QHHT practitioner for several months before I found Lana. I made a call to talk to her and immediately felt being seen and accepted. The main purpose of QHHT session was to work on the backpain which I have for many years. None of medication or treatment really worked on me.

I was full of hopes for the session but also was concerned whether I can relax and be hypnotized. The whole session was so incredible that I still ask myself: did it really happen?

The room where Lana is doing sessions is very beautiful and relaxing, and Lana is so calming and loving that I immediately felt relaxed and safe. She explained the whole process and discussed questions that I prepared for the session. I was able to go into trance, see several prior lives and receive answers to my questions. The most amazing part of the session was a healing part, when I felt all this enlightened energy going through my body. Right after session I felt so energized as never in my life. It’s been several days since the session and I am still listening to the recording, processing information and noticing changes in my health. I have a deep gratitude to Lana for her help and her support!



June 2023

My session with Lana was 21 days ago and I have thought about it everyday since.
I felt immediately safe in her presence and had an unforgettable healing experience.
I've connected with deep trust and through that met new worlds and gained a completely new perspective.



May 2023

April 3, 2023 11am, I met with Lana for my very first quantum healing session. We started off in conversation, me sharing a few of my life experiences, while we both sip herbal tea. Before my appointment I was both excited and nervous, but while in conversation with Lana there was a calm, I was very comfortable. It was like talking to a friend or your favorite aunt. Then the session, I’m still in awe and am still processing a lot of information, while receiving uploads/downloads of information. The session was very enlightening for us both. My higher self tapped in immediately, Lana said before she could finish her introduction. Lol 
But I have a feeling this is just the beginning of my beautiful journey. The trip to New York was special in itself, my daughter and I drove. Though it felt very guided…the energy, the atmosphere, everything felt so magical. It’s an experience, I can’t find the words for. Beautiful is an understatement, however I’m already planning another season with Lana. So if you haven’t had a Quantum Healing experience before, hesitate no more. You were guided to the page for a reason. Much gratitude and respect to Lana. Thank you for being a guiding light. Namaste


Jessie Blank

June 2022

My session with Lana was phenomenal. We went over my list of questions before the session in a lot of detail and Lana guided me to figure out what I most wanted out of our time together. During our session, I went into a trance right away and was able to see revealing scenes/visualizations. Lana proceeded to speak with my Higher Self during the latter half of the session and I was able to understand the meaning behind each scene as well as answer the questions I had coming into the session. It has been 2 days since the session and I am still getting revelations & feeling very light! Thank you for your time & effort Lana!!


Gila Jedwab

February 2022

I felt at home the moment i stepped inside Lana's cozy room. Her energy is very calm and inviting. I felt able to open my heart up right away. The entire experience felt safe and guided.
I was able to fall into deep hypnosis and have alot of my questions answered. It was a beautiful experience.



January 2022

I got a lot of information on the topics and questions I had during our session. Some of the information requires a little digging and analyzing before being incorporate into my life. I was very satisfied and inspired after our session. However, I was so surprised after about a month. During the session we did body scan and it was suggested that I had some imbalance in my ovaries. I never suspected, didn't address this during the session nor did I have any real symptoms. After I had a session with Lana, on my next menstrual period I realized that my body felt normal and light, I never even knew that I can feel that way during my period. I thought before that, it was nothing out of extraordinary to feel tired and bloated during the time of the month. I am so grateful for this session with Lana!



November 2021

I had an all-around wonderful experience with Lana doing my first ever QHHT session. She was warm, knowledgeable, and patient with me as we went through each step in the session, and throughout the duration I felt safe and excited to be working with her. If you are considering QHHT for your first session or even if you already have experience with it then Lana is a great choice in who you should be putting your trust in for such an important an delicate decision. Thank you again Lana.



October 2021

This session has helped me a lot with my anxiety and depression.
I learned how to work on myself and focused on the positive things of my life.
Lana is truly a healer and her work has helped me to improve a lot.
I will be definitely come back for another session.



September 2021

I had the most wonderful and enlightening experience working with Lana. I really appreciate the patience, care and kindness Lana expressed for me. Not only was the experience enjoyable, but we were able to uncover a lot of my issues. I got many, many answers to my questions. Thank you for being amazing Lana!



August 2021

Lana is an amazing person. She makes you feel very comfortable to open up and allow change to grow. The connection she facilitates is very strong and grounds you to your higher self. Very lovely session!



July 2021

The knowledge, experience and wisdom Lana holds Is incredible. I was impressed. With our initial conversation before the hypnotherapy I would of walked away happy and content confirming the details I thought to be true regarding life. It’s not often in life I come across those like Lana. I went in without any expectations at all and received more from the hypnotherapy session than I could of asked for.As I believed it would be, life changing. Thank you again!


Melissa Love

May 2021

I'm a seasoned healer and hypnotherapist.  My session with Lana was my first QHHT experience. 
The session was insightful, deep, and rich.
Email responsiveness and communication were timely. 
Her home office is in a populated and safe location, easily accessible by car or public transportation, clean, well-appointed, quiet, and comfortable.

Lana is friendly, warm, and welcoming. 
She embodies all the necessary qualities one looks for in a therapist/healer.
During the session, I felt safe and protected and was guided into a deep state of hypnosis where much information was revealed.

Lana spent adequate time with me discussing and reviewing my experience,  
I left the session feeling relaxed and refreshed with a new sense of peace and fulfillment.
I am more than happy with the entire experience. 
It was beyond anything I had anticipated.
Thank you, Lana!



February 2021

Lana made me very comfortable to share and open up which is essential in this healing practice.
The session gave me valuable answers, informations and insights. And I’m still processing it. I find it fascinating and very deep. It really feels as all the answers are within. Thanks a lot for this experience!



February 2021

Lana made me feel so comfortable before, during and after the session. Very helpful, looking forward another session with her soon



February 2021

Thank you Lana. During our session and follow up conversations, I was able to sort out and distinguish my consciousness from my expanded Self. Not too small a feat. I most enjoyed your down to earth approachability and easy and open conversations. I look forward to future events with you.



September 2020

Very Nice and relaxing environment to be in. Lana is a Calm spirit and I felt easy to open up my issues to Lana. Never thought I can go back in time, due to high stress level on top of me being control frick. I felt so light after the session and told her I feel like I lose few pounds. I thought that it was 40 min session, but that was almost 2 hrs. Highly recommended!



April 2018

Thanks so much, Lana, for a wonderful session. My path is clear now! Me questions have been answered and I am confident that I am doing my life work every day!


Mardi Gras face painting

February 2018

I had wonderful QHHT session with Lana, and explored my past life in Ancient Greece and communicated with my Higher Self. She is a great practitioner and a wonderful friendly lady.



November 2017

I enjoyed the all day session where I was able to visualize a lifetime where I was a simple caretaker on a farm. My only friends where horses that I took care of. It’s clear why I have always loved horses and am comfortable spending a lot of time by myself! I was able to recall another life where I wasn’t exactly human. It was fascinating and unforgettable!



November 2017

Lana has a caring approach to QHHT therapy and was helping to me in taking the first to emotional healing. I had only one session, which overall yielded insights into the possible root cause of past actions and feelings that thwarted more fulfilling life experiences. I continue to considered these insights when pursuing life goals today.


Josefa Vincent

October 2017

Lana Petrov is the kind of practionor everyone is looking for! Processing both intellectual and emotional intelligence couple with conscious caring in working with her clients. My experience in having worked with her was authentic and very enlightening! Experience Lana and need look no more!



October 2017

During my session, I was able to experience a few visions, but would lose them before we could get the meaning of each. Sometimes you are not ready to have things revealed. However after the session I experienced physical healing and am more open spiritually. I was able to get a fast appointment with Lana. She is kind, patient and understanding. I recommend a session with Lana to further experience your spiritual journey.



October 2017

And my first feeling is to trust the Universe that it will never betray and will support and help in everyway. All one has to do is to ask for help, in times when feeling lost and confused. Lana is one of the granted answer keys. With her compassion, patience and wisdom of a healer, Lana has the gift to redirect trapped energies and resolve all issues of the person in trouble. Miracles do happen and the right key will free the passage.



October 2017

Exceptionally phenomenal experience


Jens stoltze

October 2017

It's a great transformative process and gives the individual an expirence of the real selfs journey



October 2017

It is always an honor for me to speak on my experience with Lana. Truthfully words cannot explain how much of a life changing experience it was. To make a long story short I was lost in life, unhappy, needed change and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My grandmother passed and that just took me to a new low. Not long after I met with Lana and immediately my life changed spiritually emotionally and believe it or not even physically. I stopped wearing glasses after that day. I still don't believe it sometimes. I was reborn the day of my session, knowing I'm here for a purpose and I can achieve anything I set my mind to. I went from deiveries to wall st in less than a year. The change in my life has been staggering. 5 stars is not enough to rate the value of this experience. Lana thank you so much, much love and respect always.


Ascension Tools 3. The origins of physical illnesses. Zoom class presentation 2020

THE TIME IS NOW. THE SHIFT IS HERE. Its time to move towards our ascension into a new reality. "Ascension Tools" is my gift to humanity. Everything I learned in the last 30 years I need to pass on because the energy gets stale if it does not move. Its 2020 and the world will never be the same, but you have a choice: -stay in fear and attract death and destruction or -make this current life your last in a weal of Karma and leave this reality of suffering toward the new, better life of endless possibilities ahead. You can do anything as God in human form.

Connecting to your Higher Consciousness

-Spiritual body structure. -Connecting to your Higher Self and receiving information. -Cleaning your astral body for a clearer connection.

Connecting to your Higher Self part 2

-Practice: Connecting to your Higher Self -Connecting with Love energy in the heart -Benefits of connecting to universal Love energy -Meditation

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