Serafice Cordova

As above so below, as within so without: LOVE yourself and the whole universe is blessed

Office Phone: 2159392537
Consultation Type: Online, In Person
Available Hours: generally 10am to 6pm EST
Payment Options: Paypal, Ca$happ, Venmo BQH: $222 30 minute Reading: $70 60 minute Reading: $120
Languages: English

Time Zone: (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Address: 6, East Butler Avenue, Chalfont, Pennsylvania, 18914, United States.


Serafice Cordova

~ Member Since 2020


I am on a mission to serve the collective as a Bridge into other realms of consciousness and perceptions to assist in the awakening of humanity through love.

My titles include Psychic, Medium, Starseed, and Witch to name my most favored.

I act as a mentor, guide, translator, coach, support system and conduit.

I commune regularly with Spirit, ET’s & interdimensional beings, fairies, the dead, Christ Consciousness, Angels and any being that desires to be in resonance with the betterment of the collective.

I can read your Tarot, connect with your guides, help you translate the messages that you are receiving, send you reiki or attune you to this supportive practice, provide practical guidance from a mystical perspective, guide you in meditations and lead you through Beyond Quantum Healing to meet your Self.

My greatest wish is for you to fall deeper in love with yourself, I hope you know how wonderful you are!

I can help you remember if you feel like there are pieces missing.

I am All that I am.

I look forward to connecting!



Certified BQH practitioner 2021
Certified Reiki Master Teacher 2010
14 years experience as a Psychic Medium Tarot Card Reader


I am the mother of 2 amazing children now full grown happy adults




November 2021

Serafice has a beautiful energy and with her soothing voice it is so easy to sink into a a meditative trance . She firstly cleared any chakra blockages before initiating the guided meditation. The meditation is sooooo easy to relax with Serafice and very easy to connect to the inner soul . I had my guides already waiting for me to take me on my journey... Serafice has an amazing connection to create that special healing needed in the session. You won´t be disappointed!

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