The First Time We Met

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Dispatches From Beyond – Stories of Quantum Healing
2021 July
BQH Session facilitated by practitioner Patricia Dawson

I find myself drawn to a dark-skinned man making tea outside of his hut. He appears illuminated from within by a warm energy, cheerfully competing with the sparks of the fire. I instantly feel love for this marvelous being. His skin is black with deep hints of blue. The intelligence that sparks from his amber eyes is playful and captivating.

He has been waiting for me to arrive and greets me with a welcoming smile of surprise. As I approach, he is awed that I am so very real and that I have arrived so distinctly. He had sent out a call requesting support for battling a fearsome beast stalking his village, and I answered his call by crossing the stars to come to this foreign world to offer my presence and assistance.

I can hear food moving through his digestive tract. I smell his pheromones from across the fire and become aware of the internal workings of his circulatory system as I near him. I am sensitive to the emotions emanating from him, and his shifting thoughts are clearly displayed for me to read in his energy field. He patiently waits for me to acclimate to this realm that is full of new sensations.

The gravity on this planet pulls at me, alerting me of my power here and reminding me that I am not indigenous to this world and I must step lightly. My height and strength are much greater than the man I am meeting, and I am startled at how delicate these human beings are. I could easily destroy him if I am not careful and present. I remind myself that I am dealing with an alien reality and must be gentle and thoughtful as I am not here to diminish but to enlighten.

I present as a pale female humanoid with delicate features, slender, nearly 12 feet tall with long white hair, pointed ears, and luminescent white skin. I am surprised by the look of my skin under this Sun as the quality of light where I am from allows for more of my coloring to appear, and I feel its absence. Standing before this beautiful dark human, I am startled at how dull I seem and sad that I cannot share all my splendor with this lovely being.

I have an energy field that surrounds me like colored smoke, acting like a protective barrier against hostile environments, and like a space suit, it removes impurities and filters my experience. This energy is billowing white with streaks of violet and fuchsia and an occasional burst of gold within the smoky façade that surrounds my body. It shimmers and shifts as data is received and responds with a multicolored light show as the information is processed and assessed. The man appears to enjoy the display as my energy cloud interacts with the fire and particles in the air. The man’s joy makes me feel slightly better about my skin’s appearance, and we smile at each other.

The man indicates he is a Shaman for his community and begins to share about a fearsome creature hunting his people. This wonderful being is concerned that so many of his beloved family members have fallen into its clutches and worried that his tribe may soon be annihilated or corrupted. The man seeks support and counsel to rescue his people from this terrible beast.

I perceive that the beast is not a physical being and that it is not to be defeated but understood, as the beast is a metaphor for the violence, control, subjugation, and domination that has stalked humanity for so long. I recognize that the challenge is not to pierce the beast’s skin, neither cage nor banish it; the real battle is to elevate your perspective to see that the beast is merely another aspect with which you must come into a relationship.

You and the beast are one, as you and I are one, I tell him. The true goal is not to best one another but to understand the needs and desires of the other and to come into negotiation with them so harmony and balance are achievable through mutual respect and recognition.

There is no need to defend yourself against yourself. Shaming or eliminating that which has consciousness is the greater threat as it instills separation. We must seek enlightenment to our oneness and wholeness in our sense of Being to thrive as individuals, as a community, and as a world.

The beast eats because it is hungry, the beast takes because no one can tell it no, the beast invades because it thinks everything belongs to it and boundaries are merely a matter of perspective. Once we can come into better harmony with our oneness, only then can peace arrive through the setting of clear boundaries between equals. We do not win through warfare; we win through lovefare.

We learn by finding love within ourselves first, by taking the time to recognize and understand our individual truths. To attend to what is motivating and activating chaos within, that has no alternative than to express itself externally; if we refuse to counterbalance with our own light and love emanating out a shift in the transaction so that the exchange is in compliance and harmonious. We come into balance by acknowledging we are the same and acting as such.

I affirm to the human what he already suspects: this particular danger, this specific beast, is drawn to the activities of the people. The people bring it near through their actions, thoughts, and beliefs. To get the beast to stop, the people must learn to harness and control their thoughts, actions, and beliefs. People must adjust themselves internally to stop the violence and separation from feeling welcome. The people must know themselves as whole and holy, must see themselves as powerful, and use that power for their better.

The Shaman and the being I am experiencing commune long into the night, exchanging, building, and setting a precedent for our future interactions. We come together to honor the bond formed between us and the magic that manifests through our connection. We honor ourselves with dance and song, celebrating the liberation of the people with rhythm and ritual.

I recognize the being I am experiencing is my guide, the one I had set the intention of connecting with at the beginning of my session, and that the Shaman she met was a version of me from an earlier incarnation. I remembered being this village elder in a reiki session years ago. Now thanks to this session, I have memories of being the guide, who is devoted to the whole of me.

I am the Shaman, I am the beast, I am the alien that came to enlighten, I am the I am.

Serafice Cordova is a skilled BQH practitioner whose information may be found Here or at her website,

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