Roller Coaster -- Solara's State of the Planet January 2018 via Talyaa Liera

Roller Coaster — Solara’s State of the Planet January 2018 via Talyaa Liera


Roller Coaster: Solara’s State of the Planet, January 2018

January brings upheaval, both personal and global, throughout many fronts. The good news is that by the end of the month in many cases, and by March in most, this upheaval gives way towards a re-stabilization across multiple fronts.

You’re probably tired of all this up and down business. Your whole life has been about up and down, you say. Well, yes. Of course. That is part of the nature of life in a physical body. It’s what we call the “creation-destruction” cycle. 

“I’m on top of the world!”

Creation usually feels like a lot of fun. Everything is new and fresh, and you feel like you’re in control of your life. You’re on top of the world, stretching your metaphorical arms out across the bow of a fast-rushing ocean voyager. Life couldn’t be better, you think. Ah, but what you don’t know is that there’s an iceberg hidden in those dark waters beneath you and you’re about to make contact.

Things Fall Apart

And everything falls apart. That’s the destruction part of the cycle. Your ship is torn apart and everyone on it is flung into the icy water to fend for themselves. Life couldn’t be worse, you think. Ah, but what you don’t know is that the pieces come together in a new way. It may not be the same ship or the same passenger list (to extend our metaphor), but the pieces DO come together.

You feel alone and afraid during the destruction phases of your life. These occur regularly, maybe every few months or maybe every few years. The more frequently they occur, the more you get inured to them and you pick up skills in navigating them. Or, you become bitter and angry about all the upheaval in your life and to refuse to enjoy your creation phases when you finally come to them.

Everybody Hurts Sometimes

Some people feel uncomfortable in their creation phases. If this is you, then you lack the confidence to make life yours. Instead, you hold on to what once was or just let any old thing happen to you because striking out on your own and telling life what you want to make of it is just too scary. It’s easier to stay in a perpetual phase of falling-apart. At least you know what to expect, even if you hate that too.

Some people feel terribly uncomfortable during their destruction phases. They go numb and try to disappear by self-medicating, throwing themselves into work or sports or some other activity that allows them to not think or feel. If this is you, then you lack the courage to face your inner self and that fact that yes, you are not perfect (sorry). It’s easier to build yourself up again by attempting to remain in a state of perpetual building.

This month is a challenge for both types, the Creators and the Destructors. Because there is so much upheaval and because the upheaval has been in process for so long, many of you are simply tired of all the change and want it all to go away. You’ve turned your face away from the world and just want to eat cookies. 

Take a deep breath and just hang on. Things will let up soon. You will be okay. Have a cookie.


On a personal basis you may sense that 2018 is the year that you finally “get your act together”. This holds true even if your life, previous to this, has gone relatively well — this is the year you finally put pieces together in ways that you never had before, and you have realizations about yourself and who you are and what you are here to do that never occurred to you in the past, no matter how much you wanted it or how hard you worked.

Personally, then, in January, you begin to realize that your life is truly in your hands. It wasn’t just that you were dealt a bad hand — you possess the power to finally make things right and live the way you always thought was just out of your reach. Sure, you don’t yet perhaps know HOW you will pull off a change of this magnitude, but just the fact that you know you can make the change gives you more hope than you’ve had in a long time.

It’s about time, too. Things were getting desperate. But help is at hand.


Because of all this upheaval and because not everyone responds to it the same way and because most of you just want to escape and eat cookies this month, this is not the month to start a new relationship. People are hunkering down with their BFFs (humans, pets, TV shows) and just don’t feel safe right now to venture out there and show themselves to the real world. 

If you’re in a relationship of the love kind, just chill this month. Don’t make any sudden moves. Don’t propose marriage and don’t break up. Nobody can be trusted this month to make a choice that isn’t made from pain or avoidance. If you love someone, let them know. In fact, let everyone you can think of know that you love them. The more love you throw out there, the more you help this whole planet heal and get through this upheaval stage so you can start collectively growing and putting your pieces back together again.


Spiritually, you are all over the place. Beware chasing after everything that’s shiny or glitters, because as they say, all they glitters is not gold. Don’t chase rainbows and don’t give coins to trolls just to cross a bridge. You are better than that, and you are for sure stronger than that. This month, then, you begin to realize that our spiritual world means a whole lot more to you than you realized. It is, in fact, everything (shh…don’t say this out loud or you might scare it away). 

Take it slowly. You have the rest of your life to meditate in a cave, if you want to (though we don’t recommend that particular path for most of you). Breathe. In fact, research creating and finding ways to nourish your body with real breath. This thing you’ve been calling “breathing” all your life is literally a shallow waste of air. Really breathe. Suck it into your lungs as if your life depended on it — because it does. This month, you start to come alive. It’s about time. 


Oh, boy. Things have been a little crazy for awhile, haven’t they? You haven’t yet seen the worst of it. Stay away from headlines and instead go take a walk. Breathe in some fresh air. Sit next to a tree. Look into the eyes of someone you love. Feel the air on your skin. Do something nice for a neighbor, or a stranger, or anyone, really. Especially for yourself. 

Take a break from politics and remember you are a human being connected to seven billion other human beings, and what one crazy human being does is never as powerful as the collective wonder that the rest of you create.

Politically, however, things will get stranger before they settle down. Just keep breathing through it. Expect more surprises and more head shaking and more ridiculousness from all sides, because right now the whole world is shaking up and politics are the arena where we see the most evidence of the great global shift taking place everywhere right now.

Global Nature 

This month, the world of nature takes yet another big gut-punch. They keep rolling in, don’t they — statistics about the ice melting forever in the Arctic, or species dying out, never to dwell again on the Earth, or that it’s the record global high temperature for yet another month. It’s hard to take when you open your heart and let it all in, isn’t it? Feels like the planet is dying, doesn’t it? 

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A little analogy here. You fall and scrape your knee. It scrapes some of the skin off. It bleeds. The scrape scabs over. New skin grows. You are left with a scar. You’re used to this process. It’s one of the cycles of life.

Nature, and the planet as a whole, also experiences cycles. This planet is now in the “scrape” mode of a great global transformation. Things you thought were constant about your planet — the existence of certain species, the existence of the polar ice cap — are scraping off. Sorry. Yes, this will hurt. Possibly a lot. It’s a big scrape. But eventually, the Earth will heal. New species will evolve and appear. New growth will appear in many areas. True, the ice is gone forever (at least in your lifetimes and for tens of thousands of years to come), but your planet is a living, growing, evolving being — and will continue to exist long after humanity has left the planet.

What Does It All Mean?

You’re probably tired of being told that things are changing and yeah, just hold on and it will get better soon. Right? That’s understandable. Here it is from our perspective:

You humans are mere babies when it comes to galactic species evolution. Don’t take that personally. It’s just the way things are. But you are so adorable! You have so many wonderful qualities and so much potential. Pretty soon (that’s soon in galactic terms, which means in maybe 100 years or so) you’ll understand that these waves of change are part of how your world works. By then you’ll figure out how to actually work with them instead of against them, and THEN won’t life be fun!

But you live in the here and now. You want to know how to make all this change stuff less sucky. 

Stop resisting it.

Let go and let it flow. Accept that your life will have these massive ups and downs. Accept that you cannot really control them no matter how much you want to. Accept that you are better off not controlling your ups and downs and that secretly you like them. You like roller coasters, don’t you? Well, life is one heck of a roller coaster. Throw your hands up and let out a yell, because you’re in the the ride of your life and it’s only going to get better.

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