Spiritual Street Smarts

Spiritual Street Smarts


By Christina Lavers

When we initially open to the spiritual side of reality, this mysterious foreign territory can feel daunting. I know I was personally shocked when I had my first experience in the 90s that left me with little doubt that the spiritual world was real. As a teen coming from a very pragmatic, rational background in which any type off paranormal belief was dismissed as superstitious thinking, I was in no way prepared to navigate this new terrain. 

As the implications of unseen beings, forces, and worlds beyond my understanding danced in my awareness, I remember wondering how I could ever feel safe again. I had no idea what the actual dangers were, but I had watched enough horror movies with strong occult themes to be concerned about what I might have opened myself to. 

Unlike physical state threats, like an intruder, or a stalker, I could not call the police or even seek comfort from my parents. I needed a wise elder to take me under their wing and hold space for me, unfortunately those wisdom keepers were not accessible to me.

I was very drawn to this astonishing, mysterious world, but without human guidance, my journeying in spiritual realms led me to both profoundly breathtaking, and profoundly terrifying encounters. I began searching for information that could help me to more safely navigate the dreamy terrain. With no internet existing at the time, I scoured second hand book shops, and gobbled up information that helped me to understand the spiritual side of reality. 

My explorations taught me about aspects of the unseen world like dimensions, timelines, realms, entities, collectives and complexes, as well as strategies such as spells, circles, symbols, talismans etc that could help protect my interactions.

I experimented with different techniques to keep safe, but as I became more familiar with myself and the spiritual realms, I felt less need to employ the protective tools I had amassed. I started to notice that the experiences I attracted reflected my inner state. It dawned on me that it wasn’t really about the specific protocols, rather it was about the inner-state they cultivated.

An important shift in perspective came when I connected with dimensions beyond the astral realm. I discovered levels informed by unity consciousness. From this connected vantage point, I came to perceive duality, with good guys and bad guys, as illusion, ultimately us assisting us to become aware of our own unresolved internal darkness. 

In the higher realms I also discovered the ultimate key to feeling safe: heart awareness. I came to understand that the heart was like a portal and a refuge. No matter what was unfolding, if I remembered to drop deep into my heart everything that was not aligned with its loving energy would fall away. With this awareness, my fear subsided and I began focusing instead on working on myself and the frequency I embodied. 

There were however, some practices that continued to feel relevant no matter how much my confidence and mastery grew. I found that the clearer I was about my goals and why I wanted to attain them, the more favourable the outcomes. So, intention setting remains a useful tool. Connecting to source, and aligning with the highest energies and outcome for all, also feels precious because it bypasses lower frequency distortions, and most importantly allows divine orchestration to inform our experience. 

I also came to understand the value of being real. We might be able to fool ourselves or others sometimes, but the spiritual world responds purely to energy, and energy doesn’t lie. A person can’t fake it till they make it when working with the spiritual realms.

This is why for those who feel called to interact with the subtle realms it is so important to know ourselves. The more we have acknowledged and integrated shadow aspects, the less likely we are to attract undesirable experiences. By knowing and owning our vulnerabilities we can ensure they are not outside our conscious awareness influencing our experiences.

Over the years I have heard those who have grasped the higher frequency perspective declare that because protective strategies are coming from a place of fear and separation they should be avoided. But I believe in working with what is there and so for a person who is still invested in a duality perspective, these rituals can be helpful. We are all learning different things in different ways at different times. There is truly no right way or wrong way. If a ritual helps someone to feel safer and more in control, I am all for it.

I love that today, through Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH), I can be the space holder for others that I didn’t have. Accompanying people on their journeys, ensuring a safe interaction with the unseen world, is a profound honour. But ultimately, I believe the heart is the foundational key to a good spiritual experience. It doesn’t matter what practices or steps we choose to feel at ease in the spiritual world, as long as the experience is anchored in the heart, we will attract that which assists us to expand and heal.

*If you are interested in discovering more about the wild days of my early explorations of the unseen world. Please check out my memoir, ‘Jump Into the Blue- A true Story’

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Christina Lavers (Dip Clinical Hypnotic Sciences), has been a BQH practitioner since the training program launched in 2018. Located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia, she works with people from all over the world. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!” 

To discover more about Christina’s practice please visit her Website:  https://quantumflowhypnosis.com/

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