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Collective Beyond (Part 2): Blue Beings

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In part 1 of this series, I talked about popular spiritual lore that people encounter in my BQH sessions. The first aspect I’d like to discuss, are blue beings. This one is particularly close to my heart because blue was key in my own wild awakening journey, which I describe in my memoir entitled, “Jump Into the Blue”. One of my earliest memories was a woman with a blue/green face who used to appear in my mind’s eye as I lay in bed. The feeling of her was always calming and reassuring. Then, years later when my guide got into contact, she described herself as a blue angel. She never directly said she was from Sirius, but the star was mentioned frequently in our communications. At that time, 30 years ago, I knew nothing of the concept of galactic beings, and so it seemed unusual that our guide presented as blue. This concept seemed so ridiculously outlandish at that time that telling anyone you communicated with blue beings not from this Earth, could raise serious concerns about your mental wellbeing. And yes, even though it should have been obvious, I did learn that the hard way…lol.

I personally went through a period of shock when, years later with the advent of the internet, I was able to discover that my experience wasn’t unique, that there were many others with experiences of blue beings from Sirius, and that these beings were part of a wider galactic lore.

So, you can imagine how intriguing it was when blue beings made appearances in people’s sessions.  However, by the time I had started to give sessions, I was actually well versed in the wider spiritual lore. I knew that Sirians weren’t the only beings that presented as blue, blue actually seemed a surprisingly common skin tone from a Galactic perspective.

If I took the time to trawl through past session recordings, I would find many examples of blue beings. However, there are a few that stand out in my memory. 

One was encountered in a session when the client was brought to a beautiful old house surrounded by nature. Inside the house, at the top of the grand staircase, a bald, male, blue being sat regally in an imposing wing-backed chair.  A future version of the client explained that this house was a representation of what she had been building energetically on her awakening journey. She was about to step into a new role of helping people to adjust to new planetary energies, and the blue being was there to assist and guide her in this new ambassador type role.

In another session a woman found herself in Egypt standing near the Sphinx. She wasn’t sure of the exact time period, but noted that the Sphinx was very angular, unlike the softer, weather-worn version we know today. In the scene there was an asteroid, or similar coming towards Earth and she was working with groups who were trying to avoid impact, through using some mysterious technology connected to the pyramids. After great effort, they were unsuccessful. Once they realised collision was immanent, they retreated into deep cave networks that reached down into the Earth. When she reached a chamber at the bottom of the cave system, she was surprised to discover that there was a group of Blue beings waiting down there. Seeing them brought a sense of comfort. Even though it seemed she and her group had failed in their mission, the beings emitted a calming sense of love and a reminder that in the big picture perspective, this was just a small bump on the road. 

The role that various blue beings seem to play is one of overseeing, and providing comfort and guidance during big planetary events and changes. I would love to hear from other practitioners or clients how blue beings have appeared in your sessions.

Christina Lavers (Dip Clinical Hypnotic Sciences), has been a BQH practitioner since the training program launched in 2018. Located in Upper Orara, NSW, Australia, she works with people from all over the world. She is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. “As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!” 

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