Christina Lavers

"As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!"

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Address: 420, North Island Loop Road, Upper Orara, New South Wales, 2450, Australia.


Christina Lavers

~ Member Since 2018

Christina is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within.

Christina writes articles on deep life topics and has been published on a variety of websites including Wake Up World, Love has Won, Dragonfly Sisterhood, Shift Frequency, Awakening energies, Conscious Reminder, and GEM Magazine. To explore more of Christina’s Wake Up World articles click here

Christina published her first full length book, a memoir about her wild awakening journey in the early 90’s entitled Jump Into the Blue

“Stepping into the role of coach and inner world guide felt like a natural progression because it allowed me to draw on the skills, knowledge, experience, and tools I have amassed over many years on my journey to help others on theirs. Through my own deep self-exploration I have discovered just how powerful and magical we truly are. I am passionate about helping others nurture their own inner spark so that they too can create a more balanced, vibrant, and fulfilling life. As more of us learn to live our life in alignment with our hearts, the more love will be flowing around the planet. Our world urgently needs more love!”


–Dip Clinical Hypnotic Sciences – Hypnotherapy Training Australia,

–Cert NLP– Hypnotherapy Training Australia

–Cert De Trauma Technique TM –Hypnotherapy Training Australia

–Ancestral and Family Healing – International Institute for Transformation

–Golden Ray Initiate (Academy of Energy Healing)

–IFS-Inspired Coaching: Aligning the Inner System (The Center for Self Leadership)

–Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis (Certificate) 2018

–Certified Add Heart Facilitator (Heartmath Institute) 2018

–Certified Mental Strength Coach (Mental Strength Professional Coaching Program) 2017

–Creative Problem Solving (Certificate) 2014

–Creativity, Innovation and Change (Certificate) 2013

–Diploma of Visual Arts (North Coast TAFE Arts and Design) 2006

–Social Science Degree (McGill University) 1994



Jenny McWilliam

January 2024

I would highly recommend Christina and BQH. Her openess and relaxed manner allowed me to feel safe during the session and the experience I had was incredible and quite unexpected


Ingrid S

May 2023

Having passed through 13 years of the most difficult times, it was clear I had to release the pain and traumas that were effecting me across many areas of my life. Having had other types of hypnosis I knew BQH would offer me creative scope to direct my focus in ways I hadn't tried. After an excellent exchange with Christy she helped me create a new pathway into the future minus the PTSD that had become entrenched. I feel like a new person and now have the freedom within to continue this process. Christy is really an angel.


Yurpia, acutonics practitioner

September 2020

Chritina holds an amazingly safe space,
I felt comfortable and was guided gently to transformational insights and realms.
I would highly recommend this journey for anyone wanting to connect with heart vision and higher self.


Kate H

June 2020

Christy made me feel at ease from the moment I walked in the door, clearly walking me through the process and discussing my aims from the session to make sure that we had a similar understanding of where the journey was likely to take us…the water ceremony was a beautiful way to fully ground this intention for the session and begin the journey.

Once in the chair Christy’s voice is amazingly soothing and relaxing and really assists you to fully open up and let go, feeling safe and supported at all times. Even when I had moments of confusion she knew exactly how to gently guide me back to a point of awareness and understanding without directing or trying to lead my thought process, she is very skilled at allowing you to tap into that source of inner wisdom and find your own answers. I was surprised by what came forward, my higher self knew what I needed, which was actually quite different from my initial intention but afterwards of course made perfect sense, and thankfully Christy expertly and intuitively allowed that process to unfold for my highest good.

Wonderful experience and I look forward to further insights as I continue to process and reflect on the session – thank you Christy


Matt Schreck

June 2020

The sessions I've had with Christy are probably the highest, most powerful and profound, beneficial, spiritual and transformative experiences of my life.

I also really recommend her autobiography, 'Jump into the blue'.

Christy doesn't just follow a protocol, she is herself with you during the session and she has a rare level of authenticity, wise awareness and understanding, born of the bravest and most authentic explorations of experience and being.

We are ultimately spiritual beings and I trust Christy as a guide on these levels more than any other. When we are faced with piercing the veil in our times of catharsis and metamorphis, you need someone by your side who you can depend on in a holistic way. Christy is that person.



June 2020

Christina was so organised with the questionnaire and a pre-session meeting so that we could meet and make sure my zoom was working and she could hear me properly for the recording. I was so excited to be taken into the hypnosis because I wanted to find my galactic roots and soul family. I remembered bursting into tears when we went to the first portal because I was finally allowed to leave for a while and become my multidimensional self.

Christina guided me through my questions but gave me loads of time to assimilate myself and find the information I needed and go where I would be most assisted. I could tell she had a lot of experience doing this with people so I felt relaxed and at ease in the session.

I was very happy with my session and plan to do another this year. I would highly recommend working with Christina as she made everything so easy with the pre-panned questions and also her calm relaxed manner. Two hours is a long time but it went so quickly for me. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it!


Christy Litster

June 2020

Recently, I was taken on an exciting Inner Trance-Formation Journey with Christina as we connected deeply with my higher self via (BQH). Even though Christina and I reside on opposite sides of the Earth, she was able to lead me into the deepest parts of my subconscious where we received amazing information not only about my journey and purpose in this life, but outstanding knowledge from the higher realms about the great awakening happening at this time to the collective of this world. I would highly recommend a session with Christina. Her leadership is compassionate and gentle. Her intelligence to work with the information given and come up with great questions, helps you get the most out of your BHQ session.


Michelle Adams

June 2020

Christina guided me through what was indeed a deep and transformational experience. I unloaded a lot of negative energy and have moved forward with a feeling of self love. I reccomend that you put yourself in her loving heart.



June 2020

What an amazingly wonderful experience. Christina asked all the right questions and created such an open space so I could go exactly where I needed to. I feel I receive so abaolutely everything I needed to. I am so grateful I did this with you Christie, you did such an amazing job xx


Leah Keating

June 2020

I discovered Christina's work after being drawn to her book (Jump Into The Blue) and wanting to know more about the author.
I went into the online session with an open heart and no set expectations, and was rewarded with knowledge, clarity, peace and profound love.
Christina's professional yet gentle approach made me feel so safe and nurtured throughout the entire process. I am filled with gratitude for Christina's work and this journey, and I will be forever grateful that the universe brought me to her.
She really does have a gift.
Thank you Christina xx

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